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Human Design Transit Report Dec 19 2022Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on Dec 20, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for this week’s human design transit report. And today is Monday, December 19th and we, the current transit that we’re in, we’re just in it today. It’s gonna change tomorrow, but if you wanna see where we are right today, you can go and watch last week’s transit report with the sun and the gate 11 and the Earth and the gate 12, which we’re highlighting collective circuitry and then individual circuitry. And we still have collective circuitry, but in individual circuitry highlighted in the transit that starts tomorrow. But it’s all about the G center and it’s all about love. Okay, let’s go ahead and get started. So starting tomorrow on the 20th and going through Christmas, we have the heart center or the G center highlighted here.

So the sun is moving into the gate 10 and the earth is moving into the gate 15 and they are joining Jupiter in the gate 25 and Uranus in the gate two. Now these are all right here on the G center. And the G center is the center for love Loveability identity and direction. And it’s what I think we colloquially consider like the heart center.

Technically the will center is also part of the heart center cuz the heart center is split into two, the will energy center according to the story of human design. But the qualities that we tend to associate with the, with the heart center are in the G because that’s, like I said, love and lovability, but also identity like our sense of who we are and how that identity helps give us a direction in life.

And the G Center is a super complex center and even though it’s not a motor, I mean it is connected to a motor right there, the will center, even though it’s not a motor, it’s still really powerful. I mean one piece is, is that we’ve got the magnetic monopole there in the gate too, which is an attractive force, brings things into our life and it’s the source of the tourist field that the heart creates.

And so it is a very powerful center even though it’s not technically a motor in the human design system. And so it’s a really good place for you to get to know. I do have a whole series of videos on the G center and I would encourage you to go and check them out. Now they are a little bit advanced, so if you’re brand new to human design, you know, just kind of hold onto your hat and do the best you can. But if you’re more familiar with human design, you might really enjoy kind of going into that level of detail about all of the different channels and the centers that are going through the G Center. The gate pen is the gate of self love or love of self, okay?

It is a really complex gate. It’s one that a lot of people have trouble with. You know, through all of my decades now doing personal growth work, you know, I’ll often say self-love, it’s the final frontier, right? It’s like we can find ways to love other people, love other situations, forgive certain things, but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to be pretty mean to ourselves. And the things that go on in our minds. Say things to yourself and about yourself, you would never say to a friend and you wouldn’t let somebody else say to you, right? Coming from the outside. So this is a really important part of our own personal growth and our evolutionary process is getting handle on the energy of the gate 10.

Now, the Gate 10 is also known as the blame gate because when we are not in touch with our self-love, when we’re being mean to ourselves, right? We’re blaming ourselves for not being good enough, not being smart enough, not being pretty enough, not being, you know, whatever the right size, the right shape, born into the right family, living in the right place, right? We just like find all of these reasons to beat up on ourself, right? So we’re blaming ourselves, we’re why we’re not in life the way that we want to. And that’s so painful that what we can do then is to project that outs outward and then we start blaming other people, right? And that’s kind of the shadow aspect is when we use the power of that tent to blame other people and put them down, right? The disempowering is to blame ourselves and then the the shadow is to blame other people. Another aspect of the disempowered is when we attract blame from other people, right? People just blame us for stuff. So those are all like the shadow and the disempowered aspects of the temp. That’s why we call it the blame gate. But the, there is a relatively simple, although not always easy a fix if you will for that. Which is that anytime you realize you’re beating up on yourself, you’re blaming yourself, you’re starting to blame other people or you’re attracting blame, is to ask the question, how can I be more loving to myself? How can I be more loving to myself? What’s something I can do? What’s something I can acknowledge myself for?

What’s something I can appreciate about myself? And I’m not talking about arrogance or narcissism or any of that. I’m talking about genuine appreciation, genuine recognition and acknowledgement because you deserve it. I’m sure that you’re awesome in lots of ways that you might forget because of your conditioning or your environment that I know that you’re awesome. And so you just need to remember that too.

And to be letting yourself know that and that when you notice that you’re going into blame in any of those ways to be like, oh, okay, let me double check how self love right now. Because chances are something is off for that blaming to be going on. And the antidote, that’s a better word, antidote, not the fix is self love.

So the sun is lighting that up and the sun is really what we’re radiating out into the world and it’s kind of what we’re here to give to the world. You know, interestingly enough, the sun is sitting on the earth in the gate 15. So the gate 15 is also in the G center, but it’s actually in the logic or the pattern circuit.

So it’s a very different kind of energy, whereas the 10 is actually in the centering circuit. It’s individual circuitry and it’s so much about the self. Whereas the 15 is not really about the self, it’s actually known as the love of humanity or compassion. It, it’s known as extremes in traditional human design because it can be variable in terms of routine and timing and that sort of thing.

