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TRANSCRIPT for Human Design Transit Report Jan 24 2022

Human Design Transit Report Jan 24 2022Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on January 22, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for my weekly human design trends report. Today is January 24th and we’re in the same earth and sun transit as we were on Saturday, which was the beginning of the human design new year. We’ll continue in this same transit through Thursday, and then the changes on Friday. So in this video, I’m going to talk a little bit about what else is happening in this transit, but if you want more about the gates, you should go and watch this other video that I created, that I released on Saturday. That’s about the human design new year and the sun and the earth placement that I’m also going to talk about the transit that starting on Friday, so you can be ready for what’s coming up. Next one thing I want to note, which happened actually a little while ago, I think about a couple of weeks ago, is that the north and the south node moved out of the gate, 34 20. Now they had been in the 34, 24, you know, months. And that is known as the channel of charisma or the channel of the manifesting generator. It’s the only channel that goes directly from the sacral, which is the most powerful engine in the chart directly to the throat. So it’s a super powerful, super fast dynamic energy. And we were all experiencing that for a period of months and it’s gone now. So if you’re feeling maybe a little extra tired, or if you’re wondering where some of that get up and go went, that you have been feeling for a few months, and now it’s like, Hmm, not so much. It may be because that is no longer being lit up. And so you might need a little bit of time to actually rest, particularly if you’re a projector or a reflector, even if you’re a manifestor, but especially if you’re a projector or reflector or potentially, if you’re a pure generator like me,

I’m not really noticing the change so much myself, but I imagine that there are people that are, so I just wanted to highlight that for you in case you’re, you’re feeling that way. It’s not just winter time for those of us here in the Northern hemisphere. But when we look at the chart for this transmit that we’re in right now, I talked about the, as I said, the sun and the earth gates on the last video, but I want to just name that this is a reflector chart. If you take a look at this, you’ll see that none of the channels and none of the centers are colored in or defined. Of course there are gates because there’s always going to be gates that are defined, but there’s no center as in, there’s no channels. Now, a caveat to that is, is that this is only half of the data that goes into creating a full human design chart that we create for a person or an event. The reason for that is, is that when we’re just doing a transit, we’re only taking the planetary positions that are happening right now. And so we’re not taking all of the ones from 88 days prior, which is what we have in both charts. So there’s a lot less data here. And so there’s less opportunity for there to be a complete channel and defined centers. Nonetheless, we’ve had defined centers and defined channels all the way through the fall. And I haven’t actually seen all that many reflector charts. I would say that when we have a reflector chart like this, it’s an opportunity for you to get more clearly in touch with your own energy, because you’re not going to be so influenced by channels and centers that are being defined by what’s going on with the planets right now. So you’re going to have more access to your own energy, and you’re not going to be so deeply influenced. Now, of course, as I said, many of the gates are lit up. And so you’re still going to be influenced by that. And the report that I did for Saturday about the 41 and the 31, that all still goes, but even so there’s a less of an influence because we don’t have centers and channels that are defined right now. So you might want to just have a little reflection for yourself, anytime there’s a reflector chart. And also just a certainly through this week about what is your own energy and how does it feel to you? And when you’re able to drain out more of the influence that you might’ve been feeling, especially from that 34 20, which was defining the throat and the sacral and the connection between them, especially for your non sacral beings, but also for people like me that have an open throat where my throat was defined all that time, and now I don’t have that happening. So I get to feel a little bit more like what my own energy is, and if you’re a non sacral being, you’re going to getting to feel what that is. Because like I said, we’ve had a sacral defined for a long time, moving on to the transit. That’s going to start on Friday, January 28th. This is different. We actually do have a couple of centers that are defined here, the throat and the center and the sun is moving into the gate 19 and the earth is moving into the gate 33. So let’s talk about the sun placement to start out with. So the gate 19 is on the route center and it is facing towards the emotional solar plexus.

And it’s known as a really emotional gate. It’s also quite sensitive. My kid actually has the gate 19, and I see this very, very clearly in them that the sensitivity of this gate 19 can show up in many, many different ways. It can happen emotionally. It can happen with food either with taste of food, but also with whether or not the food feels good in your body.

It could be tactical, whether touch feels good or not. I know my child just loves super soft clothing and no labels don’t they don’t like labels at all. So get them lots of super cozy, soft clothing, because that’s what feels really good to them. So for people who have this defined in their charts, that’s some of the things that are true for them.

And you may be feeling extra sensitive to, it could be to sound. It could be to outer stimuli. It could be two things that you feel what you’re eating and so on. So it could be in a lot of ways, but it could also be emotional in understanding human design. It’s called wanting and, and quantum human design. It’s called attunement.

