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Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on March 19, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel, and today is March 21st and Happy Spring Equinox. Yesterday was the spring equinox. It’s often on the 21st, but this year it was on the 20th. And we’re gonna be in this Equinox window for a little bit of time, a few days. Anyway, I want to invite you to take part in a Breath of fire series that I did that I posted yesterday, and you can go and find it right here if you haven’t seen it already. This is a really potent series of mudras that go with breath of fire. It’s about 40 minutes long, so it’s a little bit more advanced than some of the other breath of fire practices that I provided to you, but it’s, it is doable and so I wanna encourage you to go and check it out and give it a try because here at this fulcrum point moving into spring, it’s really great for us to just be moving energy, to be cleansing out any stagnation that we have, heaviness, old thought forms, old emotions, old identities that we were carrying around with us through the winter. Really, you know, it’s kind of like spring cleaning for your ORIC field, right? And it’s also great for if you’re a sacral being.

So if you’re a generator or a manifesting generator, this will help you really cleanse your sacral energy and also build up that fire. And if you’re a non sacral being, it’ll help you build the O or the fire of the sacral even though you don’t have it defined in your chart. So what that means is, is it will not be sustainable for you, like you won’t have long-term sustainable energy, but it will give you a boost to the energy of the sacral and that’s your life force energy. Everybody’s got life force whether you have a defined sacral or not, everybody’s got life force. So it’s gonna give you a real boost to your life force energy. It’s also excellent for your deconditioning and your deprogramming. Breath of fire is a very, very cleansing practice and I did it for 130 days. Once I did a 31 minutes of breath of fire for 130 days and it was miraculous. I was a different person by the end of that. And I can say that there were days where when I was doing it, I would actually have tears, no content, like I didn’t have a story about it,

I didn’t have a memory about it, it wasn’t connected to anything in particular, but it was just helping to clear out old emotional energy that I had that I didn’t need anymore that was in my way. So that’s just an example of what using Breath of Fire can do. And in this particular practice, we’re building the heart or opening the throat, we’re opening up our connection to source and then we’re bringing it back and, and really stabilizing it here at the heart. So it’s a very potent practice and I invite you to do it. And if you can’t do all of it, it’s okay. Just visualize it, stay in it, and do the very best that you can and you might be amazed at the results to celebrate that. This is the time of O Star I’m gonna be offering Activate your Feminine Sovereignty Intensive.

It starts on April 4th. So I want you to just go ahead and put that in your calendar. It’s gonna go for a week, so starting on April 4th. I don’t have the registration page up for it yet, but I wanted to let you know so that you could go ahead and put it in your calendar. We’re gonna be diving into feminine sovereignty, why we need this so much in our life right now. What it’s gonna give you as you develop this and what is in your way of really becoming fully sovereign in command of your life and what you can be doing right away in order to be developing this for yourself. I’m excited to be bringing this body of work out more and more into the world and you’re gonna be among the first people who are gonna be receiving me talking about this in this particular way.

So I hope that you will join us starting on April 4th. This is my gift to you because it is my birthday time and I always like to do special gifts. During my birthday, We moved into the transit that we’re in right now, last Saturday on March 19th. And in last week’s transit report I talked quite a bit about that. So if you haven’t seen it already, you can go and find out about the current transit that we’re in. The sun is in the gate 25 and the Earth is in the gate 46. These are both on the G center, which is the center for Love and Lovability for identity and direction. And the Gate 25 is the gate of Spirit. It’s the love of spirit. And the 46 is embodiment or the love of the body.

These are two of my favorite gates. And so it’s a really wonderful time, you know, as we’re going into this springtime energy to be really opening our hearts and cultivating our connection and our love with spirit and also our love of the body and our embodiment, which is another reason that that practice that I created is so perfect for you for this time.

These are also connected to the pillars of feminine sovereignty. Pillar number five of feminine sovereignty is vitality, embodiment and our connection to the natural world. And so when we connect with what’s happening with the equinoxes and the solstice, then that is building our, our mastery in pillar num or three. And it’s also with our love of the body, okay? Is very connected to pillar number three.

And these practices help us also with our physical vitality. The practice is also connected to pillar number four, which is energetic mastery. And so when we’re working with the breath in this way, we are really building our prana, building our life force energy, and we are taking command of our own energy field and we’re building that energy. We’re cleansing it, we’re building it, we’re, we’re basically taking care of it, you know, we’re cultivating it the same way that we do with our physical body, but now we’re doing it with our energy body and that will help us connect with our love of the spirit as well, and also with the love of the body. So again, I encourage you to do that practice the spring equinox is a great time also to be setting and resetting your intentions for what you want to create this year.

