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Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on September 4, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for this week’s Human Design transit report. And today is Monday, September 5th and Happy Labor Day to those of us here in the United States. And let’s take a moment to acknowledge the labor movement of the 19th century that brought us the 40 hour work. Week before that, people were routinely working 12, even 16 hours a day.

Even small children and better working conditions. So thank you to the labor movement today. We have two different transits that I’m gonna talk about. The one that we’re in today started yesterday on Sunday, September 4th. And the next one’s gonna start on Saturday. And so I’m gonna talk about the one we’re in right now and then give you a preview for the one that’s gonna start on Saturday.

So you can be prepared for that before we get there. Okay, let’s go ahead and get started. So yesterday the sun moved into the gate 64 and the Earth moved into the gate 63. Now this is particularly interesting because both of these are on the head center. You can see here from this image, they are the two on either side. One is the left brain, one is the right brain, the left brain is the beginning of the logic circuit, or the understanding circuit, or the pattern circuit in quantum human design. And the right brain is the sensing circuit or the miracle circuit in quantum human design. So we’ve got both left brain and right brain energies being activated by the sun and the earth. So the head, which in quantum human design, has been renamed as the quantum interface, which I think is pretty cool. Basically what that’s calling out is, is that this head and I really see the head center, even though it is shown this way as kind of being in the head, it’s really the all the way at the top of the head, kind of the place where the crown chakra is.

It’s not actually in the head. Inside the head is more where the Ajna is. So it’s this top part here, and it’s the beginning of these two major collective circuits. And it’s interesting because you can see the energy comes in here, but then in the Ajna it actually crosses over and then continues down on the opposite side of the body and then back up through the central channel.

So we’ve got the left brain that is associated with the right hand side of the body and the right brain that’s associated with the left hand side of the body. So I hope that these diagrams make it a little more clear to you about what I’m talking about. So what does that really mean for you? It means that during this transit, particularly if you do not have these two gates to defined in your chart, but even if you do, we’re the sun and the earth are lighting up both of these primary aspects of the brain. If you wanna understand some of the really leading edge research on the left and the right brains, I highly recommend Jill Bulte Taylor’s new book, which is called Whole Brain Living, where she tracks both an emotional center and a thinking center on each side of the brain.

And all four of those centers have different functions, okay? And they’re, she actually calls them characters because they kind of have different characteristics. So she thinks of them as almost like little people that are going on in our brains. So I would highly recommend that you check that out if that’s something you wanna know more about. For our purposes here today, let’s really focus on the human design understanding about these, the different aspects of the chart. So one of the things that I look for a lot when I do a reading is how much logic and how much sensing and how much of the knowing circuit, which is the other main circuit in the chart, does a person have. The reason for this is, is that in our culture, we tend to privilege left brain attributes like logic, reason, analysis, strategy planning, things like that, right? We’ve been taught from when we were the littlest people that this is the way to understand things, that this is what’s real, and that we need to employ these different ways of knowing if we wanna get to the bottom of something or if we really wanna understand it.

Now, what human design shows is this, that there’s actually three primary ways of knowing, not just one. And logic is just one of them. Another one is the sensing circuit, which is the right brain energy that’s going on the left hand side of the body, which is creative, expansive, abstract, spatial, experiential and embodied. It’s not like left brain energy at all, and we don’t tend to value it so much in our culture. This is also where like intuition is, or one of the places in the chart where intuition is, we tend to kind of think of those things as more kind of like, you know, soft science, soft understanding, right? I have to think that this is a primary way for understanding our world and understanding ourselves.

And it behooves all of us to get to know our right brain energy better and to expand it and to own it. Cuz the truth is, is we need both sides. We can’t just have one or the other, but we tend to be left brain dominant. I mean, many people who have an open head and open O come to me highly trained in left brain thinking, okay? So this is one of the ways that regardless of your human design and regardless of your definition, you can program yourself really into that kind of left brain way of thinking. But we need to balance it out with our right brain way of thinking. This is our creativity. This is a lot of where some of our spirituality is. In Bolty Taylor’s book, she talks about the emotional center of the right brain really being the place through which we can connect with the all that is we can connect with the creative intelligence of the universe. It’s the aspect of ourselves that we are activating and aiming to inhabit and embody when we do meditation, right? Because we’re aiming to actually get out of our left brain, out of that logical part and out of the brain that tends to think and talk a lot, right? Into something that is more quiet and expansive and spatial and, and tapped in, okay? Tapped into the flow of life as I like to call it. And just as a side note, it’s not particularly here in the sun and the earth during this transit, but the other way of knowing is through the knowing circuit, which I haven’t really seen anything like this tracked in other systems other than human design.

