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Human Design Transit Report Mar 28 2022Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on March 25, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for my weekly human design trends or report. And today is Monday, March 28 and I’m excited cause it’s my birthday week. And I love this time of year. It’s the time of VOST. We’re just right after the spring Equinox and we’re all the energy is expanding. The days are getting longer and it just makes me really happy.

The transit that we’re in right now started last week on the 25th. And I talked about it quite extensively in last week’s transit report. So you can go and watch that here. If you want to find out more about it. The son is currently in the gate 17 and the earth is currently in the gate. 18. Both of these are in the logic circuits have got a lotta logical circuitry right now, and there’s kind of an edge to it, you know? So because the 17 is known as opinions on the 18 is known as correction. So in their lower expression, they can be kind of obnoxious, but in their higher expression, they can really be welcoming in new insights that are coming in through the logic circuit with great anticipation, which is the new name of the, of the gate 17 in quantum human design. And the 18 is a re realignment, right? We’re realigning the, the patterns that we’re in. So there is a higher expression of those energies too, if you want to find out more, go ahead and watch that video from last week. And then this week on the 30th on Wednesday, the sun is going to move into to the gate 21 and the earth is going to move into the gate 48.

Now I know this really well because these are my gates. It was born this week. And so the, my son is in the 21 and my earth is in the 48. So I have worked with these energies a lot and I have grappled with them. Actually the F the 48 has always been my friend. So the 48 is in traditional human design is known as depth or the well, and in quantum D human design is known as wisdom. It’s in the logic or the pattern circuit. And it is on the spleen center. This is just an awesome energy. I mean, I ha it has done so well for me in my life, because it is about your love of learning. It really is an energy that wants to know everything about something it’s kind of similar to a first-line profile in the way that it really loves to learn like the depth of the, well, you want to go deep and things that you are interested in when you have this defined in your chart. And so it’s a great, like for me as a scholar, it was a huge ally for me. Its downside is, is that it can be the fear of not knowing enough. So if you get kind of hooked into the disempowered aspect of it, you can feel like, oh, you know, I need to keep learning. I need to keep learning. I need to keep learning. I never quite know enough. I can’t go out and kind of do the things I want to do in life or do you know, in my work or in my business, because I don’t know enough. So you have to watch out for that.

And the shadow aspect of it is when you use your knowledge to try to control or manipulate other people, because the shadow aspect is always about asserting some kind of power over energy, right? And the disempowered is about feeling like you’re, you’re subordinate to other people’s power, but the awakened expression is wisdom. And the wisdom is what arises, not simply from learning things, but from our life experience where we take what we learn and we apply it to our life. And then we have life experience because wisdom is something that accumulates over time. Even though sometimes we have wise children, right? There’s a different kind of wisdom that comes with age and with maturity and mostly with digesting what it is that comes our way. And so this is a really great energy to be tapping into.

If you are working on any creative projects, if you’re writing a book, if you’re researching anything, it can really help you to be able to dive in and get the kind of depth of that you want when you’re, you’re becoming an expert in something. Right? And so I encourage you to be tapping into that, dive deeper into some kinds of research that you hadn’t anticipated before.

It may lead you to finding some books or some videos or some movies or documentaries that you have thought about. And, but that you haven’t taken the time to actually absorb, or it may also lead you to wanting to journal and to digest your experience so that you can turn something that is just knowledge or just information into true wisdom. That’s really the invitation of the 48.

Whereas the 21 is on the will center and it is pointing at the throat and it’s part of the Moneyline. And in traditional human design, it’s called control. That was what I was first introduced to it as this control. This is my son, my conscious son, right. Which is like my main gate. And I was like, control. And then here, we’re calling it the treasurer, because this is known as the energy that can really take account of resources it’s in the tribal circuit. And if you think of it in a kind of a tribal situation, it’s supporting the sovereign gate, the sovereign as the Royal gate, or in tradition in quantum human design, we would call it natural leadership, which is what the 45 is.

And so it’s supporting that. So this is the energy in a more traditional sense of knowing, you know, what all the money is, what all the resources are, you know, after every, all the tides have come in, we make sure that, you know, the family who have eight kids, you know, have enough bags of grain to get them through the winter and they get a cow to, because they’ve got so many kids where somebody else who just has one kid has fewer bags of grain, and maybe they’re going to get a goat instead of a cow, right. That kind of thing, where you’re taking in the resources of the tribe and then you’re distributed them so that everybody has what they need and may not be that everybody gets exactly the same thing because it doesn’t, everybody doesn’t have the same needs. So that’s why it’s kind of known as the treasurer. Now, obviously with a treasurer in a negative sense could be just accumulating resources and hoarding it for themselves and for, you know, the Royals. So we don’t want to be doing that, but in quantum human design, it has been renamed as a self-management or self, self control, but self-management, and the way that Karen Curry Parker, who’s my mentor and the creator of quantum human design explained it, which I really resonate with this so much more because I, I have to say, I really rejected that idea of being that treasurer or being that controlling person. This is also kind of like CEO energy, the person who can run a company.

