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Human Design Transit Jan 16 2023Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on Jan 17, 2023. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for this week’s human design transit report and today is January 16th and tomorrow is when the new transit begins. So if you wanna find out what’s happening today, check out last week’s transit report for what’s happening today. Otherwise, stay tuned for what’s coming up this Week. I wanna thank those of you who commented and voted letting me know that these transfer reports are actually something that you look forward to every week.

I’m really happy to hear that. I kind of never know about these things unless you tell me, right? So it was interesting because the poll says of 55 people that it’s 65 to only do them once a month and follow trends. And 35% said do them every week. But every single person, whether this was in the poll itself or in response to last week’s transit report, or inside of my becoming sovereign community, which I hope that you’re a part of, and if you’re not, please join us. Every single person said that they liked them weekly. And so I’m gonna take those of you who actually took the time to make a comment as being my mean people. And so I’m gonna keep on doing these for a while every week.

So thank you for your input. It actually makes me feel really good to know that you look forward to these every week and I’m happy to provide them to you. I am also considering creating an opportunity for you to engage more deeply with the transits and with me and with other people as we really study. How can we use the transits to understand ourselves better and understand human design better and how human design is influencing us raw?

The founder and developer of human design said that it’s through following the transits that you can really get the deepest feeling because you can tune in to how is the energy changing at different times. So I am looking into that and if that is something you think you would like to participate in, please let me know on the comments to say, yeah, I’d love to dive in and go in a bit deeper and do something consistently over time so that I can,

I can really get to understand, you know, the, what these gates are, how they’re influencing me, what the transits mean, what the planets mean, and so on. Cuz it’ll include all of that. So tomorrow the sun will move into the gate 60, which is in the knowing circuit, and the earth will move into the gate 56, which is in the sensing circuit. So both of these gates are in circuits that are non-rational, non-linear, non-logical, okay? They’re more intuitive. So this is more intuitive energy. So let’s start with the gate 56. So the gate 56 is on the throat and it is part of the sensing circuit and it is known as the divine storyteller. And this is one of three storytelling gates.

And in traditional human design it’s known as storyteller. And in quantum human design it’s known as expansion. I think what is meant by expansion here is our ability to tap into the super consciousness or the creative intelligence of the universe to help us to know what’s really true and what kind of stories we want to tell. Because the sensing circuit is plugged in directly into super consciousness.

And so it’s receiving through that right brain crosses over, comes down on the left side of the body, it is receiving those creative impulses from the intelligence of the universe. And so it’s helping us to maybe create a story that is different than the ones that have been told to us, or the ones that are more logical or linear, helping us to expand into a new set of possibilities that we can then tap and tell stories about.

Or that even can come to us in story form because it can just download right through that sensing circuit in, in a story form. Let’s remember that right brain energy, which is what the sensing circuit is, right, is creative, it’s expansive, it’s embodied, it’s experiential. And so those are all the qualities that are gonna go with this gate 56.

We wanna be able to ground ourselves in stories that help us to feel creative and expansive and embodied and that honors our experience, right? And that we wanna be able, you know, because the right brain energy is really, it’s really expansive, it’s about space. Whereas left brain energy is more focal and it’s more linear. It’s more we call sat in the sagittal plane.

Whereas this is the, the right-brained energy is really about like the universe, right? It’s vast. So the stories that we tell, we want to be tapping into that larger intelligence, but that are also gonna enable us to have a more expansive view of who we are and who we are together, because this is collective energy. So it’s not so much just about the self, it’s really about who we all are together. And I think that we’re at a point here on planet Earth where we need to be telling new stories about who we are together here on planet earth. Cuz we’ve gotta get over the ways that we are still, you know, trying to dominate each other, still fighting with each other, still, you know, one upping each other and all of that. We’ve gotta come together, you know, as the dominant species on the planet so that we can really regenerate our earth and regenerate ourselves so that we can make it through this birth canal that we’re in right now. And I think that stories are a really key part of that, which is why I love working with Amanda Scott and her work around, through topia, which is how we get from where we are now, where things are breaking down, systems are breaking down, we can see some of us are feeling it strongly in our lives already because of the crazy weather that we’ve been experiencing, right? Things, things are breaking down. And so we need a narrative. We need stories about how we get from where we are now to where we wanna be, where our earth is healing, we are healing, we’re able to work together collectively, even if we’re doing it in small groups, there’s still this sense that we’re in it together rather than that we’re in this, you know, victim, perpetrator, rescue or paradigm, which is what we’ve been in for the last 5,000 years, right? We, we need to evolve outta that.