But it comes right in through that central channel here, and it comes down splits, it goes on either side of the body and then up through the central channel. So I mention it because there are three ways of knowing that the human design chart shows us, and it’s great for us to be able to honor and employ all of them, but what we tend to see is, is that we’ve been trained to dismiss our right-brained intelligence and to dismiss our knowing, which is a highly evolved form of intuition. And to always be questioning it and to be wondering if it’s true and to just be like, I don’t know. I can’t prove it, I can’t research it, I can’t go find it somewhere. So I’m just going to not really take it seriously.

I talk to people about this all the time. And one of my main messages when I do readings for people is to honor your intuition, honor your creativity, honor your right brain intelligence, honor the wisdom of your body, cuz the wisdom of your body lives in the right brain circuitry as well. The love of the body is, is, is in the sensing circuit.

And so we wanna be able to have that part along with the left brain part. And we also wanna have the benefit of our knowing circuit. So I encourage you during this transit to be paying attention to what you might be receiving in terms of new insights, new possibilities, creative bursts, and the ability to maybe tap into your body wisdom more and to really own it and honor it and not dismiss it, even though we’re also gonna have that left brain activated. And that left brain is what the sun is lighting up. And you might be kind of tempted to believe it because as I said, that’s what we tend to privilege in our society, but it’s actually not accurate that it is the, the only way, and even the primary way of knowing, let’s take a look at the individual gates.

So the earth has moved into the gate 63, which is that left brain energy, it’s right over here. And in traditional human design, it’s known as doubt. And in quantum human design, it’s known as curiosity. So I love this renaming of it as curiosity. So doubt, you know, is, is a often unhelpful type of approach to life.

I talk to a lot of people who can be kind of stuck in doubt. And the problem with doubt is, is that it makes us immobile sometimes it makes us cautious in a way that’s not always helpful, and it can make us a little bit immobile because it can stimulate fear, right? Doubt often has fear fueling it. Not always on the surface, but it’s definitely there. Whereas curiosity is very opening. It’s like, oh, what could be possible? It’s full of possibilities. And if you think about this, the, the head center as the quantum interface, right? It’s awesome because we get curious about what are we tapping into with this quantum interface. I, I like to think of it as just a portal that opens directly into super consciousness that you can think of it as opening into the quantum field or the unified field as some of the quantum six call it in the yoga traditions, we call it the great womb of life. And it’s also just that creative intelligence that is everywhere and is always providing us with insights and guidance potentials and can help us to step outside of our limited way of thinking. But if what we’re doing is fueling doubt, that is fueling our limited way of thinking. It’s a little bit guarded, right? Well,

I’m doubting, I’m not really sure about that, you know? Right? It’s that kind of energy. I doubt that. Whereas curiosity is like, oh, what could that be? What, what could be possible? So it’s a much more opening out rather than a closing in kind of an energy. So the scientific method, the western scientific method lives in the logic circuit or the pattern circuit.

And I always like to note that the very best science begins with curiosity. We’re looking at something in the natural world, whether that’s something that’s happening in a forest or something that’s happening inside the body. We’re curious about something that’s happening. So we ha we get curious about it, we observe, we create a, a hypothesis, and then we go and we test it, we check it out. It’s like, well, how do, how are we gonna know if, if this is true or not? Right? And so science is much more about curiosity in its highest state than it is about doubt. And the earth is lighting this up. So we want to ground ourselves in this sense of curiosity, the sense of potential and possibility and even awe that we have at the natural world, right? We want to ground ourselves in that. And then the sun is lighting up the gate 64, which in traditional human design is the gate of confusion. And in quantum human design is the gate of divine transference. So again, we have a real updating and up-leveling, upgrading, if you will, of the quality of this right brained energy confusion, right? Something’s coming in, it doesn’t make any sense to my logical mind. So I feel confused. That’s kind of how I read the name of that in traditional human design. Whereas divine transference really fits with this idea of a quantum interface, right? Is is that this is where we’re interfacing with the all that is, or with the flow of life, right? The creative intelligence of the universe. And it’s transferring to us new P potentials, new possibilities, new ways of perceiving things, new ways of feeling things. And so it is experiential, it is creative, it’s abstract, it’s embodied, okay? It’s not the logical stuff at all. And so we just need to open to receive that. It may not even be particularly verbal at this stage, right? Because it’s just dropping into this right brain energy that’s coming to us from, from God, really goddess all that is. So we wanna be able to honor that energy just as much as we honor the curiosity that’s coming from the left brain. And a lot of times people find that they have this kind of fight going on between their right brain energies and their left brain energies.