And it has a lot to do with intimacy. It’s in a relationship channel and the chart it’s part of the tribal circuit and that’s part of the community or commerce sub circuit of the tribal circuit. And so it has a lot to do with relationships and it has to do with intimacy and intimacy obviously is a very sensitive thing, right? And so for us, what we’re feeling, this, the energy of this 19 intimacy may be coming up. You may feel a little more sensitive around intimacy. You might feel hurt a little more easily. You might actually hurt someone else a little more easily because of course other people are going to be influenced by this as well. So you want to be paying attention to that and really being gentle and attuned to what is going to help support intimacy, to be developed between you and the other people in your life. Obviously your close beloveds, right? If you have a significant other or close friends or family members, people that you work with closely, all of these can be really influenced by this gate 19. And there can be this extra sensitivity so that it can either be like, oh, just a little bit of affirmation or a little bit of acknowledgement, or a little bit of appreciation can be like, oh, that feels really good because there’s the sensitivity to that. Of course. On the other side of that, is that just a little bit of criticism or just a little bit of harshness in the tone of your voice, or just a little bit of expressing that something isn’t okay. Could be received with greater sensitivity than usual, the highest expression or the awakened expression of the gate 19 is to be able to be sensitive without getting overwhelmed. It’s the ability to create intimacy without being too sensitive and hurt too easily. It’s the ability to use one sensitivity in a positive way, and to be able to manage it so that you can be in the world with other people. A lot of people who have this are what might call themselves.

Hmm. A lot of people who have this are what we think of as highly sensitive individuals. And sometimes they get a really bad rap and yet when you can handle that sensitivity and when you can manage it and you know what you need not to get overstimulated, you know what you need to be able to be in the world with other people, you can find a way to allow things to flow through you rather than stick onto you and, and hurt you when you can do that. This sensitivity can be a great attribute because it can really help you tune in to what’s going on in our environment. We’re so shut down a lot of the time because of the pace of our culture, the stimulus that comes to us from devices and so on. And so we aren’t necessarily allowing ourselves to be as sensitive as we could be.

I think we’ve generally a fairly shut down. So if we can actually open that up, but also manage it, it’s a, it’s a super power actually. I’ve seen this. And this is again, referring to my kid that people who have this can have a really accurate internal BS meter because they are so sensitive and they’re sensitive to what’s going on with other people that they just have this BS meter going on.

They may not know what it is, but they can tell when something is off. So that can actually be a great attribute and a super power to have. And the shadow aspect is a kind of power over where we typically unconsciously are trying to control or manipulate situations so that we can feel more safe so that we can feel more powerful. There’s a lot of reasons that we do that.

And for the highly sensitive person, sometimes they can actually become super powerful and controlling it from a kind of victim consciousness state, if you’ve ever been around some people who are very sensitive and them quite learned how to manage that sensitivity, they don’t like it. If they hear too much sound or they don’t want you to have any essential oils on you, or they want their environment, they’re trying to control their external environment so that they can feel okay, then they can end up being very controlling on other people. So that’s not really what we’re looking for, right? I mean, you want to be able to manage your sensitivity well enough that you’re, you don’t need to try to control other people in order to be comfortable. Then the disempowered aspect of the 19 is when you just feel that you’re at the mercy of things, you know, around you and you either just shut down because that you can’t handle that much sensitivity or you, or you suppress your sensitivity and you try not to feel at all. So you’re just blocking all of your sensitivity. And so the, the one where you feel like you’re at the mercy, you could just be trying to avoid situations all the time or the other one is where you’re really, really shutting down your sensitivity. So look out for those things that might be happening for, for you as we move into this transit. And also if you or other people in your life have the gate, I hope this is helpful information for you to know how to be with that energy and to utilize its attributes and to minimize as potential pitfalls. The earth is moving into the gate 33, the gate 33 is on the throat center. And it as part of the sensing circuit, and it’s one of the storytelling gate in understanding human design, it’s privacy and in quantum human design, it’s retelling, I really think of this as an energy of being able to be with one’s own stories and to both experience one stories and also witnessed them. And then I’ll also be able to receive stories from other people and witness them as well.

And one of the key parts of this is to be able to digest it. Now, this is all the way at the end of the sensing circuit. So it’s come through the right brain. This is right brain to energy crossover come through the left side of the body and up through the central channel to be expressed out through the throat. So there’s a lot of experience that has gone on in this channel before we get to this part of expressing.

So expressing the experience because the sensing circuit is experiential. It’s embodied. It’s not logical, it’s not rational. It’s not reasonable. Is it? Isn’t that kind of energy. It’s much more about having experienced things through the body. It’s about being able to, you know, have adventures and then digest those adventures. It’s being able to take that energy that we’ve just had from the 41 where the son was, and being able to use the power of that, because that’s also in the sensing circuit, use the power of that imaginative quality. And then to be able to tell stories about it, a couple of key elements for this energy of the 33 1 is, is it’s really important to digest the experience before telling the story. When we tell stories that we actually haven’t digested sufficiently,

it can feel a little bit like too, like TMI, right? Too much information for other people. Cause you’re just all caught in it. Unless of course, you’re there with a really close friend and you’re venting or you’re, you’re expressing your grief. And that person is really there and holding space for you. And that’s what it’s about. Or you’re talking to your therapist or something like that.

