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Master the Energetics of Your Communication Style

LIVE Online Training Program
with Maggie Ostara, PhD

Are any of these statements true for you?


  • You secretly dread it when someone asks you: “What do you do?” even though you’re skilled and accomplished at your profession.
  • You feel frustrated and squeezed into a box when you try to express the richness of what you do.
  • Maybe you’ve got your “elevator speech” down – but you still aren’t getting the responses you’d like, with people turning away or changing the subject when you share about your work.
  • Or maybe you feel comfortable with what you have to say, and you’ve been successful in building your practice. Yet you sense there’s a way to promote yourself that’s easier and more effective, but you don’t know what it is.

What would it be like to be clear, confident and truly compelling in what you say about your work?

How would it feel to be charismatic and magnetic, energetically attracting clients and students with ease?

Greetings Transformational Teachers, Leaders and Practitioners,

You’re really skilled and accomplished
at what you do.

Your clients’ and/or students’ lives change in many positive ways as a result of working with you. You’re lit up by your connection with them and feel deeply on purpose as you facilitate their transformation.

And you’d like to reach more people. Maybe you’d like more clients or to fill your classes or retreats. Or maybe you’d like opportunities to speak on stage or online to larger groups of people. You know you have valuable information to share, a purpose – a mission even.

You’re excited by the prospect of being seen as the expert that you truly are. And here’s the rub. . .

Even though you’re really good at what you do, when it comes to promoting yourself maybe you feel frustrated or disappointed for not knowing what to say. You may feel confused or even fed up with the whole process of marketing and promoting, despite the fact that you know how important this step is.

What I’ve discovered, having worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of students, is the issue may not be what you think.

You can never get to the right solution if you’re trying to solve the wrong problem.

Yes, what you say does matter.

And even more, how you show up energetically, including your tone, body language, and facial expression, is far more significant than you might realize.

You may have heard that 80% of communication is non-verbal. I think it may be even more than that. The research that came up with that percentage was not looking at your frequency, the kind of energy you’re projecting all the time, whether you realize it a lot.

And yes, the same is true for online as well as in-person communication. In fact the energetics of your message may be even more important in the virtual world.

So the question is:

Are you sending out mixed messages?


Whenever you’re rejecting or suppressing your own vital energies, you send out a mixed signal and other people can feel it. This dissonance affects your body language, tone, and speech in ways you may not be aware of. Other people may not know what feels off, and they may not even be conscious about what they’re perceiving.

But that kind of mixed message transmits like static, driving people away from you without either of you knowing why.


Not only that, you waste your vital life-force energy by using it against your innate power. This can be incredibly frustrating, as well as exhausting.

If you’ve ever felt burnt out,
chances are you’re working against your Human Design.

Enter Human Design.


Human Design is a revolutionary system that shows you how you process energy and the type of energies you’re transmitting all the time. Plus it gives you a map and directions about how to work with your energies so that you can be more stable, confident, self-assured, articulate, and magnetic.

And that leads to more clients, more students, more easily.

For example, some people are designed to be storytellers, others are designed to initiate people into a new level of consciousness, while still others are designed to listen, witness, and then provide insights and advice.

These are only three of literally hundreds of possibilities. Do you know yours?

When you craft and deliver your message based in how you are designed to engage and communicate, everything changes!

Discovering your Human Design will reveal to you:


  • Ways you may be placing boulders in your own way without even realizing it
  • Your unique and authentic gifts and talents, especially the truly valuable ones that are not understood by our culture (and that you may not be aware of)
  • The specific ways you are designed to communicate that become super powers when you know how to use them
  • How to turn your potential liabilities into valuable assets
  • How to own your power and stop suppressing what is vital to you

Understanding and aligning with your Human Design will transform how you show up in the world, how people respond to you, and even what you say.

Become much more magnetic and influential, easily attracting your right clients and students. Stop confusing or sending people away unconsciously.

Know when to speak up and when to wait for the right time. Feel powerful and on purpose when you do share – and be received, heard and appreciated by others.

