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TRANSCRIPT for Human Design Transit Report Jul 25 2022


Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on July 25, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for this week’s human design transit report. Today is Monday, July 25th, and the sun is moving into the gate 31 and the Earth has moved into the Gate 41. Then our next transit’s gonna start on Sunday, the 31st. I’m gonna mention what those gates are later on in the video today in case you wanna look ahead and get ready for it.

Okay, let’s go ahead and get started. So before we dive into the sun and the earth gates for this transit, I wanna make a note of a couple of things. One is, is that this is the last transit period. So this upcoming week is the last time that the nodes are gonna be in the 43 23, which is the channel that goes right from the Ajna into the throat.

It’s in the knowing circuit. And it is really an a significant channel for bringing in these breakthrough ideas, leading edge out of the box mutative ideas that are gonna come in, or insights that are gonna come in through that channel because it’s part of the knowing circuit. So my invitation to you is to consider during this week what might be coming in that are new thoughts,

things that you may start thinking differently. You may have a new perspective, you may even see reality working differently. So I invite you to just really receive that, maybe write it down, maybe talk to some friends about it because it could be something that is really vital for, for you, for your life. I also wanna note that Pluto is in the gate 60, and I did on an entire video on Pluto retrograde. Currently Pluto is retrograde in the 60, and it’s part of a six year cycle of Pluto going in and out of the gate 60 in the gate, 61. So if you haven’t had a chance to watch that video right now, I really encourage you to go get it because it has some really interesting information that I discovered and I was always doing research for it that I really wanted to share with you.

And also that video is the beginning of a series about our current retrograde season, which is really just getting underway and will be with us through the fall. So I encourage you to go and check out that video. Let’s start with the earth in the gate 41. So the Gate 41 in traditional human design is known as fantasy. And in quantum human design is known as imagination.

It is on the root center, it’s part of the sensing circuit. And so it is collective circuitry. And actually both of our gates, this during this transit are collective circuitry. And so this is in the sensing circuit. And the sensing circuit is creative, it’s right-brained, and that so imagination or fantasy fit right in with that right brain theme. It’s also embodied, it’s experiential. It’s not at all logical, reasonable, rational or any of those things. And so this energy of the 41 really is about our ability to imagine, to create with our imagination, which for me is part of our interface with the all that is, if you will, or with the creative intelligence of the universe. And I think that we’ve been pretty impoverished in our imaginations in a lot of ways.

We’ve sort of, you know, outsource imagination to, you know, to the media, to movies, to social media, to television and all that sort of thing. We, they, they tend to do our imagining. For us it’s very different being in a visual based world, video, movies and so on, because so much is done for us in terms of imagining when we’re seeing those visuals.

It’s very different, for example, than when you’re reading a book and then you’re imagining what it looks like, right? And what it feels like. And yet, imagination is one of our intelligences, right? It’s part of our, our creativity. And unfortunately, sometimes imagination has got a little bit of a bad rap, you know, in today’s world, it’s like, oh, you’re just imagining that. And I talk to people every week about their intuition and their imagination. And so often people will say, well, I just don’t trust my intuition. I don’t know if I’m just imagining it or if I’m just making it up. And what I wanna say is, is there’s nothing wrong with just making something up.

And there’s nothing wrong with imagining things. In fact, it’s through imagination that we start to bring the new into our world. It’s through our ability to imagine something that hasn’t been created yet, that hasn’t come to pass yet, that we bring energy to that thought or that picture, that feeling and help to bring it into the world. Now the thing is, is we need to have good command over that because if we don’t, we start to imagine all kinds of negative things. You know, we give ener the energy of fear into our imagination. And unfortunately, there’s an awful lot of movies and television that are made that are like that. They’re gonna, they’re designed to stimulate your fear and to keep you engaged, to, to stimulate your adrenal glands and so on so that you’re running with adrenaline, right? All of that. So you wanna be able to have command of your imagination so that you can be creating what you wanna be creating and not something that’s just recycled out of something that you saw, you know, online, right, as something that’s digital or even something maybe that’s happened in your life that was scary or negative and replaying that.

Because when you have command of your imagination, you can project into the future. What do you wanna see happening in your own life or in your community or in the world? And so it’s a very powerful faculty that we have. I mean, the root center is a, it’s a motor, okay? And it, it, it does have an on and off pulse.

So it may not be that your ability to imagine is always there. Like sometimes it might be really full on and sometimes it might be a little hard to get a grasp of. But nonetheless, there’s power here in this imagining. And just remember that where your attention goes is where energy flows and where energy flows is what you use your thought forms for, to crystallize out of the wave forms in the quantum field or the unified field into particles, which is how we bring, we manifest. We bring things into physical reality in that way with our attention. So having command over your imagination and cultivating your imagination, knowing the difference between when you’re in a fantasy that isn’t supporting you, I think fantasy can be kind of like the disempowered where you’re imagining something that doesn’t have any basis for actually coming into being right?

