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Human Design Transit Report May 16 2022Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on May 15, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel today is May 16th. And the transit that we’re in right now started yesterday on May 15th. So that’s what we’re going to focus on today. But before we go there, I want to note that last night there was a full moon in Scorpio and a, a blood moon, because it was a full eclipse. I don’t know if you got a chance to see it or not.

I went out and took a look at it and did a little ceremony. And the thing about Scorpio is that it is the place where we’re looking at the depths. Scorpio likes to go into the depths into the places that are maybe uncomfortable. The places that are unhealed, the places that we’ve hidden and the full moon will shine a light on it. But then the eclipse also sometimes makes it hard to see.

So you might just be doing a little journaling for yourself to see what is coming up for you that maybe you haven’t been paying attention to. That would be useful for you to be able to process for yourself because it’s still going to be a full moon today, not at his height, but you’ll have the opportunity to do that if you choose to, okay, let’s get into this. Week’s transit. One of the notable things about this week’s transit before we get into the sun and the earth specifically is, is that we have a preponderance of activations in individual circuitry. We have nine out of 12 activations are an individual circuitry and seven out of those are in the knowing circuit. So you can see from this illustration, all of the different activations that are in the knowing circuit, it’s a lot. So what does that mean for you? Individual circuitry is here to be different. It’s here to bring change. It’s mutated. It does not conform, and it does not fit in. And the knowing circuit in particular is highly intuitive. You will be receiving downloads insights, new possibilities, new potentials through that knowing circuit. So while we’re in this transit, and this has been a theme it’s been going on for a little bit, but I just encourage you to really be paying attention to the downloads that you’re getting the new ideas that come in the new way, that you might see something you’re like, wow, I never really saw it that way before.

I never thought about that before. Where did that come from? Well, it came in through the knowing circuit. So I would just encourage you to use this to your advantage. Don’t just discard it. Sometimes I talk to people who have a lot of the individuals circuitry defined in their chart, particularly the knowing circuit Nelson. What do you do with all the downloads you get?

Sometimes they’re like nothing. I don’t really know what to do with them. I think they’re kind of weird. Well, that’s understandable, right? Because they don’t fit in and they don’t conform. And I believe that it is for all of us to be receiving as much as we possibly can from creative intelligence of the universe so that we can get through some of the crazy stuff that’s happening here on our planet right now.

I think we need all the help that we can get. And so a lot of that could be pouring in through that knowing circuit during this particular transit. So I say, do the best that you can with it, receive it, write it down, put it in your journal, talk to your friends about it, talk to yourself about it and just see what, what arises. You know, I love the phrase from Caroline Casey. If you’ve been following me, you’ve heard me say it before, which is believe nothing, entertained possibilities, because that’s really what we want to be able to do is break up conditioning, break up belief systems and have new possibilities arise for us. So this is a really great time for you to be tuning into that.

The sun has moved into the gate eight, which is on the throat center and it is the culmination of the knowing circuit. So that knowing circuit comes down, it splits, goes around and comes back up through the central channel. And so the eight is right here on the throat and in traditional human design, it’s known as contribution. And in quantum human design, it’s known as fulfillment. I think these are very similar and ideally your contribution is going to be fulfilling for you, right? The point about contribution as far as I’m concerned is, is it’s the kind of married to this notion of purpose. The one which is the mate of the eight is purpose. And so, and also self-expression. And so it’s like manifesting your purpose and your contribution through your self expression.

It’s coming right up through the G center. The G center is the center for love and lovability identity and direction. So this energy is coming up through that G center. And so it has the flavor of your identity to it has the flavor of your direction in life. And you can see how this is related to purpose, right? And, but it’s also flavored by love.

So you have the opportunity while the sun is just lighting up this eight to be taking a look at how are you contributing in your life? I often think of this as the work that we do in the world, but it doesn’t have to be what you do for money. There’s a lot of things that we do that maybe we volunteer for. We do pro bono.

