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Human Design Transit Report Jan 2 2023Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on Jan 2, 2023. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for this week’s human design transit report, the very first of the year. Happy New Year everyone. Today is Monday, January 2nd. If you’d like to find out about the transit that we’re in right here at this moment, then go and watch my transit report from last week because I went into it in some detail. And today I’m gonna focus on the transit that begins on Friday,

January 6th. Okay. So if you wanna see the other one, go and watch last week’s transit report. Otherwise stay tuned. So in this new transit, we still have the root center being lit up. Last week we had the, the 39 and 38, which are on the route. And now we have the 54 and the 53, which are also on the route.

So let’s talk about the root center for a second. The root center is at the base of the spine, which is where you would think it is, right, like down the, where the perineum is and the, the, the tailbone right through, all the way down at the bottom of, of the spine. And in human design, it is known as a pressure center, particularly when it’s open, which in this configuration it is. And so there’s this sense of this pressure coming up through that open route pressure to get things done that can be challenging, particularly for the, the, the gates that we’re highlighting this time. The route is one of the motors in the chart. It’s the weakest motor, and it has a pulse.

It’s kind of has an on off pulse. And so it is an ally absolutely for getting things done, but it also doesn’t always have energy. And so you wanna just pay attention if you’re feeling like this pressure that you have to get things done, you can’t take any time off, you know, unless your to-do list is completely done. I always say to people, you will die with your to-do list undone, so don’t wait. Go ahead and take time now and don’t wait until that future comes. The root is like our connection to the earth. And so you do wanna have a sense of what that part of your energy field is like, and to be building your relationship with the earth. And you can do that by walking outside barefooted,

which I know for a lot of people this time of year is not feasible, but if it is, oh, and when it is really having those feet on the ground, having your hands in the soil, even lying on the ground, can be super helpful and it can help you to build your relationship with that root center, particularly if it’s open, because you do wanna have a sense of what is that earth energy that’s coming up from the root, right? It’s coming in through that root center and it, it can really nourish you when you know how to work with it. This is one of the things that I do all the time in my, my condo yoga practice. And I do have a variety of different videos here that help teach you how to work with that kind of energy and how to use it to build your product and build your energy field.

So if you’re interested in that, you might wanna go and take a look at this playlist. And then I also have more of them in my online community, the becoming Sovereign Virtual Retreat center, where I’m starting to build a library of practices around building our energy. So if you’re interested in that, I’ll put the, the link down in the description.

The sun is lighting up the gate 54, like I said, it’s on the root center and it is in the commerce sub circuit of the tribal circuit. And it is an energy for, for kind of engaging, and I don’t know if I wanna say making things happen because there, it’s also, it’s not on the sacral, so it’s not responsive, but it is does need to tune into right timing. Everything on the route needs to tune into right timing, because like I said, there’s that on off pulse, right? And so it’s really important to be tuning into right timing. In traditional human design, it’s known as the gate of drive or ambition. And in quantum human design, it’s known as divine inspiration.

I think what has happened in the evolution of this particular energy is to recognize that there is this kind of impulse, right? There’s an impulse that comes from all of the motors, right? And so this energy that’s coming through that 54, it does have an impulse to want to engage and to want to create. And it, like I said, it’s in the commerce circuit.

So it is about, okay, what is, you know, what is my work in the world? What is happening with my commerce? What is my bus? What does my business look like, right? And the trick is, is that you don’t want to move forward with things when it’s the wrong time. Because even the best idea, even with the best people at the wrong time, doesn’t work very well. The challenge of the 54 is to know when to engage and how much to engage, and also when to wait and tune into right timing and also know when to stop so that you aren’t using the power of this energy to push. So I have the moon lighting up this gate in my, my needle chart, and it’s a pretty driving energy.

It can be. So it can be great for achievement. Absolutely. And you don’t want it to run over you, right? You don’t want it to be controlling you and kind of having this sense of pushing you to engage with things when it’s not the right time. So that’s really what you have to watch out for. So in renaming it as divine inspiration, you know, Karen talks about the muse, okay? The muse. And yes, our muse does bring us divine inspiration. And then we have a translation experience of being like, okay, so what does this really mean? Is it the right time? How’s it gonna come into form? And that, and this is where you really need to use your authority.

So as a generator, I use my sacral authority, but whatever your particular authority is, you wanna tune into that to see if you can get a sense of right timing. Because that 54 can be, like I said, it can be really good for achievement, but you don’t wanna burn out. And that’s what happens if you let it go too much.