But the idea of the 33 is more about telling stories that are for the benefit of the collective cause this is collective circuitry, right? So we want to be able to take our, both our personal stories and the stories that we hear from other and really digest them and then share them at the right time with the right people, for the greater good, really for the, for the good of the collective. Now I have this gate defined in my chart and I do this a lot where I will tell stories about my own life and I’ll share them in these videos. And that is for the, of the collective, as I’m sharing them in the videos, or I’ll tell stories about people I’ve done readings for are clients of mine, again, digesting that information and then sharing it with you. So that it’s for the betterment of everyone. I don’t do this with undigested stories of my own. And I also honor the privacy of the people who’ve, I’ve done readings for and who have been my clients where I don’t share their names. I don’t share anything super specific about who they are so that you could attach my story to them.

I honor their privacy, but I do tell their stories because it is a betterment for everyone. And generally they always feel great about that. So that really the awakened expression of this energy is going to have those elements in it, right? It’s going to honor the privacy of the person, including yourself. It’s going to be digested experience where really the golden nuggets have emerged.

And then that’s what you’re going to be telling the story about. And sometimes they can even be kind of mythological, right? You know, the once upon a time story, a and because that is something that really speaks to us, I think in a deep structure of who we are about human experience, we’re just personalizing it to a degree because we lived it or somebody we know lived it and they told us about it.

And that can help us to connect with the mythological a little bit more easily. Now the shadow aspect of this energy is when we are telling stories, in order to kind of control or manipulate other people, we’re using this to try to have power over them. This can be when we share other people’s stories inappropriately, we do not honor their privacy. You know, gossip right. Can be like this. Oh, so-and-so told my desk, guess what? You know, right. That is not honoring. That’s manipulative and it’s controlling. So that’s the shadow aspect of this kind of energy where you’re not really witnessing an honoring, you’re taking this bit of information and it’s really juicy. So you’re going to share it in some way.

Okay. Not okay. You don’t want to do that. And then the disempowered aspect is if you haven’t digested the information enough, and then you’re kind of oversharing or you’re over, or you’re sharing in an, at an inappropriate time or an inappropriate place where other people aren’t ready to hear it. And then they feel embarrassed because you’re sharing something that they don’t really want to know about, or they don’t have the capacity to receive it at this moment. The other way sh could show up in D as a disempowered expression is when you don’t feel that your stories matter or your experience matters, or that it’s worth that whatever has happened for you is worth telling a story about it. So you never share it. You just kind of either let them go.

You suppress them, you reject them and you don’t think important. You don’t think it matters enough. You don’t think you’re worth enough to be able to tell your stories. So you want to look at all of those different pieces as the earth is lighting up this energy during this transit, I remember the earth is what we’re going to ground ourselves into. So my invitation to you is to ground yourself into empowering stories about your own experience that you have really digested so that you’ve gotten the wisdom out of it.

And that you look for opportunities to be able to share that for the betterment of the collective. When you do that, you could be managing that sensitivity that the sun is lighting up in the Cate 19, because when you digest even what was a really painful story, you helped to release yourself or free yourself from the over sensitivity that we can have when an experience isn’t digested yet.

Right? And because when an experience isn’t digested, yet, we can be very sensitive to what anybody else has to say about it. And we don’t even maybe want to share it, or if we do share it, it doesn’t feel good in our body. So we don’t want to do that. Okay. We want to honor ourselves enough to really digest.

What’s been going on before we share it with others, and that can help us to manage our sensitivity. So this energy of the 33 can really support us to understand when is the right time and when are we ready to be able to share? And when are other people ready to receive what it is that we want to say so that we can all hear this?

And yes, we can be sensitive because of course we love stories that touch our hearts. They can be melancholic stories. They can be stories of challenge and how we, and how we moved through those challenges or the things that we learned from things that were painful. Absolutely. Those things are meaningful, but we want to make sure that we’ve done it in a way that it is for the really the blessing of everyone.

So my invitation to you is to tap into your creativity, tell stories, allow yourself to be sensitive and be sensitive to other people and their sensitivity. And to understand that telling stories can develop deep intimacy for you with other people in your life. I know that this is something that’s been super potent for me with the beloveds in my life. And I, from hearing from people who have been watching my videos, they feel a kind of intimacy with me because I share stories about my own life. So just know there’s really a lot of potency that we have going on here, and I encourage you to make the best of it. Many blessings, much love bye for now.


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