Join me in Wine Country, Sister?


The Sovereign Queen Retreat

Cultivating Your Juicy, Wise Woman Within

faciliated by Maggie Ostara, PhD

Friday May 15 — Sunday May 17, 2020


Sonoma, California

 Are you ready to unleash yourself from inner fictions that confine rather than empower you?


Are you longing to discover, embrace and embody a deeper, truer experience of who you?

Is it time to upgrade your self concept to align with the promise of your future self?

Yes! You are Ripe.

Now IS the time to shed the selves you’ve out grown and step into your full potential.

Your Journey of Deeper Self Discovery Begins Here

During our three days together, Maggie will support and guide you, arm and arm with an intimate group of sisters moving on the path beside you.

Identify and strip away the untruths you’ve inherited and taken on as your own. Appreciate and honor the experiences that have made you who are, embracing what nourishes you and letting go what you no longer need.

Dive deep into your inner realms, opening to guidance from your Inner Being. Access your personal wisdom codes. Receive a bright new vision from your Future Self about what’s possible for you and your life.

Create new intentions and a new vision of your life from what you’ve received within. Charge your new intentions and vision with your creative, emotional enthusiasm. Build the morphic field of your vision with intention and Light.

Harness the power of your inner creative being to create an icon of your new self concept — the Sovereign Queen, your own juicy wise woman within.

Emerge into your daily life with a new, embodied confidence drenched in new potential and vibrant anticipation. Life from a new empowered state of “what if .  .  . ?”

Embrace the support of other women walking their own paths beside you.

Experience Clarity Breathwork

Clear your inner blocks. Move stagnant energy.

Release stuck emotions. Let go out-dated beliefs.

Connect with the BLISS at the core of your BEING.

I’ve been practicing and facilitationg Clarity Breathwork for over 15 years. 

This practice opens a portal to your inner landscape through which you can access deep understandings of how your experience has been structured by your beliefs, how your hurt places have created your beliefs, and the deeper truths of who you are — your gifts and talents, what really matters to you, and what you came here to contribute.

Experience Light-Body Meditations

Calm your mind. Access your inner landscape.

Receive guidance from your Inner Being. 

Build your new self concept and vision of your life with Light.

I’ve been leading Light Body Meditations
for over 15 years. 

Build your 

Experience the Power of Your Human Design

Embrace your super powers. Work your strategy. 

Connect with Spirit through your Authority.

Build your new self concept and vision of your life with Light.

Lucious Meeting Space in the beautiful town of Sonoma in Northern California

We’ll gather at the home of Intentional Creativity, full of gorgeous paintings by my two creativity mentors, Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Sue Hoya Sellars. I’m delighted to welcome you into this comfortable, inspiring and nurturing space. 


What inspires you each day?

How are you expressing yourself and making your contribution?

Who and how are you loving others?

How are you loving and caring for yourself?

What  really and truly matters most?

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