Charismatically express yourself by drawing on your unique and specific best communication style.


Be confident in networking, enrollment conversations, on stage or in front of groups, fueled by your authentic power and authority.

Build your business with accurate, reliable guidance from your inner authority according to Human Design.

Have all the energy you need as your design shows you how to tap in the power that creates worlds.

Hi! I’m Maggie Ostara.

I’ve been helping people build small businesses for over twenty years.

I like business well enough, but what I really love is facilitating the transformations that are part of the process. Then I get to witness the freedom, satisfaction and delight that comes as a result. I love that.

Transformational leaders, teachers and practitioners have to be engaged with their own evolutionary process on a regular basis in order to be effective at what they do. I am no exception.

When I discovered Human Design, I came face to face with my cherished self-concept. My self-concept and my design did not align! As an Aries Sun, I have been initiating all my life — and it turns out I’m designed to respond instead.

At first I didn’t believe it, but then I decided to dig deeper. Although I had achieved a lot, I had also burned out several times in different enterprises and I didn’t know why exactly – and I had committed to myself not to do that again.

Over time as I practiced my strategy (every Human Design type has it’s own strategy), my life became easier and easier. I became much clearer about what to do when, when and how to speak up and when not to, and even what to say. I gained new, clear perspectives on aspects of my personality that enabled me to embrace my gifts and shift my challenges into valuable assets.

With that, everything changed.

It was like a burden lifted off of me that I didn’t even know was there. The restless inner drive that had helped me achieve but also led me to burn out dropped away. I became patient, curious, and much more relaxed. At the same time I became more productive and effective. And ironically when the time was right, I discovered almost boundless energy to engage in work projects, and to do things I love – like dance!

I loved the results so much that I trained to become a Human Design Specialist. As I’ve dug deeper, my perspective has continued to change. I’ve always known that understanding ones energy and becoming embodied are key to success and happiness in life. Now with this new system, I understand better than ever how to support people like you with the transformations you need to live an even better life and to become even happier and more successful in your business.

My mission is to support transformational leaders, teachers and practitioners become more influential, better paid, more satisfied and happier doing what they came here to do.

Are you one of them?

Maggie introduced me to Human Design and when I learned that it could help me be more potent and effective in the world, I was intrigued. I am in the midst of making the transition from my corporate career to my ’third act’ and the information I learned during my reading has helped me make better decisions and listen to my inner knowing.

Learning my type and strategy was illuminating.  The reading helped explain why sometimes when I am communicating with certain people, it feels easy and I come away feeling inspired, my ideas flowing easily and sometimes it is the opposite. I also learned why I get much better results when I wait to be asked my opinion or perspective than when I try to assert it. I spent a lot of time in conference rooms with only men in my corporate job, and I eventually learned this on my own. But my life would have been so much easier had I known this when I was younger! I think getting a Human Design reading in your 30s and 40s would be ideal, though it’s been great for me even at the end of my 50s.

Susan Rutherford

Life Coach, Former High-Tech Sales Manager

Maggie was the breath of fresh air that I was looking for. She combined the business nuts and bolts with a powerful spiritual component that I had never seen in any other business-coaching program.

Maggie’s coaching has exceeded my expectations. Not only have I doubled my income, now my clients pay in full, which keeps my income steady and promotes client success.

More importantly, I now know my true value and I feel better than ever about my practice because I know that I’m a valuable component to my client’s healing.

Kathryn Chess

Joyful Living

Under Maggie’s tutelage, I refined my offerings and levels of service much more effectively, and sold my first four- and five-figure programs. In helping me get there, Maggie was always reminding me of who I really was and what I was capable of, and kicked my butt at all the right times in ways that made me feel even more empowered and stood for, particularly in moments of doubt that I think any entrepreneur goes through. I’ve increased my revenue by 35%, which is the single largest growth in revenues in the entire 15 years I’ve been running my business.

