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The video below focuses on how clients often feel when they experience a Human Design reading with me. It’s excerpted from one of my Resiliency by Design webinars.

In this video I begin asking a few “generative questions” and the let the flow of life move through me to provide a whole teaching on self empowerment. Very uplifting!

The two videos above are replays of my Wednesday webinars that I do in my Sovereignty by Design Facebook group. Each week I relate an aspect of the Human Design chart to a vitally important aspect of what’s happening at that moment. The one on the left responds to the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic. The one on the right speaks to racial justice issues.

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Click here to check out 2020 Vision, my two part Webinar Series from the beginning of the year. Inspiring and empowering.

Click here to watch my Messaging Made Easy with Human Design introductory webinar.  Informative and surprising! The class I speak about in this video will become available again Fall 2020.

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