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TRANSCRIPT for Human Design Transit Report Feb 14 2022

Human Design Transit Report Feb 14 2022Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on February 13, 2022. Welcome or welcome back for this week’s human design transit report, happy Valentine’s day. So the transit changed yesterday on February 13th, and the sun moved into the gate 30, which is the gate of desire or the gate of passion. And the earth moved in to the gate 29, which is the perseverance or devotion. How perfect that every year on Valentine’s day, the sun is in the gate 30, which is all about this super intense emotional energy, Both the gate 30 and the gate 29 are in the sensing circuit. And the sensing circuit is right brain to energy. It is creative, it’s abstract, it’s embodied it’s experiential. It is somatic. It is connected to the oneness, right? And so it makes sense that we would have this really intense, passionate energy and this devotion in the sensing circuit, because neither one of those are logical or linear or rational, or any of those things. Also the gate 30 is on the emotional solar plexus and the gate 29 is on the sacral. So those are both engines in the chart. So that means these energies are powerful. They’re part of the fuel of the human design system.

If you will, the gate 30 is known as clinging fire in the thing. And whenever we see this in a chart, we say that we amplified the intensity of the chart by 10. So if you have this defined in your chart or someone you loved as then, you know that they are going to have a lot of intensity. I know my Kyron is in the gate 30 and when I finally found it, because it was Kyron, I was like, there’s that intensity? What does that mean for us this week? Hmm. There’s likely to be quite a bit of intensity happening and there can be a lot of intensity around Valentine’s day. I know for some people it’s a super important holiday where we express our love to each other, for other people, they think it’s really a hallmark holiday.

It’s not a genuine holiday. And it’s just for marketing. One thing I do know is is that when you have two people who are part of a couple or who are dating and they have those two different views of Valentine’s day, it can be a recipe for conflict. The mate of the gate, 30 is the gate 41, which we have talked about.

It’s what begins the human design new year and it’s fantasy or imagination. And it’s really about our vision. It’s really about our vision for our world. This is collective energy. Okay. So this is about kind of the big things in life. It’s not just about me and my own personal passion for my own personal direction in life. It’s more about what is happening for us collectively, even though yes, it is connected to emotions and we do have Valentine’s day mixed in here. But my point is is that this desire and this passion also has bigger implications and is wrapped up in something larger than our own individual concerns. And so this is a great time to also be utilizing this energy to be asking yourself, what is your passion? What is your desire?

What is your relationship to the collective? How are you engaged in anything that has to do with more of the collective consciousness or things that are happening on the collective level? And how can you also devote yourself? Right? If you tap into the 29, which is what the earth is lighting up right now, which is what are we devoting ourselves to?

What are we persevering around? What are we using? Our primary life force energy, which is the energy of the sacral to bring into our passion, right? So if the sun is lighting up, our passion, the sun is lighting up our desire and it’s very emotional. Then we’re also grounding ourselves in this, this potent life force energy and asking, what do we want to be devoted to? So that is a great inquiry for you to do this week. And it could be partly about you and your beloved. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s day, it could be you with yourself because February 13th is also the international day of self-love. So this is an important time for us to love ourselves. And then to also love each other, whether we’re in an intimate, romantic relationship or not, and to be looking at how can we be spreading out that love on that desire and that devotion for the world that we truly know is possible, and that we can feel calling to us from the future. What is it that we’re going to be engaging it now in some of the videos that I’ve been doing about life purpose, and you can go and watch the first one here, if you haven’t seen it already. I was talking about that. We are each responsible for our own piece of the red thread, that if the red thread is a metaphor for the web of life, that connects all of us, that each one of us is just responsible for our own piece of the red thread, which is where our purpose and our contribution are going to lie. But that we also see this in the context of the whole, of the web of life. And of course that’s more the collective energy, which is the context of the whole and part of our development and our maturation, if you will, is our ability to be able to see from multiple perspectives at the same time, so that we are loving ourselves, we’re loving our beloveds, we’re believing the people in our community, but we’re also having a bigger vision. What do we want to really dedicate and devote ourselves to now the challenges that can arise here is because of the intensity of that 30, we can just be intense and have passion and desire, but it’s not well-managed, or it’s not directed in the right way. And it just becomes something that’s kind of burning fire, and we can throw it at each other if we’re not paying attention and same with perseverance or devotion, we can to be devoting ourselves to something that really isn’t in our highest good. Unfortunately, we kind of do this subconsciously all the time, where we have a habit of being devoted to something that really isn’t good for us.