Geoff Laughton

Your Relationship Architect

My Human Design reading with Maggie has given me an even deeper understanding of my personal power and strengths as well as my challenges! This was not my first Human Design reading but it was the first that was useful!! It gave me a greater understanding and larger perspective of how I am, how I move in the world, what my challenges are and how best to meet these challenges to be the best ME I can be!!!  Maggie’s depth of knowledge of the Human Design System as well as her vast experience as a Coach and educator uniquely positions her to bring clarity and useful insight to her readings.

KimJoy Monser

Claim Your Joy

During the time Maggie and I worked together I have grown my practice from part-time to very full, and have quadrupled my income. I am able to take vacations again and travel to study with excellent teachers. I’ve become far more confident in myself and in promoting my work, and take joy in getting to have a potently positive impact on my clients, and thus, my community.

Maggie had the kind of savvy and catalyzing energy that I needed to boost my confidence. She provided the spunk and momentum I really needed to get things back off the ground.

Jill Goldreyer

Pain Relief and Beyond

Imagine yourself:


Feeling ease, grace and empowered in all of your communications without having to memorize a script.


Being clear and confident in promoting yourself and your work, online and in person, attracting the exact right people for you.


Influencing more and more people as your message goes out widely into the world.


Working only with clients who are dedicated to their own transformation and eager to receive what you have to offer.


Receiving greater income for your work because you’ve increased your awareness of the value of what you provide.


Being in the flow fueled by your own energy now unleashed and accessible to you

I’ve designed this program to support you to master the energetics of your unique communication style so that you can easily, effectively, and sustainably expand your business — and your income. 

Messaging Made Easy with Human Design

LIVE Online Program ~ November 18 — January 27

(with a break for the holidays – see details below)


All 8 Classes meet on Mondays at 5pm US Pacific time / 8pm Eastern and 9am (next day) Australia Central

Classes are 60-75 minutes long via Zoom Video Conferencing. You will be able to access the classes via the internet or callingn in by phone. Internet is highly recommended to see the images. And yes, Zoom has an app so you can join us online on your phone or tablet as well as your computer. 

Class Dates:

Nov 18, Nov 25
Dec 2, Dec 9, Dec 16
Jan 13, Jan 20, Jan 27

Video-Based Independent Learning

Dec 17 – Jan 12

Get-it-Done Days

Jan 22 and 25 (Attend one or both)

(See Curriculum Modules below for more details)



8 LIVE Classes

Join Maggie and other participants live via the internet (recommended) or phone.

Video Record-ings

Watch video recordings of all classes and Get-it-Done Days online.

Audio Record-ings

Listen online or download MP3 recordings of all classes and Get-it-Done Days.

PDF of Slides

Review class material at your leisure with PDF versions of each class’s slides.

4 Training Videos

Learn at your own pace over the winter holiday period (Dec 16 – Jan 12) with videos by Maggie  

2 Get-it-Done Days

Enjoy comraderie and coaching as you work on course projects along side other participants.


Additional Materials

Bolster your understanding of Human Design with video and written material developed by Maggie.

Facebook Group

Connect with other participants on our private Facebook group, share your experiences, give and receive support.


Your Human Design Chart

Receive multiple views of your Human Design chart revealing your circuitry and placement in the Human Design Mandala.

Private Membership Site

Access all of your videos, audios, PDFs and other program materials in one easy place.

Expert Guidance

Receive Maggie’s expert teachings, insights and coaching on Messaging by Human Design


Introduction and Overview

Class one, Nov 18

  • What is messaging and why is it so vital to your success?
  • How can understanding your Human Design help you in your messaging and in building your business more generally?
  • Discover valuable assets and potential liabilities of your Human Design Type
  • Learn how to make the right decisions for you based on your body wisdom and inner authority
Module One -- Discover Your true potential

Class 2 – Nov 25 and Class 3 – Dec 2

  • Learn the upside and downside of the Human Design energy centers and how this applies to you
  • Explore how you experience the centers currently and if you are working with or against your core energy and potential
  • Discover how you can realize your true potential by accessing your power and your wisdom
  • Learn which aspects of your chart are particularly significant for your messaging and communication style and how to maximize their potential
Module Two -- raise your vibration

