Human Design Transit Report Dec 5 2022

TRANSCRIPT for Human Design Transit Report Dec 5 2022

Human Design Transit Dec 5 2022Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on December 4, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for this week’s Human Design Trends report. Today is Monday, December 5th. Happy December everybody, whether it’s getting colder where you are or getting warmer where you are. Here we are heading into the extremes of the year. The transit that we’re in right now started yesterday and I talked about it extensively in last week’s transit report.

So you can go and watch that. I’m gonna talk about it a little bit today and share a different perspective than what I shared in last week’s transit report. But go and watch last week’s transit report to get even more information. Then our new transit starts on Friday, December 9th, and that’s mostly what we’re gonna talk about today. Okay, let’s go ahead and get started.

So as I discussed last week, we had a real shift in the last couple of transits, the one we’re in now, and the one that we were just in moving from individual circuitry where we’d been for quite a while in into collective circuitry. So we have the sun in the gate five, which is in the logic circuit, and we have the earth in the gate 35, which is in the sensing circuit. Now, I’m mentioning this because this is basically left brain and right brain energy cuz the logic circuit comes in through the left brain and the sensing circuit comes in through the right brain. And so they’re both collective circuitry. It’s kind of an interesting pathway. They come in, cross over in the ajna, then come down through the opposite sides of the body and up through the central channel.

So sometimes when we have these two different sides of the brain and the energy on the collective circuit highlighted, then we can feel a little bit of tension between them, creative tension between the left brain energy and the right brain energy. Because after all, left brain energy is more rational and logical and focal and reasonable, rational, that kind of energy. Whereas the right brain energy is more expansive, it’s more embodied, it’s more experiential, and it’s not rational or logical at all. And so they both play a really vital role in our experience, and we want to have all of our faculties and all of our intelligences turned on so that we can be full beings. And we have many, many different kinds of intelligences and we understand the right brain, left brain logic and sensing a little bit differently perhaps in human design than maybe you would get from a neuroscientist. But it does really play out in my experience, both in my understanding of my design and also in working with many clients at this point. And the thing is, is that we, you’ve probably heard me say this, have you been following me for a while?

That we live in a culture impacted by western culture, which is very logical and very left brained, which is a vestige of the development of western science, which is really not very old. It’s that kind of one of the newer sciences out there. Because when you think about yogic sciences or Chinese medicine and its sciences or Ayurvedic medicine and its sciences, right?

Those are all thousands and thousands of years old, literally. Whereas western science is a few hundred years old. So we’re living in a little bit of an odd time in the sense that we’re privileging just one of many different intelligences that we have. So the downside of that is, is that we tend to suppress or discount or discard the other intelligences that we have.

And in human design we have three main ways of knowing or three main kinds of intelligence with the logical and the sensing. So the left brain and the right brain. And then we also have the knowing circuit, which is individual circuitry. So we wanna have all of this available to us. So my suggestion for you for this week up until you know through Thursday, is just to be paying attention to, if you’ve got more focus, if you’ve got more consistency, if you’re feeling a, a real sense of rhythm in your life, that’s all great, right? You just wanna watch out. If you tend to be dismissing things that are a little more experiential, a little more expanded. And by that I mean the, the sense that we are connected to all things. That we are connected to other people, that we’re connected to other life forms on the planet, that in fact we’re connected to the planet and to the star, the center of our solar system, and really to everything. And that’s what that expansive right brain energy is all about. It’s that it’s that place that we seek in meditation, right? Where we can kind of have some of the, the physical reality soften a bit, and then we get to feel and expand into the unified field, which is what the quantum physicists call it, or into the great cosmic womb, which is what we call it in the yoga tradition. So whatever you wanna call it, or the creative intelligence of the universe.

