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Human Design Transit Report Nov 14 2022Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on November 11, 2022.

Welcome or welcome back to my channel for this week’s human design transit report. Today is Monday, November 14th, and the new transit starts on Thursday, November 17th. So if you wanna find out what’s going on right now through Wednesday, then go ahead and watch last week’s transit report and you’ll get all the details there. So this week we’re gonna focus on the transit that starts on Thursday.

Okay, let’s get started. So in this transit, we’re gonna continue on a theme that we’ve had for the last couple of transits, which is the lighting up of the knowing circuit. Right now we have the 43, 23 being lit up by the sun and the earth, which is going from the Ajna to the throat. Then coming up on Thursday, we’ve got a shift where the sun is gonna move into the 14 and the earth is gonna move into the gate eight.

Now together the 14 and the eight do not make a complete channel, but we’ve still got the nodes that are here in the one and the two. So what this means is now we have got two complete channels going through the G center, starting down in the sacral, the red square at the bottom, coming up through the 14, which is where the sun is right now, coming into the two, into the G center. So fueling the G center with life force energy. And then it’s coming up the other side through the one which is where the south note is, and then into the eight, which is where the earth is. So we’ve got this beautiful configuration of definition that is lighting up the central channel, and we noted in the last transit, the one that we’re currently in, but in the last transit report that we had, 10 out of 13 possible activations all happening in individual circuitry and in the knowing circuit. So we still have a lot of individual circuitry going on here, and a lot of the knowing circuit, the quality of the energy is changing though. So let’s dive into some more of the specifics.

Let’s begin with the earth lighting up the gate eight. So the gate eight is right here on the throat. And because the south note is in the one which is on the G center, it’s right here, we get a complete channel from the one to the eight during this particular transit. So the eight in traditional human design is known as contribution. And in quantum human design is known as fulfillment.

I always think of this as as our, the way that we are contributing, you know, our gifts and talent skills and life experience out into the world. And it’s very intuitive. And like I said, it’s individual circuitry. So it’s really a personal kind of a thing. It’s about the self, it’s about the self-interest. And so the one is known as life purpose, right? In traditional human design, self-expression, in quantum human design, it’s life purpose. And it’s the same idea of being able to express oneself is a key component of our purpose. And then it connects to this idea of contribution. And doing that we can experience being fulfilled, right? We can have satisfaction, we can have this sense that we are doing what it is that we came here to do.

And it’s a very personal feeling. And yet it’s also really tapped into the all that is because the knowing circuit right now in this transit, right, that 43 23 is lit up, which is connecting the ajna to the throat, right? And so that’s bringing in these ideas from super consciousness. They’ve come around through that knowing circuit, and now they’re coming back up through that central channel.

So we’ve got a lot of downloads that are coming through downloads and this kind of deep sense of knowing. So if you’re one of those people who feels, you know, challenged about this question about your life purpose, I talked to a lot of people who feel that way during this transit, they could be a really good time for you to be leaning into that because you’ve got that one lighting up.

This question of self-expression, how do you like to express yourself? What is it that makes you feel the most on purpose, right? Because it’s like expressing ourselves and purpose are actually very close to each other a lot of the time. And then the eight is like, how are we going to bring that out into the world? How are we gonna fulfill our potential?

How are we gonna make our contribution into the world? So you’ll have extra support for leaning into those questions for yourself during this transit. Then we also have the sun lighting up the gate 14. So the gate 14 is on the sacral center. The Sacl center is the center for life force, life force energy. And it is sustainable long-term energy, which is what gives generators the, you know, energizer bunny kind of energy that we have, right? And so the 14 is a lucky gate, lucky, lucky, lucky 14. And the 14 is in its highest expression. It’s all about service. It’s like, yes, I’m working, I, it’s generative energy, it’s life force energy. And here it’s on a defined sacral.

And so yes, we wanna work in the ways that we are expressing ourselves in the ways that we’re making our contribution into the world. Absolutely. We’re doing that and we’re focused on our service. When we do that, then prosperity comes to us, resources come to us as a a result. So we’re not focusing on making money, right? It’s not like,

Ooh, I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna make money. It’s like, I’m gonna provide this service that is mine to provide. As I do that, I’m gonna become luckier and luckier and luckier for resources to becoming my way. Now what’s interesting is, is that, so this is what the sun’s lighting up, right? It’s this lucky, prosperous,

I’m here giving my service kind of an energy. And it’s meeting up with the two, which is where the north note is right now. And the two is allowing in quantum human design. And I like to think of this as a really receptive gate, right? The two is very receptive. So there’s all this energy coming up from the sacral, right through that 14, all this power that’s coming up. And the two is just receiving it. It’s like, yes, I’m gonna receive the benefit of this energy that is coming up from the sacral and it’s gonna fuel the the, the G center. And the two is also where the magnetic monopole is in the chart. So the magnetic monopole is like this attractive energy that the heart center has.

It’s how we attract the things into our lives that ideally that we’re desiring. But depending on our frequency, depending on where we’re emotionally connected to, we could be attracting things into our life that we don’t love so much. So let’s say you’re expressing kind of the lower aspect of the 14, which is, is that no matter how hard I work, I never have any money.

