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Human Design Transit Report May 30 2022Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on May 27, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for my weekly human design trends report. Today is Monday, May 30th. And in the United States today is Memorial day. Traditionally, this is a day where we honor those who lost their lives in battle. So it’s for honoring veterans and for people who lost their lives in the line of duty. I want to say a prayer here today, both to honor all of those who did give their lives and the veterans that served their country in the way that made sense to them at the time that they were doing that. I think sometimes veterans bear the brunt of being made wrong for the wars that get started by governments and people higher up in power, and that veterans get a bad rep. So I want to honor and respect veterans.

And I also want to say a prayer for the time when we no longer need wars, where people are no longer in the line of duty being named or killed or having PTSD and all the different things that happen to people when they go into combat. I really I’m imagining a new world in which we have evolved beyond the need for combat and for war.

And I’m going to light a candle for that today. And I invite you now or later to do the same in terms of human design. We are in the same transit that we were in, that I talked about in last week’s human design transit report. If you want to find out more about it, you can go here and check out last. Week’s two answer report because I talked about it in some detail.

Let me just say here that we’re still in collective circuitry and in the logic circuit and the sun is still in the gate, 16 with the gate of skills in traditional human design or the gate of zest, which I always love. And the earth is still in the gate nine, which is known as focusing or narrowing. And as I said, do you want to find out more about it?

Go ahead and watch last week’s transit report This week, the next transit comes up on Thursday, June 2nd. And before I dive into that, I want to say that mercury is going direct on Friday, June 3rd. Yay. I’ve been hearing from a variety of different people about how hard this mercury retrograde has been for them. I have definitely felt it here and there with communications, just dropping out things, not working technology, not working communication technology in particular, not working. So if that’s been happening for you, you should start to get some relief by the end of the week. And on Thursday, the son is going to move into gate 35, which in traditional human design is known as the gate of change. And in quantum human design is known as the gate of experience.

So we’re still in collective circuitry. And this is the sensing circuit. The sensing circuit is right-brained energy. It comes in through the right brain crosses over and the Asana comes down and it goes through over the left-hand side of the body and then up through the central channel. So the 35 is right here on the throat. And we also have the configuration where Neptune is lighting up the gate 36, which is the mate of the gate 35. So it completes that channel going from the throat to the emotional solar plexus. So this is power going to the throat because the emotional solar plexus is one of the motors or one of the engines in the chart. And it’s going directly from that emotional solar plexus up into the throat. So this is manifestor energy because manifestor energy is when we have an open sacral, which is what we’ve got right now, but we have one or more of the motors connecting to the throat. So that’s what’s happening here. So manifesting energy means that you have energy to express. So in this case, it would be energy to express emotional energy, the ability to express also to activate and potentially to manifest. And because it’s manifesting energy, it means that during this transit, we’re going to have the ability to initiate. Now manifestors are the only type in human design that are designed to initiate. And there are only eight or 9% of the population. So even though most of us were taught to make things happen and to go out and initiate things, we don’t actually have that kind of energy on a regular basis, at least not in a consistent and really straight forward way. You can ask yourself the question, what would you like to initiate during this time? What is it that you would like to give voice to for your emotions? What is it that you want to bring some power to, that you might be able to activate in your life? And because it’s emotional, anytime we’ve got something that is connected to the emotional solar plexus, we know that time is involved because you want to make sure that you’re expressing activating, manifesting, initiating at the right time. You want to feel pretty even-keeled, but you can feel and build enthusiasm and anticipation. That’s a positive way to be working with your emotional energy. So while the sun is in the gate 35, which it’ll be there until June 7th, okay. This manifesting energy will be available to all of us. So you can play around with that. The one caveat is again, just to make sure that you’re doing it at the right time, that you’re feeling emotionally enthusiastic or anticipatory in a, in a kind of uplifted emotional state, but not manic, right.