You may have had some things that you know didn’t go so well from the beginning of the year because wintertime is still pretty heavy. There are certain traditions in which you really do that kind of projection for the year more in the springtime than you do in the winter. So if you feel like you wanna reset some intentions or you wanna revise some intentions, this is the time of year, this springtime coming up that is the most expansive time of the year, even though the days started getting longer right after the winter solstice. We really feel it at this time of year and it’s like we get projected out into springtime with much, much longer days. And it’s not just a matter of having more sunlight and and having warmer days. It’s also that our whole energy is like the sap rises in us as this is occurring.

And you have so much to take advantage of right now, and all the planets are going direct right now. They’re all in direct motion and we don’t have a retrograde until the end of April. So this next month is a really good time for you to be moving forward with what you want to in your life. The flow of life is really going to be with you.

And the more that you tap into that, the less of your own energy you have to use in order to create what you want in your life. Of course, you always wanna be tapping into your inner authority to find out if it’s the right time to move into something and you wanna enter things correctly according to your strategy. So all of that is still true and we have this incredible energy moving forward right now.

So I wanna encourage you to take your best advantage of it. Then this coming Friday, March 25th, the sun and the earth are going to move again. The sun will move into the gate 17 and the earth will move into the gate 18. So this is a big shift cuz we’re moving out of the sensing circuit and the centering circuit. One was right-brained energy and one was more individual energy.

And we’re both of these are in the logic circuit or the pattern circuit. And what that means is both of these energies have some, a potential edge to them, okay? We need to be aware of the edge that they can have. So the gate 17 in traditional human design is known as the gate of opinions. And in quantum human design is known as the gate of anticipation.

Now the 17 is up here on the ANA center. And so the ANA center is the center for analysis and data storage. It’s, I think of it as the thinking mind is what the ANA is. And so that 17 is receiving energy that’s coming in, you know, from the logic circuit from the 63 4 and crossing over in the ana, and then it’s gonna come down through the right side of the body in traditional human design that was kind of negative, right? It’s coming in through the gate of doubt, right to the gate of opinions. And so we wanna watch out for expressing our opinions as if they were truth, right? I mean, we all have points of view, we’re all entitled to have an opinion, but nobody’s opinion is truth, right? Not with a capital T. We all have a point of view and points of view are necessarily limited just by their very nature.

And so this idea of anticipation really kind of flips that around to say, yes, we’re receiving information renaming that the beginning of the logic circuit is curiosity from doubt. We’re being curious about it and we’re wondering about it. And we’re thinking, wow, what, what could possibly becoming true now? Right? What, what are, what are the potentials that are coming in?

And so there’s a kind of positive anticipation. So it’s not about so much, you know, I know this and I’m gonna stick by it and I’m gonna express my opinion and you know, screw you if you don’t agree with me. No, it’s not about that. It’s about being curious and receiving this information and having anticipation about the possibilities and the potentials that are coming through just as it is with all of the circuits that are, that start in the head and come down. All of them are this way. They’re all bringing in different kinds of information, insights, epiphanies and so on. And with the logic circuit, it’s a little bit more logical, but still it is full of potential. The Ana by nature is a little more analytical and a little bit more, as I said, a little bit more data oriented. And so the energy of that 17 does have that left brain quality to it. But you know, left brain quality, we absolutely need to have our left brain. I’ve just been reading Whole Brain Living by Jill bte Taylor, you’ve heard me talk about this cuz this book is kind of blowing my mind. And she is the neuroanatomist who had a stroke and basically lost her, lost her left brain and had to completely rebuild her left brain over a period of eight years. And when she describes what she couldn’t do, when she lost her left brain, like she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t communicate, she couldn’t even, you know, control her body. So we need our left brain and it helps us know who we are as an individual, right? Because when you don’t have a left brain, you really are just merged with the all that is. And even though though in our spiritual practice, we love this idea of being able to connect with the cosmos and feel that we’re a part of the web of life, we don’t wanna disintegrate our whole sense of being into that because then we become non-functional, right? And you may have met people who were like that, who really couldn’t function on the earth plane because they were a little too much in the cosmos. So we knew our left brain. So let’s honor the energy of the 17 and the energy of the 18. So the earth is going to move into the gate 18. Now the gate 18 often gets a bad rap cuz it is known as the gate of correction in in traditional human design or realignment in quantum human design.

And it can definitely have an edge. I have a super good friend who has the gay 18, and sometimes her communication really has this edge where it’s kind of like, you know, like correcting. She also went to Catholic schools, so that might have had something to do with it also. And correcting is not a bad thing by nature, right?