Sometimes it gets called dark matter, right? Which turns out there’s all kinds of things going on in dark matter, even though we might not be able to track it. So we wanna be able to tap into that aspect of ourselves. And then there’s also the embodiment part of it as well, which is that we experience through the body and we honor the body, we honor our somatic experience rather than being so located in our minds all the time. Our minds are, are a great servant, a very helpful tool, but we don’t want them to be completely in charge of our lives, right? We wanna have our body wisdom also activated and turned on because there’s so much that can come to us through our sensing, right? Which is what this sensing circuit is about. So I just wanna emphasize that in addition to what I shared last time, and invite you to really also tap into that sense of the sensing circuit, right? Your sensations, your body wisdom, as well as the logic and the focus that you can get from your logic circuit. Then on Friday,

December 9th, we’re gonna have another shift again in terms of the circuitry that’s being highlighted by the sun and the earth. So we’re moving into tribal circuitry and we still have that 35, 36, which is outlined that I talked about in last week. So you can go and check that out if you want, which is in the sensing circuit. So that’s still highlighted, but now the sun has moved into the gate 26 and the earth has moved into the gate 45. And both of these are in the tribal circuit and they are both in the commerce or business sub circuit of the tribal circuit. So that’s what we’re gonna dive into. So the sun is in the gate 26, which is on the will center, and the 26 is actually connecting to the gate 44 because the south node is still lighting up that gate 44.

So we have a complete channel between the spleen and the will center from that 44 26, that sun is lighting up the 26, which in traditional human design is known as the trickster. And in quantum human design is known as integrity. This gape, and actually this whole channel is really an energy for being able to enroll people in, in whatever it is.

So whether that’s you’re gonna enroll them in a community or in ideas or in a project, or if you have a business in whatever it is that you’re offering. So whether that’s products or services or whatever it might be, but it’s also an energy for like, if you’re, you work inside of a company and you run a a team, right? You need to enroll your team in the project that you’re gonna be working on together, right? You want everybody on board, you want everybody on the same page. So that 26 sometimes gets a bad rap, like as the trickster, it’s kind of like that use car salesman energy, right? And that’s really the shadow expression because the shadow expression is when you’re using the power of one of the energies of the chart in order to control or manipulate other people or situations.

And that’s what that trickster energy is, right? Is is that you’re using your ability to persuade and to enroll in order to manipulate or control other people. So you wanna watch out for that because unfortunately I think a lot of us have been enculturated into using that energy that way. It’s kind of like, how do I get it what I want in my life?

I can’t necessarily tell the truth. I, I need to be a little bit, you know, under the radar about certain things. Women are really taught to manipulate a lot. I just have to say like traditionally women are are taught to manipulate kind of as the weaker sex because men are bigger and stronger and can be more physically powerful. And so historically women have kind of learned to be manipulative, you know, in order to gain some modicum of control in their lives. So we’re evolving outta that, right? But we wanna watch out for the vestiges of it because it can show up on occasion. Now, the other ways that this energy shows up is if, for example, you’ve been around people who have been using that trickster energy or you’ve been what you might think of as victimized by people who are trying to control or manipulate you with their ability to persuade, right? Their ability to enroll you, right? Then you can just like, I don’t wanna have anything to do with that energy. Now I talk to people pretty regularly. Back when I was a business coach, it came up a lot where people were like, I don’t wanna sell, I don’t like to sell, I don’t like selling. I think it’s, you know, out of integrity. So then they push it away, but it doesn’t have to be out of integrity, right? And so that’s why the higher expression in, in quantum human design is called integrity, right? So we wanna be able to use this energy with integrity on, on all levels. And so that’s always kind of the litmus test that we wanna be looking at because the ability to persuade and enroll and engage and invite and all of that, that’s a really important thing for us to have in our lives. And when you’re doing it with integrity and you’re not trying to control or manipulate or convince or make anybody do anything, but you’re just inviting, you’re inviting, you’re inviting and you’re saying, Hey, let’s get on board with this. What do you think? And like I know for me, you know, I’ve had my own business for 25 years. I’ve done a bunch of different things and it’s just a part of what I need to do is to invite people to come and work with me in a variety of different ways, right? I, I have to do that. If you have your own business, you have to do that. If you don’t do it, you don’t have a business pretty much, right? But there are people who are also salespeople inside of companies and there’s also just lots of other situations in which this shows up, right? Like, so like let’s say you’re on a board of directors of an organization, right? You wanna have the ability to persuade people and enroll people in a project in the next move in hiring the executive director that you want or whatever it is, right? One of the things that I love to remember is, is that nobody wants to be sold to, but people like to buy. So that’s in the realm of sales. But it’s true in terms of other things about being persuaded into or being invited into is we like to be invited, we like to be included, we like to be a part of things,