And that’s because these left brain energies have, like I said, have been more acknowledged and appreciated. And then they tend to kind of pe up on these right brain energies. And we go, yeah, oh, it’s so nice to be creative. Oh, that’s nice that you paint, for example. It’s nice that you dance or it’s nice that you, you know, do poetry. It’s nice that you do theater. It’s nice that you have a beautiful garden and it’s nice that you write books, right? That all that’s really nice, but it’s not like, you know, real science, it’s not like the real stuff, right? Mm. This is a problem, right? Because what we wanna be able to do is harmonize these.

We wanna be able to bring them together. And we just had a whole conversation in the last transit report about harmony and what that harmony is about, being able to have difference and to value everything and to see how they work together really to make something beautiful or something that’s moving or something that’s vital and significant. And so that’s what we wanna do during this transit with our right brain and our left brain energy.

Now, some of you who are way more creative and tend to be a bit more embodied and experiential and so on, you’re gonna get a nice boost from that left brain energy. And those of you who you, those of you who are a little too left brain, are gonna get a nice boost from your right brain energy. So really embrace this and play around with it and see how it can enrich your life in ways that might be a little bit surprising.

Then on Saturday, September 10th, we’re gonna have the sun, it’s gonna pop into the mate of the 64. It’s gonna turn it pop into the 47. So we still have this right brain energy, it’s still creative, expansive, abstract, embodied, experiential and so on. And then the earth is gonna move into the 22. So it’s gonna go all the way down to the emotional solar plexus.

So this is emotional energy. We’re gonna have very little logical energy in during this transit. We just have one gate, the, the 17 that’s activated. Everything else is open. And so we’re gonna have an opportunity to work with that really creative, embodied energy, and to do that with our emotional tone as well. So let’s dive into the specific gates, the sun in the gate, 47. In traditional human design, it’s known as realization. And in quantum human design, it’s known as mindset. So this is kind of interesting because we’re, again, we’re in this right brain energy, we’ve just received some divine transference, right? And the question is, is like, okay, what do we do with that now?

Now this is on the Ogus Center. The Ogness Center. I like to think of this as kind of the location of the thinking mind. It’s not like the Agni or the the Ajna center in, in the chakra system at all. Okay? It’s much more like of the thinking mind. And so it makes sense that there would be mindset here, which is, and what is mindset? Mindset is the framework through which you understand your life. It’s the framework through which you understand reality, other people, relationships, how the world works, you know, all of that. And right now we’re going through a really major mindset shift here on planet Earth where we’re moving out of the story of progress. The American dream is part of that story of progress, which has been with us, you know, on and off for the last couple thousand years, which is really that here as human beings, we have the power and the ability to become the dominant predators on the planet and to take from the earth everything that we want, and that we need for our own development, for the betterment of our world, from our mindset to create more comfort for ourselves, to develop technology, to expand and really spread our species all over the planet and so on. So that was a mindset that many of us were living inside of for a very long time. And now we’re kind of awakening even an ancient understanding that actually we, just because we’re powerful doesn’t mean that we really have the right, if you will, to, to dominate all other species, to cut down all the forests, to use the planet in any way that we want to, right? We’re starting to really reshift this and to think about, well, what is our appropriate relationship with this beautiful planet? What is our appropriate relationship with each other? I mean, is the mindset that many of us were taught and we, we grew up with about how everybody’s out for themselves, and you have to be out for yourself. And people are really driven by self-interest. This is kind of what, what has driven our economic sphere for, you know, many, many years. And now we’re going, you know, I I’m not so sure that that’s true. I think actually we as human beings are compassionate.