I’ve known people like that. That can be what you’re attracting, all right? If you’re allowing that in and that’s what you’re vibrating, that’s what you’re gonna bring in. But if you’re like, now all I have to do is really focus on my service, know that I am worthy and I am valuable, I have something to give that’s benefiting the people that I’m providing to, then you can just allow that abundance in and it’ll fuel this beautiful heart center. Then it comes right up through that center into self-expression and into contribution. So this is quite a lineup that we have here in this central channel, stepping outside of a a solely human design context for a moment. This central channel that goes from the root all the way up into the head, this is the line of the chakras, right? In the yoga traditions, and this is important in human design too, cuz we have this same central channel. It’s a column of light that runs right in front of the spinal column, which is related to our nervous system. It nourishes our nervous system. And so it’s through energizing and harmonizing the chakras that we are energizing and harmonizing this central channel.

And the same is true for the human design centers. It’s the same idea, which is that there is this column of light, right? And we want to create heart coherence. You may may have heard of that before. And it’s where we’re getting what we think of as the gut brain, okay? Which is where the sacral is, and the heart, brain, right? The compassionate brain all working together, harmonizing with each other so that we can then express and activate through that throat because the throat is the center for activating, like getting things going. It’s like a catalyst type of energy. Yes, it’s manifesting, but it’s even more kind of a catalyst for, for getting things started. But it’s also for expression, just for talking, for communicating in all the different ways that we do. And so when we are harmonizing the energies between these different centers and up and down through this central channel, then we are become much more magnetic and we become much more powerful. The other thing that happens is the nervous system kind of relaxes, right? So that kind of anxiety that we can have or that tired and wired feeling that we can have that can all soften and drop away.

And then we can feel the power of this central ca channel coming online so that we feel very calm, but really energized or really energized and yet calm and centered. And so this is an opportunity for us to be working on that part of ourselves where we are tapping into, you know, that sacral energy. And for us generators, we may not feel it as much, certainly for the nons sacral beings, you’re gonna feel this really strong. But for me, like I don’t have the 14, but I do have the two. So what’s gonna happen is, is I’m gonna all of a sudden get this different configuration of the relationship between my sacral and my G center, because it’s coming up through the sacro, through the central channel.

Usually it comes around through the 34 10 for me, but here it’s gonna come up through that central channel. So that gives me the opportunity to be feeling into what’s going on in my heart center. How can I elevate the energy in my heart center with that sacral energy? And then I don’t have the one or the eight. So that’s just gonna give me an opportunity to see how can I bring all of this power that I have and and give it a quality of both my own personal identity, but this quality of agape love, this universal love, this unconditional love that’s coming up through this center. And it is kind of focused on the self because it is individual circuitry, okay? And yet there is also this beautiful quality of universal love that the, the power of the sacral is coming through as it’s going to express its way out. So then we get to look at, you know, how is my life purpose and my sense of why I am here and the contribution that I’m making, how is it really, really embedded in a sense of love, a sense of compassion, a sense that we’re all in this together? And that is what you’re gonna be able to tap into really strongly during this particular transit. Just a reminder for everybody that we have, the whole human design chart, everyone does, okay? Because the whole chart is a map of the human energy field. So even if it’s white in your chart, you still have that in your energy field. What’s different is, is that the parts that are colored in is where you have consistent access to that energy and a consistent way of expressing it.

Whereas in the white parts, it varies. So what happens when we have a transit, as I was just talking about, is like if you’re not a sacral being, so if you’re a manifestor or a projector or a reflector, your sacral is not defined, it’s not colored in. But during this transit, it’s gonna be colored in. You’re gonna feel that sacral energy in a different way, but then when the transit passes, it’s gonna move out of your system. Or for me, that one eight, I don’t have either of the one eight, but I’m gonna get to feel a different relationship between my G center and my throat because that one eight is defined during this transit. Now the one eight has been, you know, something I’ve experienced many, many times during the course of my life, depending on who I’ve been around. Same is true for you. You’ve experienced all the energies in the charts many, many times depending on who you’ve been around. But some things are more consistent and some things are more variable. And that’s really the def, the the difference with the definition and the openness. I’m gonna be doing an entire teaching about the openness demystified inside of the becoming Sovereign virtual retreat center, which I just opened up last week, and I invite you to come and join us there. This is our very own private social network, if you will. I’m done with being on the social networks of these big companies that are mining all of our data for their use. And so we have our own private space where no one is gonna be mining your data.

And I’m doing live events in there three times a month. And some of them are more teaching focused. So the one that is about openness, demystified that’ll happen in the beginning of December, is more of a teaching focus. And coming up later this week, we’re gonna do a sacral skills demonstrated. So you’ll get to work with the sacral skills of this really good for generator types.

And it’s also good for, you know, any types because we all know about generators, right? So it’s good for us to understand how we, we get to be in the world with each other. So I encourage you to come and check it out because this is a space where you get to come and geek out about human design. Okay? Over time I’m gonna be adding more and more topics, different things that we get to talk about, different spaces where you’ll get to work with people who are of similar types, for example, or similar profiles and, and you can also learn about other people and what you know, like your partners or your kids or your coworkers or whoever it is in your life that you want to know more about. So I encourage you to come and check it out over there.

The link for it is here and it’ll be right at the end of the video and it’ll be down in the description. Right now it’s totally free. So I encourage you to come and join us. All right, many blessings. Much love.



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