But when you’re in command of it and you are using your authority and you’re like, okay, now is the time to go, then that 54 can be a super ally for you. Even a superpower for helping you to be able to move forward with the, the projects that you have in mind, the different things that you wanna be creating in your life, particularly as it relates to your business or to your work in the world. I wanna note that Mercury is also lighting up the 54 right now. So Mercury is what we’re here to speak about. So this is one of those situations where you might wanna be looking at, okay, so communication, what is the right communication that I have around this idea or this inspiration that I have is now the right time to communicate?

Or should I hold back on that? Or should I be working like in my internal communication or writing it down or plotting it out or that kind of thing? Which is one of the things you can do to prepare to get ready for something. And that’s a way that you actually have to influence divine timing is when you are really getting really well prepared.

So you can use that energy of communication also kind of inside yourself to be like, okay, what is it that, what am I communicating about right now? And is this idea even or this inspiration, is it even formed? Right? Because Mercury can also help you put words to it, right? Because you might have more of a feeling about it, right? A sense of it, but then Mercury can help you become more verbal about it. So that’s a great project to be working on right now. And then we’ve got the earth lighting up the gate 53, which is also on the root center, but it’s in the sensing circuit. So it’s collective circuitry and that means that it is experiential, it’s embodied, it’s creative, it, you know, it’s kind of in the, the flow of the creative intelligence of the universe. And it’s the energy for starting things, okay? It’s this energy for like kind of activating and getting things started. Now again, because it’s on the route, it’s gonna have on, on off pulse. So you’re again gonna be wanting to tune into right timing for starting things.

People who have this defined in their chart tend to be really good at just like getting things going right? But they may not be good at following through and then also completing it might not be good at that. So this energy is great for starting things. And here we are right at the beginning of the new year where we’re potentially starting things. So you can be kind of tuning into what divine inspiration, what is your muse whispering in your ear right now, right? What are you kind of getting a sense of around the corner of what’s happening over there, right? Which can be, you know, the, the energy of that 54. And then also what are you starting to feel this inner drive and this inner desire to start and to be tuning in and saying, okay, is now the right time to start this or not? Or if I’m not gonna start it, like bring it out into the world. Is it time to start preparing at home? Is it time to start planning? Is it time to start just feeling it in my body and having a, you know, a, a, a dance with my creative muse about it, right? Or to do a painting, right? There’s so many different ways that we can kind of get into this feeling of starting something and doing it from this is right brain energy. So doing it from a more creative and expanded and experiential way rather than from, you know, just plotting it out logically and being really strategic about it. It’s not really that kind of energy.

So just feeling this, this starting, I always kind of think of crocuses coming in up through the, the snow. You know, it’s that kind of like starting, which is how we know that spring is starting when those crocuses first come up. Not that there’s snow anywhere around me, but you know what I mean. It’s a great energy for you to get a handle on and to be tuning into and just to be journaling for yourself or drawing for yourself or talking with your beloveds about what is this that you want to be bringing your attention to.

And this transit is coming right off of a couple of other transits that we’re helping us to tune into. What are we focusing on? What are we giving our attention to? Is it, is it the things that we really care about? Are we putting our stake in the ground about what really matters? Right? So we’ve got a lot of that energy already going here and now it’s like, hmm, you know, it’s kind of gestating, right? The 54 feels more like gestation energy, whereas the 54 53 is a little more like, okay, we’re gonna get it started. So you’re kind of playing with the creative tension between those and you can be bringing in whatever it is that you were already working with during the last couple of transits. And like I said,

if you haven’t watched last week’s transit report, I definitely encourage you to do that, even if they’re passed, because you’ll get a sense of this kind of generative energy that’s happening here at the beginning of the year. I’ve got some really great new projects that are brewing for our becoming sovereign virtual retreat center that I opened last year. And I have a bunch of things that we’re gonna be doing, including live events and curated courses and you know, a brand new thing with feminine sovereignty that’ll be coming up soon. So I encourage you to come and join us there and come and talk about these transits and also, you know, check out what else is there, join a conversation. And also, if you haven’t already, I would encourage you to get my Transform Your Life with Human Design ebook series.

There’s a beautiful 74 page full color ebook that leads you through all the kind of fundamentals of human design. And even if you know those, I think you could get a lot out of that. And the the deep dive journal you definitely would benefit from, and it’s a great thing to do at the this time of year because you’re looking at, you know, what is my motivation, right? What am I focusing? What do, what do I care about? And then thinking about, well, how can my human design support me to actually create more of what I want in my life? How can I unleash myself from the conditioning and the programming of the past so that I can step into the fullness of my being and be able to activate my superpowers and be able to really build my potential and to create even new capacities that I didn’t maybe even think were possible.

So starting with that, transform Your Life With Human Design ebook series that will really get you started and then come on into the retreat center. I would love to meet you there. Okay, many blessings, much love. Bye for.


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