Where it’s kind of like the wishful thinking, oh, it’s wishful thinking. And so we have to be smart about this and learn how to differentiate or how to discern between imagining that can really be supportive for us and fantasy that is kind of distracting us from what it is that’s happening in our lives and is, is kind of colonizing our minds and our imagination.

You know, like when you meet somebody and you get excited about meeting them and then you go home and you have this whole fantasy about this relationship you’re gonna have with this person and the life you’re gonna have and all of that, right? That can be a bit much, and it’s not necessarily helpful for you. So you wanna have command over what it is that you are imagining.

And I, I really don’t like to say that you want it to be realistic because a lot of times what people think is realistic is something that has to be logical, reasonable, rational. You have to be able to analyze it, you have to be able to quantify it, you have to be able to replicate it and prove it and all that kind of stuff.

And I do believe in multidimensional reality. I know that I live in a mul multidimensional reality and that there are things beyond what we can understand with logic that are actually really potent and, and very, very real. And so there it, it’s a little tricky, right? Because you wanna be able to open up the possibility that things that we haven’t thought about logically or that we don’t really understand with that left part of our brain can come into form and that we can use this intelligence that we have to be leaning into the future to be creating the one where that’s more equitable.

It’s more just where, you know, we long longer have half of the world’s population in poverty where we no longer have mass starvation and we’ve been able to get a handle on climate change, for example. So this is the kind of use for imagining that I would encourage you to have because the more and more of us that use our imagination in this way, the more likely that it is that we’re gonna bring that future into reality. In fact, right now in the middle of a class called Through Topia, which is a class about how do we create narratives and stories, how do we use our imagination to create a story, a storyline, a narrative from where we are right now in 2022 to where we need to be in 20, 30, 20 40, 20, 50, right? What is it that could possibly happen that would help us to come together as a species to be able to address climate change, to be able to look at the massive inequities both here in the United States and also globally? How can we address these really big questions that we have in our world today? And it’s it, I actually did an interview with Amanda Scott who’s the person who is organizing this and bringing together the speakers.

And if you haven’t seen that interview yet, you might wanna go and watch it right here. It’s an incredible class. It’s really opening my eyes to so many different things that people are doing around the world to be creating the new, which I believe is one of the important things that we need to be doing, is putting our imaginations into what is possible.

I will be talking more about this and this perspective definitely informs feminine sovereignty and my book on feminine sovereignty that, that I am working on right now. And so I would just invite you to really, you know, take a little bit of time to think about what do you want the future to look like? What do you want? You know, your life, the life of your children or your grandchildren or the kids that you know of and their future, future generations. What do you want their world to look like? Not what are you afraid that their world would look like, but what do you want it to look like? And so it’s in the root center and the earth is lighting up. So we need to ground ourselves into our imaginative capacity to bring about this new world that we so are desiring to have.

Now the sun is lighting up the gate 31, hmm, the gate 31, I call it the New World leader, which is one of the feminine sovereign archetypes that I work with. And if you are not familiar with the feminine sovereign archetypes, you can go to sovereign and take the quiz and find out which of those six archetypes you relate to most.

And I want you to know that sometimes people take it multiple times and they get different answers because you can relate to more than one of these archetypes. I know I certainly do. I have some relationship with all of them. And I would say I have a pretty deep relationship with at least four out of the six. So it’s not like, you know, it’s gonna slot you and this is who you are. It’s not that kind of a quiz. So if you do wanna take it more than once, certainly do. Now the new world leader is, is sitting in this Gate 31, which in traditional human design is known as democracy. And in quantum human design is known as the leader. And so this is in the logic circuit, it is collective circuitry. So it is about the big things in life. And, and so, and it is about, you know, nation states global issues and things like democracy that have to do with government, for example, or how, how groups do their governance, right? Cuz democracy is a governance model and the 31 is on the throat.

And so it’s the, the end of the expression of the logic circuit or the pattern circuit. So part of what this leader, this new world leader, this new democratic, new world leader is really adept at, is the ability to see patterns, to identify the patterns and the, the patterns that are not working for us. And, and then how to put the patterns back into order or how to morph them and transform them into a new pattern that is going to be more beneficial.

So if you think about this, the putting together that ability to see patterns and to reformulate them, either to bring them back into alignment or to create new ones, is really resting on that imaginative capacity that the earth is lighting up. And these are working very, very much in tandem during this week. And so again, I would suggest for you to think about what is your relationship to leadership?