You know, the shadow side of that is addiction, right? Or habitual ways of being that we just keep working for ourselves over and over again. So this is a great time to be kind of looking at the things that you’re devoted to, or the things that you’re intense about and make sure that they’re the things that you really want to be giving that much of your power to.

And you can shift it. Now, if it hasn’t been on the track that you really want it to be just a couple of comments about what else is going on right now, much of the knowing circuit is still lit up. I talked about this in last week’s transit report. If you want to go and check that out, mercury has joined Pluto in the gate 60, and I’ve talked about the gate 60 in a few of the recent transport reports. So you can go and check those out if you want to know a little bit more about that, but basically it’s in the knowing circuit. And it’s an energy that is kind of looking at our, the, the new out of the box ideas, the new mutations that are coming in, are they useful? Let’s, let’s sort through, let’s be discerning. And so mercury and Pluto are both lighting up that energy right now. Pluto’s there and is going to be there for awhile. It’s helpful now to have mercury giving voice to this as he spirals out of retrograde on comes back over the same terrain that he was on earlier, because Pluto is the God of the underworld and kind of the Phoenix energy.

And if we’re not really paying attention to what Pluto wants us to pay attention to which in this case is discerning, which of the mutations is useful. Then we can have a bit of a burndown and rebirth and mercury can help us to express us and talk about it and talk to other people about it. So it’s a good time to be doing that.

Particularly if you are working with mutated energy, Saturn is still lighting up the gate 13, which is where the sun was last week. And again, the gate 13 as a storytelling energy. And so Saturn is still there saying that every day, take a look at the stories that you’re telling about yourself, the stories you’re telling about what’s possible. What’s not possible what your relationships are like, who you are and so on, and make sure that the stories that you’re telling are the ones that you want to be living inside of. And then Jupiter, who’s the expansive God of the solar system is still lighting up the gate 37, which is the friendliness. And it’s part of the channel of the bargain or the challenge contracts and agreements, and so on.

It’s in the tribal circuit. And so, you know, Jupiter is just really asking us to take a look out there, agreements that we have with each other, and to make sure that they’re the ones that we want and that when they are, we can expand them. Now we can make them bigger in our lives. We can also look at agreements and contracts that are bigger, and we can expand this kind of sense of friendliness and of connecting with people and having things work out for everyone. Again, this is tribal energy. So the focus is on just not just the self. It’s also about our relationships in the, in the tribe. And so how do we actually expand that and make it bigger, make it better for everyone.

Then on Saturday, February 19th, we’re going to have another transit. And we’re going to take just a quick look right now, and then I’ll talk about this more in next week’s transit report, but take a look at this image here where you can see that the son was in the gate, 49 in the last transit in this transit right now, it’s in the gate 30 next transit is in the gate, 55 and then there, so these are all on the emotional solar plexus. So we’re really kind of taking a journey through our emotional energy and looking at the different qualities in the different aspects of it. And it’s asking us to be paying attention to our emotional energy, which I think is super important and vital because we live in a pretty emotionally dysfunctional culture.

And we don’t really know how to be with our emotions. We don’t necessarily understand what they are. We don’t even know if we can feel all of our emotions, right? So it’s giving us an opportunity to be tapping more into our emotional energy. And so I would invite you to be doing that during this time on Saturday, we’re gonna move into the gate 55, the sun will move into the gate 55, and that is the gate of faith. And it’s the faith that we will have, what we need when we need to have it. It’s kind of an abundance skate and it’s higher expression, but it also in his lower expression can be this sense that we’re, we don’t have what we need. We don’t have faith and that we can get our emotions all wrapped up in that.

So you get to take a look for yourself about how do you want your emotions to go with that? Do you want to have the more uplifting, more positive, more possibility type of thinking and feeling with that gate 55 or, you know, have you, do you have a habit of more identifying with its lower frequency? And then the earth would be moving into the gate 59, which is in the tribal circuit. And it’s the gate of sexuality and a traditional human design and sustainability in quantum human design. So again, we’re going to have an energy that’s on the emotional solar plexus and another one that’s on the sacral. So we have a lot of energy that’s coming from those two engines. And so I’ll be digging into those more on in my next transit report.

Many blessings, much love bye for now.


Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s a Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized she’s not built to work for anyone else. Since then, Dr. Ostara has become a Certified Human Design Specialist (Level 4), a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, a highly sought after teacher-mentor, who teaches high-achieving women how to develop their personal sovereignty, to activate their super powers, and to unleash themselves from society’s prescription of success.

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