right? We just don’t want to have the sense that we’re being forced or coerced or manipulated or controlled. This is really highlighted in this upcoming transit, right? Cuz the sun is lighting it up. So it’s a great time for you to be just checking it out for yourself. How do you hold this kind of energy? And if you’re in that disempowered state, like n you know, I don’t like any of that, you know, to be like, wow, it, would it be possible to engage with this energy with integrity? If so, what would that be like? What would that feel like in my body? How would I actually do that? And my guess is, is that most people have had experiences in their lives where they have been able to do this with integrity.

So don’t throw it all out. Just see if there’s a way to elevate it. And also if you’ve ever kind of caught yourself being manipulative or controlling or if you’ve experienced that from other people, just be like, oh, okay, that’s just the shadow aspect of this energy. How can we bring integrity into the interaction instead? Then we have the earth lighting up the gate 45, which is right up here on the throat center. And the gate 45 in traditional human design is known as the monarch or the sovereign or the king or queen gate. And in quantum human design is known as natural leadership or distribution cuz it kinda keeps evolving in quantum human design. I like the natural leadership myself, but I get why Karen Curry Parker, who created Quantum Human Design has named it distribution.

Because when we have a benevolent monarch or we have really benevolent or compassionate or wise natural leadership, what does that energy do? It actually it, it brings resources to it, right? Because it’s kind of like this final expression of this commerce or business circuit and then it distributes, right? It doesn’t hoard the really shadow aspect of the 45 is, well it’s dictatorship really, it’s dictatorship, authoritarianism and it’s hoarding. It’s like taking resources and having it only for yourself, your family, your people, right? Which is what monarchs used to do, right? That was just the standard things that that monarchs did. And there are still, you know, plenty of people in the world who do that. And we still have authoritarianism in the world, both at the head of some countries and also the stirrings of that here in the United States. Certainly the case. So we wanna watch out for that tendency towards wanting to hoard, wanting to hold on, wanting to only, you know, take care of what’s immediately around us and wanting to control and manipulate. This is, again, this is a control and manipulate, but it’s, it’s, it’s more overt, right? Whereas with the 26, it’s a little more subtle a lot of times cuz it’s persuasive with the 45 in the shadow expression, it’s full on, right? I mean this is where dictatorship lives and authoritarian leaders, right? So it’s not hidden here, it’s like full out out. And then again, the kind of a disempowered expression is like, I don’t ever wanna be a leader because I see what leaders do, they just try to control and manipulate and they, you know, they’re kind of horrible people, right? And that if you’ve lived in a authoritarian family or culture or environment, you might well have that reaction, which is understandable, but it has a higher expression, right? It has a higher expression, which I really like to think of as this kind of regal quality, right? It’s regal, it’s radiant, it’s filled with light, it’s deeply compassionate, it’s benevolent in the, the highest expression of benevolence because benevolence, which is actually pillar number eight of feminine sovereignty, is the, the really the caring for all of life.

It’s based in the more life principle, more life to all and less to none. And unfortunately in western culture, we’ve kind of been focused on death a lot, right? I mean we’ve been focused on, you know, killing a lot of the life forms on the planet and taking as much as we can from the earth and not caring what it’s killing.

You know, we have not been living from the more life principle. And so we have an opportunity here to change that and to build our benevolence. So this transit is inviting us to ground ourselves into this kind of benevolent leadership to make sure we’re not falling into any kind of dictatorship energy, right? I kind of overt coercive energy, but instead that we are looking as how do we use this power and authority that we have?