And storytelling is a really key part of that. So I would encourage you during this time to, to really consider what story are you living inside of right now about who we are as a people, about what’s possible for us as a people, about who you are as part of the collective, about how well positioned you are to contribute to this larger story of humanity and all of that, right? To ground yourself in that and to be contemplating that it’s a really good thing to be doing here at the beginning of the year. Then the Gate 60 is in the knowing circuit, it’s down on the route and it’s an energy that is asking the question about what is useful. So in traditional human design, it’s known as acceptance. And in quantum human design it’s known as conservation and it’s the sun is actually joining Pluto, who, who has been in the gate 60 for a long time, months. So as I said right at the beginning of the report, the knowing circuit is at how you know things, right? It’s highly intuitive, it’s individual circuitry. So it’s here to be different. It’s here to bring change. It’s highly mutative, okay? It’s all of those things.

And, and so the knowing circuit comes down this way, it’s splits and then comes back up through the central channel. And so the 60 is right there in the root where the energy starts to come back up through the central channel. So the 60 is kind of looking at all of this mutative energy, all these leading edge ideas, all these out of the box possibilities that have been coming in and making their way through the, the different case and channels of the knowing circuit. And then they’re gonna start coming up through that central channel. And the 60 is like, hmm, what of this is useful? What do we wanna keep? It’s a little bit of like a pause, a little slow down to be like, okay, is everything that’s coming in helpful, right? Is any of it either wacky and not for me or not for us, or not for now? Or, or maybe it’s just, you know, imagination gone wild, right? It, it, it’s really, we wanna think about what is useful in terms of what’s coming in. And so that’s what the 60 is asking us to do. And Pluto’s been asking the same question. I mean, Pluto has gone back and forth between the 61, which is the very beginning of the knowing circuit, right? And which is the gate of wonder, which is where all kinds of things start coming in, right? And the 60, which is like, well what’s, what’s worth keeping? What’s worth building? What’s keep, what’s worth us to keep working with, right? So we could think about it this way that the earth is asking us to ground into storytelling that is actually really beneficial for all of us.

And they may be new stories. And the 60 is like, we’ve sorted through this, we’ve looked at the stories. What are the stories that are useful? What are the stories that are not? And it has been sorting through and discarding or putting aside for another time or saying, you know what, we’ve outgrown that, that’s really outdated. Maybe that was useful at some point in the past that it’s not useful anymore, right? Like having lots of kids to work on the farm, that idea is not really useful anymore. We don’t need to keep having so many children, right? So we, we we’re just kind of sorting through. So as you’re going through your week, you know, as well as thinking about these stories about that are really gonna help us to expand into new possibilities is to be wondering which ones are really helpful.

And of course you can look at this like what’s really helpful for you for right now, it can be bigger cuz with Pluto, Pluto really has to do with generations. And so we’re being asked as a generation to be thinking about this now as well. But while the sun is there, you can dial this in really strongly into your own life, which is like, what does this mean for me right now? What is useful to me? What do I want to accept into my life? What am I going to conserve and use for now? And what not so much either it’s not for me, it’s not the right time, or it’s just not really the right thing, like at all. I wanna give you a preview that on Sunday,

January 22nd is the Human Design New Year. Yay. Human Design New Year. So I’m gonna do a special video about that, that’s gonna come out before Sunday. That is about that. I don’t exactly know what day it’s gonna be, but it’ll come out before Sunday, it might be Saturday. So you can be prepared for that. And then the following transit report will probably pick up a little bit of that and then move into the next transit.

It starts the following Friday. But I wanna just give you a little bit of a heads up here to know that the reason that it’s in human design new year is, is that the, the sun’s gonna move into the Gate 41 and the Gate 41, according to the storing of human sign, is the beginning of the DNA sequence. It’s, it’s called the Koon, the initiating code on of the DNA sequence. Think of it as like the beginning doorway of the DNA N. And so we go through the doorway every single year and it gives you the opportunity to be resetting your dna, if you will, right? Resetting your human design, resetting your sense of what are the codes of light are that your body is built on and that you are radiating out into the universe, right? And so I would just say mull over that a little bit during this week. It’s like how can you set yourself up for a really empowering and awakening reset that can help carry you through the whole upcoming year? If you haven’t already joined me in the becoming Sovereign Virtual Retreat center, I invite you to, I would love to see you there.

We have a lot of great events that are coming up and actually this coming Thursday, we’re doing one on the emotional solar plexus and on emotional wisdom. And it is free to you. You just have to register to be a part of the network. And it is a private site, so it’s not like Facebook, your data’s not gonna be mined, anything like that.

And you can come and participate in that event if you choose to. And this is great whether you’re emotionally defined or emotionally open. We all need greater understanding of the emotional solar plexus in human design. And also we’re well served by developing our emotional wisdom. All right, I hope to see you there. Many blessings. Much love. Bye for now.


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