But something kind of uplifted that also feels somewhat grounded to you and see what that’s like, go ahead and play around with that. Also remember that the 35 36 is in the sensing circuit. So because it’s this right brained energy, it is experiential, it’s spatial. It’s not rational or linear or logical or any of that. Okay. It is creative and it wants to learn through experience it’s embodied.

And so as you’re wanting to be manifesting with this energy, or just feeling it running through your system, know that it can really activate some creative impulses through you. It can invite you into experiences. And really this whole channel is all about experiences. The 35 is a lot about experience and it is also about expressing your experience. Whereas the 36, which is what Neptune’s lighting up is known as crisis and exploration.

And it tends to be a little bit of a chaotic energy, or it can be a chaotic energy because emotions can be a little bit chaotic, right? But the, really the, the benefit of this particular energy that’s available to us during this time is how can we have exp embodied experiences, creative experiences that help us to deepen our wisdom, help us deepen our knowledge, our understanding that are fun and playful and enjoyable, but also bring us new awareness, new consciousness. How can we express ourselves and move out to our leading edge to have experiences that are leading us right up to the edge and perhaps the edge of our comfort zone so that we can start bringing in new understandings and new awarenesses, because you know, we’re really needing that here on planet earth, these days. Now the downside of the 35 and really of the 35 36 is if you get bored, okay, if you get bored or if you start to feel like been there, done that, did all that, you know, I don’t even want to bother anymore. If you’ve had so many experiences that you sort of feel like, you know, there isn’t really anything else for me to do so you don’t want to allow that to happen.

And you’d also don’t want to get restless and feel like I just have to do something like the 36 can be a little bit like addicted to experiences. And this addiction shows up largely where you’re thinking about your next experience before you’ve even finished this one. So you’re not really fully present and embodied and having the experience cause you’re already thinking about the next one, right? That’s a little bit dysfunctional and it is what can happen with that 36, when you’re just kind of wanting experience, experience, experience, it gives you a kind of high right. A stimulation. So instead of that, you want to be fully in your experience. You want to be enjoying it. You want to be paying attention. You want to be gleaning the lessons and the learnings that you can receive from your experiences.

And then you want to be able to share those with others. Because again, this is on the throat and anytime something’s on the throat and it’s powered by one of the motors, it means that we get to express that we get to manifest that we get to activate that. So it’s a pretty cool thing to have that going on during this transit. So enjoy now the earth on the other hand is lighting up the gate five, which is also collective circuitry, but it is in the logic circuit. So the logic circuit or the pattern circuit is left brain energy. It crosses over, comes down over the right side of the body and then up through the central channel and the five is on the sacral. So it is life force energy, and it’s also responsive. And the five is known as patterns in traditional human design and consistency in quantum human design.

This is the energy for regularity. It’s the energy for, you know, getting up at the same time, going to bed at the same time, eating more or less at the same time, going to work out at the same time. And it’s related to the cycles of nature. The cycles of nature do change, which means during the seasons, you know, the days get longer or shorter. The nights get longer or shorter, right. If they do change, but they change incrementally, they change slowly. And so part of it is our ability to be tuning into what’s happening with the sun, for example, so that even if you’re getting up at the same time, it may change in the winter versus the summer.

Because I know me, I like to get up when it’s light. I don’t like to get up when it’s dark, but that also means that in the summer I can get up much earlier than I do in the winter because it’s light earlier. I also like to stay out later in the summer because it’s light later. So I feel more energized and more excited to be out at night, actually during the summer than I do in the winter, in the winter, when it gets dark, I kind of want to, you know, go and have dinner and cuddle in and get on my bed and have a cup of tea and read my book. I don’t feel so much about being out so you can tune into what’s true for you. I don’t have either one of these defined in my chart, so I don’t have a regular consistent experience of them that I can share with you. But I do know that I have benefited from having more regularity in my life and with different health practitioners that I have talked to have definitely said that our physiology benefits from having regularity eating meals at a regular time, getting up and going to bed at a regular time, because then the physiology knows what to expect at any particular time.