We just engage in it because it’s meaningful for us and we care about it and we want to put our energy in that direction. And so you can be thinking about that as part of your contribution as well, but it’s, it is a bit about our activity. This is my interpretation of it. It’s not really the interpretation that’s in quantum human design, but this is the way that I think about it because I think that contribution and fulfillment come from how we engage with life. We’re really not meant to just be sitting and doing nothing. I mean, you might think that if you need to wait to respond or wait to be invited, but that’s not actually the case, we’re here to be full agents in our lives and to be active and to be contributing and participating and helping to create things.

And in this case, it’s really, it is creating from this deep sense of who we are, that it is creating, right? It’s mutated, it’s evolutionary. This is the evolutionary impulse of humanity. That’s coming here to us through individual circuitry. And specifically through the knowing circuit, this would be a good time for you to reflect on how you’re expending your energy.

Is it in right relationship with your values? Is that what you really want to be doing? It could also be a time for you to start contributing to something that is different than what you contributed to in the past. I know for me, I just went and looked at a local organization called daily acts that has to do with helping us to be transitioning into a more regenerative agriculture, more regenerative economy, where we’re really looking at what is our progression into the world that we know is possible. It’s more beautiful, it’s more equitable, it’s more sustainable. And how do we get there? And so we have a local organization called daily acts. That’s all about that. And so I’m looking at adding my contribution into interfacing with that organization and seeing how I can make that real for me in my life.

So it’s a good time for you to be checking out for yourself is how you’re spending your time and your energy in alignment with your deepest beliefs and with your values. And if it’s not, it’s a good time to make a change. Now, the earth has moved into the gate 14, which is a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky gate, and a traditional human sign is known as power skills. And in quantum human design, it’s known as creation. I actually don’t think either one of those names is very helpful in understanding what this energy is about. So it’s on the sacral. It’s also in the knowing circuit. So it, because it’s on the sacral, it’s responsive, but it’s also mutated and it’s also evolutionary.

And so it is an energy for making money through work or for receiving resources or compensation through your contribution, through what it is you’re doing in the world. And so this is a beautiful marriage between the gate eight and the gate 14, because ideally we’re, we receive compensation and we make money through doing things that we feel are our contribution. The reason that we came here are through our self-expression, that there is a marriage between what it is that we do to make money and who we feel that we are and what we feel we came here to do that can happen in all kinds of different ways. And if you’re not necessarily feeling like that’s true for you, that’s okay too. This is not about it. This is not a judgment for you.

Okay. But it is the time maybe to do a little assessment and wonder about that because the 14 can help you to respond to new possibilities because it’s on the sacral. It’s going to be responsive. Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait forever for something to respond to because you can just be feeling into this question about contribution. What’s my contribution. That’s coming from my heart.

It’s coming from my deep sense of identity and of who I am and my direction in life. And then how can I be receiving resources as a result of contributing? It’s a good time to reflect on if you think you might be spending your time making money, doing things that you’re not really in alignment with. Right? And unfortunately, a lot of people do that.

So you want to check and see, because this would be a good time to shift that or to be thinking about shifting it. So instead of just focusing on what you do to make money, focus on the service that you want to provide, how you can provide a service, whether you work for yourself, or you work with other people, or you work in a company, a small company, a large company, whatever that looks like, but to be focusing on the service that you’re providing, because that’s going to connect you to your contribution, it’s going to connect you to the sense of why am I here? What is my role in the whole scheme of humanity at this particular time? And the 14 is also asking you as you’re doing that, how are you contributing to the greater good in terms of this evolutionary impulse that the knowing circuit is helping to bring in for us so that this is a great time for you to just be leaning into that, to be doing some journaling around it and to be opening up possibilities for yourself. And then you can look around and see what the flow of life is bringing to you that you get to respond to.