Cuz there’s a lot of power and authority here. How do we do that to make life better for everyone and everything because it’s tribal energy. So it’s not necessarily about a global view, but it is about our relationships, the people who are close to us, our workplaces, any organizations that we’re a part of our communities, our neighbors, and so on.

And so it’s that kind of an energy. I’ll give you a really great example of this energy that I just happened to see. So I belong to an app, maybe you do too, called Next Door. And this is where people who live relatively close to each other have this app and people post all kinds of things, different things in there. And there’s a marketplace and people give stuff away and sell things and people ask for help and you know, provide help. And so there was a woman who is a single mom of a 10 year old boy who did not have the resources to provide gifts for him for Christmastime. And she said a friend of hers invited her just to post that on next door. I actually started crying when I was reading the responses I’m getting emotionally talked about because you know, she said he needs new sneakers, he needs a backpack. He’s 10 years old. You know, if you can provide anything to us, you know, I can’t even afford to get a tree or anything. The next thing I know there’s this huge outpouring of energy for, you know, somebody’s like, I can get a tree for you. A bunch of people said, oh, I have shoes,

I have some extra clothes. You know, I definitely have a backpack. I mean, she was just showered with what she said she needed, right? That is benevolent leadership, right? Is when you’re not hoarding these things that you have, you see a person who’s in need, people didn’t even know this woman, right? And her kid didn’t matter, right? She just showed up in our community forum and said that she needed this and it was amazing. So that’s an example of that kind of distribution, if you will. So how can we ground ourselves in this? This is the season of giving, right? How can we do that and do it with integrity because the sun is like, yes, do that and do it with integrity. Check out yourself. Are you being a trickster at all? Are you being manipulative or controlling it all? Are you giving something away so that you can get something right? Or are you giving things away with no strings attached? Right? And just to take a look at your own kind of internal dialogue about this whole gift giving and receiving things that happens this time of year because you know, a lot of times it can get a little murky. People can feel hurt, people can get mad, all kinds of things. So distribution with integrity, right? Natural leadership, how do we get to be benevolent to the people in our lives? The people that we love, the people that we relate to, and even just people in our communities that we don’t necessarily even know.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t, you know, give money to causes that are in other parts of the world or far away from you. It, you can do that too. But because it’s tribal energy, it is kind of like what’s, what’s really, really kind of close in? What really matters to you? So we have a huge opportunity to be using the energies of this transit to up-level ourselves, to up-level our relationships with each other and to really model what Integris enlightened, benevolent leadership could look like. And if you haven’t joined us yet, I wanna invite you to come and join us in the becoming sovereign virtual retreat center that I set up. I set it up in November and we are gonna have a three more events in December. So there are live events, they’re, one of them is really interactive and I, I encourage you to come, it’s free to join. And we’re working on openness demystified this week. And then we’re doing a workshop session in energetic hygiene because I think everybody really needs to learn how to work with their energy. And then we’re doing a Korea practice welcoming in the solstice and welcoming Saturn.

And that’s happening on December 20th. So that’s what’s lined up for this month. And I just wanna invite you to come and participate with us. You know, the link is here, the link will be down in the description. And I created this environment because I know so many people feel isolated in their love of human design and also sometimes on their personal growth path, just more generally. And so I wanted to create an environment that was gonna support us to be able to do this more together and to really build a supportive community. And we’re co-creating this because I have a lot of ideas about what I wanna do in 2023, and I wanna hear from people about what is going to really be compelling and supportive for them.

All right? Many blessings. Much love.


Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s a Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized she’s not built to work for anyone else. Since then, Dr. Ostara has become a Certified Human Design Specialist (Level 4), a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, a highly sought after teacher-mentor, who teaches high-achieving women how to develop their personal sovereignty, to activate their super powers, and to unleash themselves from society’s prescription of success.

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