Are you curious about the 64 Gates in the Human Design Chart?

Yet feel frustrated at the skimpy information available about them?


What if you could get in-depth explanations about all of the gates, far more than you would find in any book or video?



Human Design Transit Report Jan 31 2022

I’m Maggie Ostara.

I’ve been providing Human Design Transit Reports on YouTube every week for over three years. That’s over 150 videos. 

This means I’ve covered all 64 gates of the Human Design system at least six times during that time.

As much as I know my YouTube peeps have appreciated me covering these gates every week, I started to realize what a wealth of information lies in all those transit reports.

And I wondered, is there a we make that knowledge more accessible for people?

Then we discovered a simple way for you to do just that.

We created a search engine that enables you to look for any gate in my library of transit reports.

When I search for the Gate 33 (pictured to the left and below), for example, it brought up 11 videos of me talking about this gate in one of the transit reports.

That’s FAR MORE information then you’ll ever get in a book and outside of a professional training program.

Now you can register to gain access to this search engine!

You can select access by the month, by the quarter (3 months), or by the year.

And I will continue to add new transit reports as I release them each month.
So the library will keep growing with my latest insights.



The image above is what it looks like when you search for a gate.

You can see the search engine looks through the transcripts of the transit reports, finds the examples, and you can read the transcript and/or watch the video at the exact right spot.

How cool is that?

Imagine being able to explore the gates of your Incarnation Cross in detail?
Or gates you’ve curious yet confused about?
Or if you simply want to dive deeper into the depths of Human Design?

And if you’re a Human Design professional, image being able to have this information at your finger tips before you do a reading for someone?

Take advantage of my years of work and
register for access today.


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