Now I actually have the capacity to do that. I have run academic departments before I’ve helped run bigger companies before, not like corporate companies, but bigger like online education companies, but it’s not my jam. Like it does not excite me. I don’t really like doing that, even though I am a good project manager, I don’t really like doing it.

It’s not really my thing. So when I first saw that, I was like, ah, what do I do with this? So, but self-management, and the way Karen described it was about being able to manage your own personal resources, including your own energy. And what I realize is is that that is something that I personally have been engaged probably my whole life, because I have a lot of intense energy and I’ve really had to learn how to manage that energy. I’ve learned have to learn how to harness it and direct it where I will and not have it be burning me up right. Or burning up other people that are around me, not having me just flame with too much intensity, but actually to be able to manage that energy so that it is an ally for me and not a liability for me, which it has been at times it’s been a liability because I burned myself out. I burned other people out. I kind of, you know, been, been harsh to other people simply because of the intensity of my energy. So learning how to manage that has been hugely beneficial for me. And what I realized now is, is that with doing all of the Kundalini yoga practices, that I do that, which have helped me to really learn how to manage and harness my energy and didn’t know what to do with it. I’m also now teaching that to others. I recently just did a video on with a whole breath of fire series. You can go and check it out here. This was a gift for my community, for the spring Equinox.

So you can go and find it here and teaching others how to manage their own energy. So yes, when we talk about managing resources, of course, we’re talking about money, but we’re not just talking about money. We’re talking about energy and we’re talking about attention. We’re talking about focus. We’re talking about our physical vitality. There are so many different aspects of our resources we’re talking about are our connections with other people that the opportunities that we can provide, all of those are things that I really relate to with that gate 21, far more than that kind of controlling energy. And the truth is, is yes, I did have more of that controlling energy when I was younger, for sure, because I didn’t really know how to manage my own energy with grace, honestly. And I was too conditioned into a bit of a power over a paradigm.

And so it was like about being able to control things that were around me so that I could feel more safe, which is one of the ways that I think that we are trained to do that. And I certainly took that in and then modeled it outward into the world. But as I have grown and evolved and come to understand my own energy better, and also to understand that, how to build my power within and then how to share power with other people, I, that the power over is unnecessary. It’s like it’s outdated as part of the old paradigm. It’s not something that we really even can, can afford to have in our world anymore. And so for me, the, the 21 gives us the opportunity to learn how to manage our inner resources, how to build that power within how to definitely make sure that we get our accounting done and our taxes done because it’s this time of year for that as well. Right. But also to be looking at what are the resources that we have in terms of the people that we know and how do we provide opportunities for other people, how do we connect people up with each other?

All of that is part of the energy that the 21 can have. And yes, it is a connection to natural leadership. It’s not just a support for it. It’s actually a partner with natural leadership because natural leadership has got to understand resources and understand the equitable distribution of resources. And so this is something that helps us to move out of just our own self-management, but also knowing how to manage resources in the world with other people, as you move into this transit on Wednesday this week, I encourage you to really ground yourself in the wisdom of your life experience, to be owning the, the wisdom that you have, whatever your age is, you have the capacity to already digest the information and the knowledge that you have in conjunction with your life experience to create incredible wisdom for yourself.

And part of that wisdom can be about managing resources, right? It can be about how do you manage your own energy. You always want to start with yourself first, right? How do you manage your own energy? How do you manage your attention? How do you manage your focus? How do you manage your time, all of these different resources that you have, and you want to become wise about those things. So having that gate of wisdom really activated and foundational in the chart this week, you’re going to be able to use that, to become wiser about how you’re building, how you’re gathering and how you’re expanding your personal resources. And as you do that, when you manage your resources really well, you really do become a beacon of light to other people because we don’t live in a culture that teaches us how to well manage our resources.

I mean, look at the amount of debt that most people are in, right? And look at how people are exhausted. Look at how we focus our attention in things that are just distractions, right? And so when you can grab a hold of your own personal resources, and you can make a conscious decision about how you are gathering and building, and then how you’re going to use them, you become a great model for other people as well. And so start with yourself first, build your own wisdom, build your own capacity, to understand even what your resources are, but then to, to care for them, care for them, cultivate them, make sure that you’re purposely using them the way that you want. And you’re not just kind of, you know, pissing them away, right? You’re not just dissipating your resources, which is what we do with our time and attention a lot and with our energies. So you have the opportunity here to shift any habits that you have that have not been suiting you during this time and to really put in place some that you can then carry with you. Even after this transit is done.

Many blessings, much love bye for now.


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