Human Design

Did you know there’s a map that reveals your super powers, your life purpose, and your soul curriculum?

Did you know this map can guide you in becoming Sovereign and taking command of your life?

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Improving Relationships

Activate your Superpowers

Tired of trying to be someone you’re not?

You’ve been reaching inward and upward for years, healing and evolving yourself. You’ve been called to support others in their growth and development, and many have benefited from your efforts. 

You sense the biggest challenges — personally and globally — are yet to come. And you know that you are here to contribute to the great unfolding that is happening now.

Yet you’re tired. Sometimes you feel uncertain about your direction and purpose and if you’re making the difference you know you came here to make. 

You need to rejuventate yourself and build your energy.

Plus you want to live and contribute in ways that are influential, yet sustainable and equitable for the planet and all of humanity as well as for yourself. 

I hear you, sister. I haven’t lived your experience, but if you’re feeling this way I can relate. We have big work to do, we need to be strong, and we need to work together.

Discovering your Human Design will provide you with valuable keys to ease your stress and overwhelm, boost your vitality, strengthen your vision and know your life purpose.

As you dive in, you’ll receive spot-on insights and direction that will increase your confidence, sharpen your focus, and enable you to embrace your highest destiny.  

I would love to be your guide to discovering your Human Design, and your support in developing your personal Sovereignty.

New Sacral Workshop

Discover the MAGIC of Your Sacral Authority + the CONFIDENCE that comes with TRUSTING It!

Liberate Yourself
with Human Design

Become Sovereign by releasing out-dated conditioning and societal programming, and relying on yourself, your Inner Being, and the flow of life for guidance and answers.

While you may have wanted this for a long time, Human Design actually gives you the map and guidance to do it!

When you align with your design, confusion, overwhelm, uncertainty, doubt, and fear melt away in the light of your inner knowing.

Discover what Human Design can do for your Relationships.

~ Couples, Business Partners, Families, Teams ~

Your partner is not purposefully doing things to annoy you, and they don’t have character flaws. They are different than you. Their design leads them to experience the world differently.

And while we all know this conceptually, we often find it difficult to practice the flexibility that’s required to make any relationship thrive.

When you receive a Human Design Relationship Reading with me, you’ll come to appreciate each other’s gifts and talents, your super powers, in new ways.

You’ll also see the hot spots with new eyes, bringing compassion and understanding. You’ll find it easier to decide what’s important to work on and what you can just let thing.

You’ll also gain visibility to each other’s soul curriculum, deepening your understanding of each other’s individual challenges and growth points.

You’ll be able to support each other from the insightful, yet neutral perspective of Human Design.

Inviting Sovereign Evolutionaries

We gather to explore and practice living our Human Design (traditional and Quantum) both to understand ourselves better and also to understand and appreciate, accept, and honor each other and our unique gifts, talents, skills and life experience. 

Over time, we’ll dive into the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty, Maggie’s signature body of work designed to enable you — and all of us! — to build our inner power and effectively, with our hearts open, engage with the world and each other in new ways.

In this time of tremendous and uncertain change, we each and all are being called to shed the limitations of the past, heal our inner wounds, break free of confining culture programming, build our strengths and capacities to the fullest, and foster our true radiance and power. 

We’re stepping out of out-dated the power over / disempowered paradigms that have organized our perceptions, attitudes, and actions in the past. We’re evolving the out-dated sovereignty of royalty and individualism into new forms we receive and develop with our intuition and inner guidance. We’re committed to developing our power within — our personal sovereignty — and exploring sharing, rotating, and co-creating power between and among us.

Together we’re ushering in a new era that’s equitable, creative, regenerative, collaborative, creative, and spirit-led and founded on remembering our interconnectedness and interdependence.   

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