Class 4 – Dec 9 + Class 5 – Dec 16

  • Identify how you may be unknowingly suppressing your energy and holding yourself back and what to do instead
  • Liberate yourself from unconscious burdens and restrictions you may have inherited from others and/or common culture
  • Breakthrough to greater vitality, ease and clarity based on your design
  • Discover and practice how to become energetically magnetic to your best clients so that you attract them with ease
Module Three -- Find your sweet spot
4 Video Trainings – Independent learning Dec 16 – Jan 12
Class 6 – Jan 13 is a Coaching and Q&A Session 
  • Discover your Soul Signature, what makes you uniquely you, and how to own your true value based on your skills and life experience as well as your Human Design
  • Explore who are your tribe based on who you most want to work with and your life experience
  • Develop your empathy to better understand and know how to communicate with your people
  • Practice creating marketing language that defines your tribe and speaks directly to the clients who are best for you
Module Four -- Create Compelling Language to Attract your Best Clients
Class 7 – Jan 20 + Class 8 – Jan 27 
  • Explore what kind of language appeals to different people based on their Human Design types
  • Learn how to best present yourself based on your Human Design
  • Discover strategic dos and don’ts for how to connect with your best clients based on your Human Design
  • Practice generating written, audio and/or video materials that speak to your Sweet Spot
  • Celebrate your success and create a plan for your next steps
bonus: get-it-done days -- these are fun and productive!
Saturday January 18 and Thursday January 23
Attend one or both!
  • These are special work days (optional but oh so helpful) when we will gather, share our goals for the day, and work side-by-side. Maggie will be available for coaching and Q&A during each meeting period. 
  • You will have “mini-projects” assigned during the second half of the course that are perfect to be worked on during this time together.
  • Sessions meet three times throughout the day – 9am, 12noon, 4pm all US Pacific time – attend one or all.
  • Be accountable to yourself by setting aside time in your calendar to digest, integrate and practice what you’ve learned in very practical ways.
  • Receive the support of working side-by-side with sister/fellow participants
  • Receive coaching from Maggie and get your questions answered.
  • Develop and complete one or more “mini-projects” or other work related to the course.

Program Begins in









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5 Payments of $147
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from Maggie’s Library


Your Soul Signature
Template and Audio Training


Clarity Breathwork
Audio Training including 2 Guided Sessions


The Best Interviews from Nail Your Message TeleConference


Guided Meditations
to raise your vibration

I have had two other Human Design readings in my past that were really subpar. My reading with Maggie was potent. Not only did I learn a ton about myself, but I learned why I had certain gifts and talents that I never understood. She also helped me see some of the more challenging pieces of my chart in a more positive and fun way that I could absorb and integrate.

I feel more empowered, more in love with myself and able to integrate the juiciness of my chart more. Everyone needs a reading from this magnificent woman. Thank you again, Maggie!

Elizabeth Lakin

Nurturing Vitality

My Human Design reading with Maggie gave me tremendous insight and understanding into specific ways I interact with others, and how I can be extremely critical and hard on myself.  I have always tried to make things happen and manifest various kinds of work, and I couldn’t quite do that in the way I envisioned and “thought I should be able to do”.

Learning about my design and my type, I discovered my strategy is to “wait to respond”. This was really new, kind of confronting, information for me and has changed the way that I engage with life. Now I am pushing less, and paying more attention to what I have energy for – or don’t – and what shows up in my outer world.

I learned about my throat being my only open center, and how I can feel a lot of pressure there that in the past has made me speak up sometimes at not the right time, or not speak up at all even when I wanted and needed to. I’ve already learned a lot about that from my life experience, but understanding this part of my chart helped me understand this much more clearly.