So you don’t want to just push out in this moment because it’s responsive, right? And so you want something to come to you. You want to do it at the right time at the right people when your soccer realism to that, or you’re getting that inner creative impulse that you would have, depending on what your authority is, but you want to have this kind of felt sense of a yes to move forward with something, right. But ideally, regardless of your type, you’re going to be doing that in a responsive way because the 14 as responsive. In addition to that, we have a really cool configuration that’s going on because the two is being lit up by Uranus right now. Now Uranus, this is just layer on layer on layer of what’s going on right now. Okay.

Because Uranus is what you’re here, how you’re different, right? It’s intuitive, it’s changeable. It, it, it brings in sudden change at time. And if it’s the place where you’re here to be different and it’s lighting up a gate and the knowing circuit, right, which is and mutated, we’ve got a lot of energy that’s coming in that is helping us to break out of our old confines.

Now, the interesting thing is the two is allowing in quantum human design. I think of it as a receiving energy. And it’s also where the magnetic monopole is located inside of the G center. And the magnetic monopole is how human design describes the magnetic force of the earth. Now, the Institute for HeartMath has actually quantified this it’s tracked tracted and counted it and done all kinds of things with it and shown us how incredibly powerful is the magnetic force of the heart.

And in human design, it’s located in the two inside of the G center. And so one of the things you want to be considering is how can your relationship with allowing and receiving change? How can it mutate? How can it evolve? So that you’re better at receiving so many people I know are just not that good at receiving, you know, they sometimes there’s trauma around it, right? Because things that were given to them were given and they were traumatized by it. Sometimes they were told it’s not okay to receive. And you should always just be giving, giving, giving. I did a reading for somebody recently who that was really her training. And so she’s reprogramming herself about allowing and receiving. So it’s good for you to take a look at what your energy is around receiving and allowing and about allowing yourself to really be magnetic.

And everyone can be magnetic, whether you’re a generator or not. Okay. Because everybody has got a magnetic monopole and everybody’s got a G center, whether it’s defined or not. And right now that two is going to be defined. And so your magnetism is going to be increased. And the really cool thing about this is this, that the two and the 14 meet up to create the luckiest channel that there is in the chart, it’s sending pure life force energy right up in the, to that magnetic monopole and right into your heart, right? So your heart is supercharged. Your magnetic force is supercharged. It’s coming up through this gate that has to do with you being able to receive compensation and resources through expressing yourself and making the contribution that you came here to make. Do you see how all of this is starting to add up?

It’s a really powerful transit that we’re in, and I hope that you make the best of it. The quality of this channel, which in quantum human design is known as the channel of progress, which I think is really interesting. Its traditional name is the channel of the beat. I never really understood the beat. I do like the part about progress though, but maybe even more important is for you to understand that this is really about being able to create wealth through innovation, but you’ve got the power of the sacral, which is the most powerful engine in the chart behind it. Right? And it’s receiving up from that knowing circuit. We’ve also got the 60 down here that’s defined. And so the 60 is curating, what are the best mutations that are coming through? What are the best, you know, evolutionary impulses that are coming through? You know, it, it is sorting through and it’s filtering them and then it’s sending it up and then we’re receiving that. And then we’re going to activate it with this really powerful channel, going from the sacral into the heart center, to the G center. This is really considered a very, very lucky wealth Channer. So I encourage you to, to make the best of it during this week. Just remember, because it is responsive. You need to do it at the right time and you need to be getting that yes. Feeling whatever your particular authority is. And I want to invite you to get my ebook series, getting started with human design and the reflection journal. If you haven’t received that already, it’s totally free and it will help you to understand the human design chart. And it will lead you through where the chart comes from, where human design comes from and it’ll explain all the pieces to it. And it will also guide you through applying what you learn to your own chart and then to go deeper at what understanding what human design can do for you.

So I’m going to leave up an image for you as I go off. And I hope that you’ll go ahead and get that from me. Any blessings, much love.


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