It’s not guessing, and it’s not always having to adapt to new things. We’re throwing at it at any particular moment, right? So that regularity is something that can be helpful to cultivate inside yourself. Even if you don’t have the five to find in your chart. Now, the only caveat to that is if you have the gate 15, which is on the G the G center, which is the mate of the five, because the 15 is irregular. And by nature, it’s extreme. It tends to do things at different times. And so if you have the 15 that defined in your chart, then that the regularity may not really be helpful for you. So you have to kind of check that out for yourself, but otherwise, a lot of us can benefit from a more regularity than oftentimes we have.

I also really believe in, I’m certainly not the only one that aligning with the cycles of nature what’s happening with the sun. What’s happening with the seasons is actually really beneficial to us because after all we are nature, we are not separate from nature. We can forget that because we have lights and we have the internet and we have computers and we have phones and we have heat.

And, you know, we can do all kinds of things even when it’s dark and when it’s cold, but that’s not necessarily the best for us. It’s one of those things that I think has creeped up on a lot of people in terms of their health, that we didn’t anticipate as we created the ability to have a 24 7 365 society. But if you think about it, if you’re really going against that alignment with nature, you could be robbing yourself of a lot of rest that you need. And one thing that we know for sure is, is that we have a pretty sleep deprived and pretty exhausted populace. And I think that our disconnection from the cycles of nature feeds into that, it really does. And so one of the things you might experiment with definitely during this transit, but even in the weeks or even months afterwards, is what are the cycles that really support you? What is the regularity that can support you in your life? What routines really support you now? I do believe that it’s good to break routine sometimes because we need to mix things up a little bit, right? We don’t want to get too, you know, in, in this really deeply entrenched way of always doing everything the same time, right? Because then we can go a little bit translate or a little bit asleep. But aside from that, having routine and having regularity, especially around things like sleeping and eating can be beneficial for our physiology. So my question for you is how can you bring some of that, more of that in, and then also, what patterns do you already have? What cycles do you already have that are already supporting you, that you can acknowledge and continue? Where do you already have consistency in your life that may be supporting your sustainability? I know that at one point I made a decision not to work at night anymore. Also made a decision to be in my bed and to be reading by 9:00 PM and to have my light off by 10 or 10 15.

Now I don’t do it every single night, but I do it pretty consistently. And I really like my nine hours asleep. And so if I can turn out my light by 10 15, I can get up at seven and I can feel great. So what can you do to bring in more rest for yourself, more rejuvenation for yourself, more consistency that will enable you to be more sustainable.

I know for me, that having that routine has really helped me to be more sustainable. So this’ll be a good time for you just to kind of look at the things that maybe are not sustainable for you, like staying up late or eating late at night or staying up late and then crashing and going to bed early. And then, you know, eating at really irregular times forgetting to eat and then bingeing eating at other times really hard on the body.

So be kind to yourself, be caring, being loving, and maybe develop some regularity. That’ll help you just a last comment here that we still have that 43, 23 that’s being lit up by the nodes. And because of that, we still have the ability to be downloading from super-consciousness through the knowing circuit. We just have five different gates activated. Now in the knowing circuit, we had eight and nine, a couple of transits ago, so there are fewer of them, but that 43, 23 is still there and it’s going to be with us for a bit. So one of the things you might be doing is tapping into your intuition and really asking what is going to be the most supportive for you. That’s going to help you to be the most sustainable for you to have a satisfying life.

One that is fulfilling for you, where your experiences feel really enlivening, and that you are able to be able to express your emotions. You’re able to manifest what you want in your life. And you can do that in a way that’s really in alignment with what’s happening in the cosmos and with your human design. I just want to encourage you, if you haven’t already gotten your copy of get started with human design and the reflection journal that goes with that,

I encourage you to go ahead. It’s totally free. It’s my gift to you. And I would love for you to get it. Okay. I will leave it up after I sign off here. So you can just get the link there and go ahead and download it. All right. Many blessings, much love bye for now.


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