I also learned about two different ways of knowing: “sensing”, a more feeling intuitive sense and “logic”. My mind can be quite active with “needing to understand” and “make sense of” things, yet my deep body wisdom has a different and deeper knowing that now I am trusting more and more as I ask my sacral and wait to respond. I have a strong “inner critic” and Maggie’s reading and wisdom were very helpful in differentiating between these different ways of knowing and how best to make decisions and move forward in a way that feels supportive. This has been extremely significant and transformative for me.

While Human Design is a complex system with a big learning curve, Maggie imparts her wisdom and understanding in a very tangible and accessible way.

I highly recommend getting a reading from Maggie. She is quite gifted.

Deb Root Grant

Musician, Hospice Angel

This program is for you IF:


You want to better understand your energy.

You know that how you show up energetically affects both you and the people you’re around. You may feel confused about what happens in certain interactions, and you want more clarity and to be more at choice. You want to be more aware, effective and savvy in your communications.


You are motivated to grow and evolve.

You understand that challenges are not just a part of life, but are key aspects of how we learn and grow. Idealy, you are able to engage in your personal development without beating up on yourself. 


You are open to new perspectives, even when they challenge your beliefs.

Human Design is counter-cultural in many ways. You will get the most out of this program is you are open to the new ways of understanding yourself and others that the system provides. You are willing to withhold judgement and experiment to gain your own lived experience.


You have already worked with clients and/or students.

The Human Design material in this course will be relevant for everyone. The material on language will be most beneficial for those who already have clients, students or workshop participants, either now or in the past. If you are just starting out, you are welcome to take the class, and know that some of the material may require you to use your imagination!

You are willing to set aside the time and to do the work.

You will need to dedicate a couple of hours per week to attend class or view the recording later, and to engage with the material. You will have time to catch up over the holidays if you need to. And you’ll get more about of the program if you participate fully and in a timely way. 

This program is NOT for you IF:

You are skeptical to the point of resistance.

Being uncertain when engaging with a new system is understandable, especially one as different and counter-cultural as Human Design. If you are skeptical to the point of being resistant to learning and change, then it’s probably not the right time for you to take this program.

You have a habit of buying programs and then not doing the work.

We’re all done it! We’ve all bought things that we didn’t use. And if you have a habit of doing that with online programs, please save your investment for when you are sure you’re ready. 


The investment will be a significant hardship for you.

I know that some people advise you to investment to the point where it hurts, based on the idea that this will motivate you to do the work. I don’t think you will learn well if you’re really stressed out about the investment. So please be wise about what’s best for you. 


You don't like online learning, but you think you should.

Some people just do not like online learning, yet they investment in programs because they love the topic, then they try to make themselves do it even though they hate it. This is not very kind to yourself. Please don’t do that. 

You really don't have the time.

Our lives are incredibly busy and often stressful. I know that taking a program like this can be a significant investment of time as well as money. Please only join us if you can carve out time to participate. I don’t want you to feel frustrated with yourself, or guilty later, because you really don’t have the time right now. 

Who is Maggie Ostara, PhD?

Maggie Ostara, PhD teaches women committed to transformation how to create sustainability and joy in their influential, soul-inspired businesses. When they work with her, Maggie’s clients deepen their sense of their destiny and true value, and translate that into their own definitions of success.

Maggie is a published author, arousing speaker, beloved teacher, and highly intuitive and skilled mentor-coach. With expertise in Human Design, spiritual healing, business development, online marketing and education, Clarity Breathwork, and advanced meditation, Maggie has created four successful businesses since she left her job as the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Columbia University in 1997.

She has mentored hundreds of clients and taught thousands of students through her curriculum-based on-line programs, and her transformational in-person events over the last ten years.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

 In the unlikely event that you decide you do not want to do the program after all, you will have 30 days from when you registered to receive a refund minus a $40 administration fee. I want you to be satisfied!


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Yes! I'm ready to Register for Maggie Ostara's Messaging Made Easy Program!

5 Payments of $147
Every 30 days

Have a coupon?
Use it at checkout.

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