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What you will discover of
the Human Design system

The Five Human Design Types and their Strategies

Your role in life and how you are designed to dance with the creative intelligence of the Universe.


The Seven Kinds of Inner Authority

How you’re designed to make the very best decisions for you, reliably, consistently, every time.

The Nine Energy Centers

The sources of fuel, power, insight, inspiration, emotion, love, analysis, expression, activation, and grounding available to you in the chart.

The Incarnation Cross

The four most significant gates in your chart and how you can understand their influence on you and your life.

Definition and Openess

What make you truly unique and different from everyone else!

Hanging Gates and Electromagnetics

What draws you to other people and them to you. Human Design’s explanation of chemistry!

What will you TRANSFORM using this powerful system as your ally?

This is really the bigger, more significant question, isn’t it?

While I cannot say what you will transform, I can say that you will transform and grow yourself into a fuller expression of your core essence and true potential — provided that you take what you discover and apply it to your life.

I created the Deep Dive Journal for the expressed purpose of supporting you through the process of digesting what you learn, integrating your understanding, and then seeing how this new understanding of yourself and what’s possible for you will influence and upgrade your life. 


Who is Maggie Ostara?

A recovering academic, Maggie Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized that she’s not meant to work for anyone else. (She now knows this is part of her Human Design!)

Maggie is a published author, arousing public speaker, beloved teacher, and highly intuitive and skilled mentor-coach. When they work with her, Maggie’s clients deepen their sense of destiny and true value, develop their Feminine Sovereignty, and live into their own definitions of success. 

Maggie is a certified Quantum Human Design Specialist Level 4, a certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner, a certified Radiant Body Yoga teacher, online education expert, and developer of the Eight Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty and the Six Feminine Sovereign Archetypes.

She has served tens of thousands of students, and hundred of clients all over the world through her online programs. She lives on occupied Pomo land in Northern California with her black feline familiar and her NB teenager.

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