Liberate Yourself
with Human Design

 Become Sovereign by releasing out-dated conditioning and societal programming, and relying on yourself, your Inner Being, and the flow of life for guidance and answers.


While you may have wanted this for a long time,

Human Design actually gives you the map and guidance to do it!


When you align with your design, confusion, overwhelm, uncertainty, doubt, and fear melt away in the light of your inner knowing.

Why receive a Foundational Human Design Reading?

Yes, you can find a few wonderful books and many wonderful courses about Human Design. They can introduce you to elements of the system, which are extensive.

Yet none of these teachings can explain to you your specific recurring themes and evolutionary path because they are not looking at your specific chart. Believe me I know, because I tried!

I discovered that only someone with deep knowledge of the system can see my Human Design chart as a whole, not as parts. That’s why I decided to study to become a specialist. (Read more about my story here.)  Reading your chart is an art as well as a science that goes far beyond what you can learn in any reference book.

As a certified specialist having done hundreds of readings, I can see the creative tension in your chart that is part of your soul curriculum, I can interpret your life purpose, and I can coach you on how to use your design to help you in vitually any area of life.

A foundational reading with me goes right to the heart of your gifts and strengths, your super powers, plus the challenges that are built into your design to help you grow and evolve.

I explain all of this and more to you in a way you can understand and immediately apply to your life. I place a very high value on making your reading relevant and helpful to your life right now. 

Why receive a Foundational Human Design Reading from me?

Two factors set me apart from most other Human Design experts from whom you might have had or are considering getting a reading. 

(1) I believe — I know — that everything is mutable. Nothing is fixed forever. I’ve been working with clients, students and mentees for over three decades, and I have witnessed profound changes in people and patterns they’ve had their entire life. I have experienced myself as well. I do not experience or intrepret Human Design as deterministic as I know some people do. I always encourage my clients to experiement. Your experience is what matters in the end.

When I do a reading I focus on how you can use Human Design to shift your perceptions of yourself so that you can love what you might have thought were faults (someone that told you they were), and how you embrace the higher, awakened aspects of some lower frequeny energy you’ve been experiencing. Plus we celebrate your magnificence as revealed by the chart. I’m huge on helping people embrace their super powers. 

(2) I provide coaching on challenges you’re having, not just information. I don’t just download my interpretation of your chart in a way you may or may not understand. I aim to make sure that you understand what I’m suggesting, although I know that it takes time to integrate the insights.

That’s why I provide an Integration Session 1-2 weeks after your reading to answer questions and provide additional coaching. It’s vital to me that you can take what you learn and immediately apply it to your life in ways that are meaningful and satisfying.

Receive a Foundational Human Design reading to:


Be seen, heard and affirmed in who you really are


Discover your super powers and learn how to use them (they aren’t what you think!)


Learn how to manage and channel your energy so it doesn’t manage you 


Move out of overwhelm and avoid burnout


Gain new perspectives on your conditioning so that you can release unhelpful patterns more easily


Become more effective and influential with less effort


Love and appreciate yourself more deeply


Become Sovereign

“Maggie is brilliant at interpreting Human Design and helping to make it simple to understand.”

This has been a fabulous tool for learning to love myself, including the parts of me that I used to think should be different. I can ask for what I need more easily because I actually know what I need!

Kimmi Ward

Photographer and Videographer
Big Mission Studios


Elizabeth Lakin

Classical Homeopath
Core Synchronization Expert

I feel more empowered, more in love with myself and able to integrate the juiciness of my chart.

I have had two other human design readings in my past that were really subpar.  

My reading with Maggie was potent. Not only did I learn a ton about myself, but I learned why I had certain gifts and talents that I never understood. She also helped me see some of the more challenging pieces of my chart in a more positive and fun way that I could absorb and integrate.

I feel more empowered, more in love with myself and able to integrate the juiciness of my chart. Everyone needs a reading from this magnificent woman. Thank you again, Maggie!

Step One: Your Foundational Reading
+ Integration Session


Everyone begins with a Foundational Reading. Your foundational reading will focus on identifying your super powers, and helping you turn any perceived liabilities into assets based on your design.