There’s not, there tends not to be a regular rhythm in this, in this energy that it tends to be a little extreme, but an even more helpful, I think way of understanding this energy is compassion, this love of humanity, right? It’s our ability to be able to connect with others, to be able to see situations or to see other people and to have a heart connection with that.

And so when we can have compassion, then we can really move out of that blame game and feel ourself love more. Because when we feel compassion for other people, we can also take that skill that we’ve developed and turn around and have compassion for ourselves. So this invitation here is to really ground ourselves in this deep sense of compassion and the love of humanity and to confront whatever it is that we might have going on inside of us that is the antithesis of that.

So for example, I know a lot of people are, you know, pretty upset with ourselves as it were about what we’ve done to the planet, right? We’re like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe we’re actually in this situation. We’ve got climate change and ecological collapse and you know, human beings, you know, should be wiped off the face of the earth, right? I mean, you know, there’s some had thoughts like that on occasion you probably have too. And, and so, but that’s not very compassionate, right? And we need to find a way to have compassion for ourselves for the mess we’ve kind of got ourselves into so that we can have a more elevated frequency as we’re looking for how are we gonna make our way through these challenges?

And that that’s really important. So this is collective energy, right? So the logic circuit is collective energy and it does have to do with patterns cuz it’s been been named a pattern circuit in quantum human design. And so we wanna look at, you know, what are the patterns that have led us away from our love for our species, have led us away from compassion, the things that have made us, you know, upset with ourselves or upset with, you know, big other groups of people, you know, that have led us to being in so much conflict. How can we move away from those old patterns, break the old patterns of the past? We have the gate 36 also being lit up and that helps us to break the patterns of the past.

So how do we do that right? And so that we can break breakthrough into a deep appreciation and acknowledgement for, you know, the brilliance of our species. Which is also true, right? I mean we’re pretty frigging amazing. And so we wanna be able to get in touch with that. That includes our creative ability, our intuition, our, the way that we can actually bring in information from super consciousness in a variety of different ways.

I mean, it’s pretty, pretty amazing, you know, who we are pretty miraculous what we have access to. And so if we can get back into tune with that and we can do it with heart energy, we can do it with this love energy that’s gonna be much more effective for us moving forward into our lives and moving into the future. Because if we’re in a really negative state and just seeing humanity, you know, as, I mean, yes, we’re the problem, but we can also, we can resolve the problem. You know, when we have more compassion, when we have more self love, when we have more vision, when we have more, more purpose about the world that we wanna be creating. And so much of it is gonna come from that G center.

And we’ve got Jupiter lining up the gate 25, which is the gate of spirit. And so Jupiter is out there going, you know, if we can fall in love with spirit and if we can build our capacity to be really connected with that creative intelligence, right? Jupiter is bringing us blessings and Jupiter is like, let’s expand the energy of that, right? Because ju is expansive, let’s expand the the love of spirit, right? And the two is all about allowing the two is just letting it in, right? We’re just gonna allow things to happen. We’re not gonna have to feel like we have to muscle it through and make it happen, right? We’re gonna allow more things to happen and we’re going to receive.

So all of these are themes that are being lit up in the G center during this transit. Let’s also remember that we’ve got that 35, 36 still being lit up, which is right over here. On the left side of the body is going from the emotional solar plexus to the throat and the throat, the emotional solar plexus. And this is in the sensing circuit, which is also collective. And, and this gives us manifestor energy because it’s a motor to the throat. It’s a very interesting balance between this kind of inner work that we are being called to do with the sun in the gate 10. And also our inner work around our love of humanity and our ability to have compassion for ourselves and our compassion for each other, and compassion for our species and compassion for our world and our natural world as well. Being able to do that. And Jupiter is like, yes, when you tap into the love of spirit and you open up your connection with super consciousness, all of that becomes much more possible. And the two is just saying, just allow that in. Just receive it.

Just let it happen. You know, you have to move that part of you that thinks it has to be in control, it that tends to be the part that’s beating up on you too, by the way, right? When you move that out of the way, so many other things become possible. So I encourage you as we move through this holiday week and the week after that, you are finding ways to be accepting and loving and appreciative of yourself. You’re finding ways to be accepting and loving and appreciative of the people who are around you and having compassion for yourself and for others, and that you are living from that place. I know that sometimes going and being around family members during holidays can actually be very stressful for some people. Some people get really depressed during the holidays for a variety of reasons, maybe because they didn’t relate to their family or or whatever. And so again, whatever challenges might arise for you through this holiday season, you know, self-love and compassion will get you through. All right, and I hope that you will soon or in the new year join me in our becoming sovereign virtual retreat center, cuz we got some really great stuff happening in there.

And actually, if you’re watching this on the 19th, on the 20th, I’m doing a welcome Saturn solstice ritual in the retreat center and it’s still retreat. All you have to do is register to get into the center and then you’ll have access to that.


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