What’s your relationship to democratic leadership? And I wanna emphasize that this is not just about politics, okay? This isn’t just about the government because our ability to be democratic leaders is something that all of us can express and work with throughout our days, whatever our lifestyle is, whatever our particular situation is. Because what is the essence of democracy? But that everyone has a voice, right? Everyone has a voice, everyone’s needs are important. Everyone needs to be taken into account. It doesn’t mean that every person’s desires all the time are going to be met, but it does mean that we’re really looking at the needs of the individuals and the need of the collective. And this is something that we’ve lost sight of in our world today, where we have seen an accumulation of wealth going up to that 1%. Actually it’s probably like 1%, 1%. It’s actually a tiny group of people who have a huge amount of wealth in our world. And the rest of us are like trying to figure out how to make good in our lives given that situation. And so giving your imagination to how could this be different?

How could our lives be organized so that the needs of the many are taken into account? Again, it’s not about being hmm, dictatorial with the needs of the many because sometimes, and we’ve seen this in our world, that can be the case because we also want to honor individual sovereignty and one’s be own ability to make one’s own decisions, to have, you know, command over one’s physical form for example, right? We’ve seen a lot of stuff going on with trying to control people’s bodies in a variety of different ways. So we still wanna have individual sovereignty to be able to have command over our physical form for example. But we also want that to be in relationship with understanding that we live in a world with billions of people and that we have vast inequity that’s happening in among that collective, right? And we even have it in our own communities, right? And so how can we start to imagine it being different? So you can just think about this in your own life. You can start using your imagination to make a narrative about how you could be paying attention to more people’s needs or how you could be expressing your needs if you’re used to not expressing your needs.

How you could be become more familiar with the challenges that other people have that maybe you don’t already have in your community you don’t have regular contact with. We live in a very segregated world. And so how can you become more familiar with that and, and what’s happening for other people? There’s so much that every one of us can do in relation to this particular topic.

So I hope that you will take these energies this week and really use them to be able to go forward with your, your imagining of the future that you want to, to live in, that you want your children, your grandchildren, or if you don’t have kids, the kids that you know of, or even just imagining the future generations and also the future of our beautiful precious earth.

Okay? So that’s what I have to say for this week. Also, remember you’ve got that 43 23 still lit up by the nodes right now, which is bringing in breakthrough ideas through that knowing circuit. So that can also help you with this imagining this new world. And then on Sunday, July 31st, the sun is gonna move into the gate 33, which is the gate of privacy in traditional human design and the gate of retelling in quantum human design.

And I wanna note that this is one of the storytelling gates. Okay? It’s an energy, it’s on the throat and it is actually the end of the sensing circuit. So it’s kind of interesting. This week we have the end of the logic circuit and next week we’re gonna have the end of the sensing circuit. And so it’s about expressing the, our understanding.

How can we retell, how can we look back at what has happened for our collective and how can we retell both our own personal stories but also the collective stories? Cuz this is collective energy in ways that is more empowering for us. That is more, again, is more about the foundation for creating this new world that we are so wanting to bring into form.

Then the earth is ga coming into gate 19, which in traditional human design is the gate of wanting. And in quantum human design is the gate of attunement. So this is on the route also just like the, the earth gate that we have this week. And it’s part of the commerce circuit, which is the sub circuit of tribal circuitry. So this is half of the channel of partnership, which is not the same as the channel of the bargain, which is the 37 40. It’s on the other side of the emotional solar plexus, but it is, it is on the root. Okay? So, and it’s interesting cuz the earth we’re grounding ourselves into this energy. So this gate is about intimacy cuz it’s half of that channel of partnership and it’s the part, it’s, it’s very sensitive. This is known as the most sensitive gate in the chart and that it’s associated with people who are highly sensitive people. But with this emphasis on partnership, it really has a lot to do with intimacy and, and what makes intimacy safe, how do we create intimacy? What hurts intimacy and so on. So you might wanna just think about when we, the transit, you know, as you’re coming into the transit on Sunday, or if you think about it on next Sunday when it comes in, is really grounding yourself in this kind of sensitive attunement, right? That helps to, for intimacy really to work and for partnership to work. And then how does that ground our new narratives about what’s possible as we tell new stories about the collective?

Okay, that’s my transfer report for this week. Many blessings, much love.


Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s a Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized she’s not built to work for anyone else. Since then, Dr. Ostara has become a Certified Human Design Specialist (Level 4), a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, a highly sought after teacher-mentor, who teaches high-achieving women how to develop their personal sovereignty, to activate their super powers, and to unleash themselves from society’s prescription of success.

She’s the creator of the Soul Signature Self Awareness Project, the Wheel of Power of the Visionary Entrepreneur, and over 20 educational programs focused building soul-inspired businesses that positively impact the world and taking command of your life through personal sovereignty. She’s hosted 5 multi-speaker online conferences, and spoken on over 15 such conferences reaching audiences of over 200,000 participants.

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