I mean, if you were to pick up a book that was full of typos, you would’ve wished that someone would have corrected it, right? It’s very annoying when you see things like that. So you do want to have this energy of correction, but you might prefer to embrace it as realignment, bringing things back into a realignment, bringing things back into order.

I like to kind of think of it as in order, and it is in the logic circuit, which is also in quantum human design known as the pattern circuit. So it’s about bringing things back into patterns that are effective for us and helpful for us. Of course, I talk a lot about breaking patterns and pattern interrupt, and of course we wanna be able to do that too, when we have patterns that are not helping us, particularly if we have programmed ways of being, program, ways of thinking about who we are, what the possibilities for our lives are, what relationship could be like, what other people could be like, all of that, right? When we have this really programmed way of doing that and we’re living inside of that kind of a pattern, then I’m all for pattern interrupt. And we also need patterns. Patterns are helpful for us, programs are helpful for us, right? Like I said, you know, we need to be remember how to talk. That is a program that we learned that which is now embedded in us. We don’t have to wanna have to learn how to retalk every single day, right? And so being able to realign our speech, for example, being able to bring our speech and alignment with our heart, right? If we have had a habit of being judgemental or of being harsh at all, or of not speaking up when we wanna speak up, then we wanna be able to correct those patterns and be able to soften our communication if need be or be able to speak up more for ourself if need be, whatever that might be. Or we want to have a patterned response response when we are thinking about going and exercising. And part of us is like, ah, I don’t really wanna do that, but we have patterned in that we feel better when we exercise. And so we go and do that, right? We call that a habit. We call that a positive habit, but it’s also a kind of pattern. And so when we fall off and we realize we haven’t exercised for a week, we wanna correct that pattern, right? We wanna bring it back into alignment and we wanna start doing our exercise again because we know in our heart of hearts, we actually do feel a whole lot better. So we’re gonna go ahead and do it.

And so you can use the energy of the K 18 in that kind of way. Also, it’s not necessarily about criticizing oneself or criticizing other people or criticizing, you know, the government or whatever it can be about how do we embrace and embody and express patterns that actually work for us and bring things back into alignment so that they do work for us.

So we can ground ourselves in that starting on Friday, carrying through into the next week. And as we do that, that then enables us to be able to tune into right timing for expressing our opinions, right? Or our points of view or the potentials and the possibilities that are coming to us because we do wanna be able to express those, but we wanna do it when it’s at the right time and when people are ready to hear them and when it’s the right people and the right situation.

Because there’s nothing more annoying than being, you know, at a dinner party where somebody gets on their soapbox and they’re just expressing these opinions and nobody really wants to hear it. Right? Don’t be that person, right? Don’t be that person. I don’t wanna be that person. I have on occasion been that person. I actually have this defined in my chart.

So I’ve had to learn how to work with the Kate 17, but you know, and express yourself and get on your soapbox when it’s the right time, because then you’re gonna be contributing a lot of value to other people and to the world, but it has to be the right time, the right situation, and with the right people. So the sun is gonna be making that possible as we move through this next transit.

You just wanna make sure that as you do this, that you’re grounded really in that higher expression, the more awakened expression of that 18, so that it does not come out with an edge. It does not come out as critical. Cause can you imagine, right? Opinions that are really critical, Ew. Like we don’t wanna do that, but that’s the potential in the shadow in the disempowered state coming up this week.

So you really wanna be watching for those pitfalls and making sure that your communication is coming from the highest state of wanting to contribute to others wanting to be of service. And you’re attuning to, is this going to bring something back into alignment? Is it gonna create more order in a positive sense? Is it going to be utilizing the more positive and uplifting and full of potential and possibility aspect of that logic pattern circuit, right? And so that’s what you wanna be asking yourself as we move forward during this time, if you haven’t already, I really encourage you to get my Transform Your Life with Human Design e Audio ebook series. I’m gonna link to it at the end of this video. And this series is for you if you’re attracted to human design, you don’t have to know a lot about it.

It actually leads you through all of the core components of human design and gives you training in that. But more than that, it also guides you step by step to understand how you can use human in design in order to actually transform your life. So if you’ve been having relationship issues, if you haven’t understood what your purpose is, if you aren’t certain really kind of who you are in the world, if you wanna be able to unleash yourself from the confines of different conditioning and patterns like we were just talking about that have held you back in your life, that I really encourage you to go check this out, I’ll provide the link down in the description and end the video. All right, many blessings, much love of Bye for.


Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s a Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized she’s not built to work for anyone else. Since then, Dr. Ostara has become a Certified Human Design Specialist (Level 4), a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, a highly sought after teacher-mentor, who teaches high-achieving women how to develop their personal sovereignty, to activate their super powers, and to unleash themselves from society’s prescription of success.

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