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Your Human Design reveals with astonishing accuracy your strengths, potentional weaknesses and tendencies, your gifts and talents, plus insights on how you may have been conditioned by your epigenetics, your family of origin, and your culture more generally. 

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I have had two other human design readings in my past that were really subpar. My reading with Maggie was potent. Not only did I learn a ton about myself, but I learned why I had certain gifts and talents that I never understood. She also helped me see some of the more challenging pieces of my chart in a more positive and fun way that I could absorb and integrate.

I feel more empowered, more in love with myself and able to integrate the juiciness of my chart more. Everyone needs a reading from this magnificent woman. Thank you again, Maggie!

Elizabeth Lakin

Nurturing Vitality -- Cranial Sacral, Gentle Mobilization and Classical Homeopathy

My human design reading with Maggie gave me tremendous insight and understanding into specific ways I interact with others, and how I can be extremely critical and hard on myself.  I have always tried to make things happen and manifest various kinds of work, and I couldn’t quite do that in the way I envisioned and “thought I should be able to do”.

Learning about my design and my type, it really became clear that my best strategy is “wait to respond”. This was really new, kind of confronting, information for me and has changed the way that I engage with life. Now I am pushing less, and paying more attention to what I have energy for – or don’t – and what shows up in my outer world.

I learned about my throat being my only open center, and how I can feel a lot of pressure there that in the past has made me speak up sometimes at not the right time, or not speak up at all even when I wanted and needed to. I’ve already learned a lot about that from my life experience, but understanding this part of my chart helped me understand this much more clearly.

I also learned about two different ways of knowing: “sensing”, a more feeling intuitive sense and “logic”. My mind can be quite active with “needing to understand” and “make sense of” things, yet my deep body wisdom has a different and deeper knowing that now I am trusting more and more as I ask my sacral and wait to respond. I have a strong “inner critic” and Maggie’s reading and wisdom were very helpful in differentiating between these different ways of knowing and how best to make decisions and move forward in a way that feels supportive. This has been extremely significant and transformative for me.

While Human Design is a complex system with a big learning curve, Maggie imparts her wisdom and understanding in a very tangible and accessible way.

I highly recommend getting a reading Maggie. She is quite gifted.

Deb Root Grant

Hospice Angel, Musician, Authentic Wilding

Maggie introduced me to Human Design and when I learned that it could help me be more potent and effective in the world, I was intrigued. I am in the midst of making the transition from my corporate career to my ’third act’ and the information I learned during my reading has helped me make better decisions and listen to my inner knowing. 

Learning my type and strategy was illuminating.  As an assertive, pretty out-going and successful person in the world, I have long had this idea that I ’should’ start my own business – that having my own business was key to ’true success’.  Finding out that I am designed not to initiate but rather to take advantage of opportunities that are presented to me was liberating.  And made sense – I have always been quite successful working for others and have had challenges trying to start my own thing.

The reading also helped explain why sometimes when I am communicating with certain people, it feels easy and I come away feeling inspired, my ideas flowing easily and sometimes it is the opposite. I also learned why I get some much better results when I wait to be asked my opinion or perspective than when I try to assert it. I spent a lot of time in conference rooms with only men in my corporate job, and I eventually learned this on my own. But my life would have been so much easier had I known this when I was younger! I think getting a Human Design reading in your 30s and 40s would be ideal, though it’s been great for me even at the end of my 50s.

Susan Rutherford

Former High Tech Sales Manager, Life Coach

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