We can be loving, we wanna support each other. And this is emerging as a new kind of mindset. So as the sun is lighting up this gate 47, it’s a really great time for you to be looking at what is your mindset? What’s been your default way of looking at the world? And you can always know what that is when you kind of go, well, that’s just the way things are. It’s just kind of the way things are. And I always suggest question that, take a look at that. Is it really just the way things are? Or is that just a mindset? Hmm. Because so much of what we’ve taken for granted, so much of what we thought was just the way things are.

Hmm. We’re realizing, no, that’s a construct. And very often a human construct. And sometimes they’re dangerous human constructs, very destructive human constructs. So we are really upgrading all of that now. So the earth has moved into the gate 22, and so it’s on that emotional solar plexus, right? And in traditional human design, it’s known as openness.

And in quantum human design, it’s known as surrender. It is in the knowing circuit, which I talked about a just a little bit before. And so now we can see in these two transits, we’ve got all three of the major circuits about how do we know what we know are being activated by the sun and the earth? So here we have the knowing circuit.

So what does the surrender really mean? Well, the eing name for this hexagram is grace. And so I think the surrender, the way that I interpret this is the surrender really of the logical mind, the surrender of the ego, the surrender of the part of us that feels like we need to figure everything out. That we need to know everything, that we need to be in charge all the time, and that we’re surrendering to this greater flow of life. We’re surrendering to the divine intelligence, this creative force that has created everything really, and that we are a part of and an expression of, and that we’re surrendering. It’s a very spiritual energy, right? It’s emotional, but it’s spiritual because the knowing circuit is definitely plugged right into super consciousness.

And knowing is not logical, and it’s not embodied either. It’s not really either of those things. It’s this other, you could call it spiritual, you could call it intuitive, you could call it energetic, even quality of being tapped into this larger intelligence and receiving from it. And in this particular gate, being able to relax into it, right?

To have the grace to know that you are supported by this larger intelligence, and that you don’t have to be working so hard, trying so hard being in control, right? That we can surrender. Knowing that we’re gonna have what we need when we need to have, it helps us to undermine, you know, the, the, the kind of dual issues, if you will, or, or dual attributes of scarcity and gluttony or scarcity and hoarding, right? And so we do not need to hoard, we do not need to be gluttons, right? We don’t have to go into excess. But when we are afraid of scarcity, even subconsciously, we can tend to go into excess. That’s why people can, you know, hoard all kinds of things because they’re afraid of not having enough, right? So this is inviting us to step out of all of that and instead to step into this sense that I will have what I need, when I need to have it. I’m an abundant, prosperous person. The flow of life is gonna bring to me things that I get to respond to if I’m a generator or a manifesting generator.

Invitations that I need, the recognition that I need as a projector, the creative ideas that I need as a manifestor, and the guidance from the cosmos, and specifically from the moon that I need as a reflector. Like all of this is going to come to me if I can surrender and I can have the grace to believe in that and to actually open up to it.

So this is what we’re grounding ourselves in during this next transit, is this deep sense of grace. If you haven’t already received my mini program called Transform Your Life with Human Design, I really encourage you to get that because it’s full color, it’s over 75 pages. It’s an ebook and it will guide you through all of the key elements of the system that you need to know in order to start to understand yourself and your, and your chart better. And it also comes with a deep dive journal. And I think this is the thing that really sets us apart, because it’s not about just learning, you know, the different elements of the system. That’s what we do initially often, right? But then it’s about how do we actually apply that to our lives? This is a thing, if you’ve been following me for a while or done any work with me, you know, that’s what I’m all about. Human design is just a tool to help us to live our best life, right? And so we wanna be able to apply it. And so the deep Dive journal guides you step by step through applying what you learn about the elements of your human design to your own life.

So if you haven’t had a chance to pick that up yet, I highly encourage you that you do. You’ll be, have a chance to just click over and get it at the end of the video. And of course, I’ll put the link down, down below. Okay? Also, I’m gonna do another little video that is about this same transit.

So stay tuned for that because it’s about other aspects of the transit in addition to the sun and the earth. Okay? Many blessings. Much love.




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