We will also dive into the key areas of your life that you wish to transform, bringing solutions to light from your Human Design chart. You’ll gain life-changing perspectives on topics or situations that may have confused, pained, frustrated or eluded you up until now.

You’ll walk away with a deep sense of being seen, heard, and understood, plus new ways of engaging with life and other people, and a deeper knowing of what truly supports you.

Foundational Readings are 90 minutes, and your integration session (1-2 weeks later) is 30 minutes.

You’ll receive 3 views of your Human Design chart, audio recordings of both sessions plus access to audio and written training materials to help orient you to the system. Reviewing the materials before your reading is optimal but not required.

Your Investment in Yourself = $500 (may be applied to any coaching program for up to 2 weeks after your reading)

What you will discover: 


The true source of your challenges and how to address them (they’re not what you think).


How you are hard-wired to process energy and what you can do to maximize your potential.


Insights on your gifts and strengths and how best to express them in your business or career, relationships and life contribution.


How you’re designed to dance with the flow of life, making everything easier, more productive — and more fun.


Why you’ve burned out, been unsatisfied, been more invisible or less successful than you’d like and what to do about it.


How you’re designed to make the best decisions for you based on your inner authority (it’s not what you think!).


Keys to potential relationship challenges, including your relationship with money, and how to unravel them.


Clarity about who you are designed to be, instead what society has told you that you need to be in order to be successful.


Guidance on paradoxes inherent in your chart and the opportunities they present for your growth and evolution.

“My life would have been so much easier had I known [my design] when I was younger!

When I learned that Human Design could help me be more potent and effective in the world, I was intrigued. I am transitioning from my corporate career to my ’third act’ and the information I learned during my reading has helped me make better decisions and listen to my inner knowing.

I felt liberated learning that I’m designed to respond to opportunities that are presented to me rather than initiating. This explains why I get so much better results when I wait to be asked my opinion or perspective than when I try to assert it. I spent a lot of time in conference rooms with only men in my corporate job, and I eventually learned this on my own. But my life would have been so much easier had I known this when I was younger!

The reading also helped explain why sometimes when I am communicating with certain people, it feels easy and I come away feeling inspired, my ideas flowing easily and sometimes it is the opposite.

I think getting a Human Design reading in your 30s and 40s would be ideal, though it’s been great for me even at the end of my 50s.

Susan Rutherford, MS

Former High-Tech Sales Manager
Life Coach

“My deep body wisdom has a deeper knowing that now I am trusting more and more as I ask my sacral and wait to respond.”

My human design reading with Maggie gave me tremendous insight and understanding into specific ways I interact with others, and how I can be extremely critical and hard on myself.  I have always tried to make things happen and manifest various kinds of work, and I couldn’t quite do that in the way I envisioned and “thought I should be able to do”.

Learning about my design and my type, it really became clear that my best strategy is “wait to respond”. This was really new, kind of confronting, information for me and has changed the way that I engage with life. Now I am pushing less, and paying more attention to what I have energy for – or don’t – and what shows up in my outer world.


I learned about my throat being my only open center, and how I can feel a lot of pressure there that in the past has made me speak up sometimes at not the right time, or not speak up at all even when I wanted and needed to. I’ve already learned a lot about that from my life experience, but understanding this part of my chart helped me understand this much more clearly.

I also learned about two different ways of knowing: “sensing”, a more feeling intuitive sense and “logic”. My mind can be quite active with “needing to understand” and “make sense of” things, yet my deep body wisdom has a different and deeper knowing that now I am trusting more and more as I ask my sacral and wait to respond. I have a strong “inner critic” and Maggie’s reading and wisdom were very helpful in differentiating between these different ways of knowing and how best to make decisions and move forward in a way that feels supportive. This has been extremely significant and transformative for me.

While Human Design is a complex system with a big learning curve, Maggie imparts her wisdom and understanding in a very tangible and accessible way.

I highly recommend getting a reading Maggie. She is quite gifted.

Deb Root Grant, LCSW

Hospice Social Worker + Musician

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