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Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on August 29, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for this week’s human design transit report. And today is Monday, August 29th, 2022. And we have tribal circuitry that is highlighted during this week. The new transit begins today with the sun moving into the gate 40 and the earth moving into the gate 37. So let’s go ahead and get started. Interestingly enough, this hardly ever happens, but the two gates that are highlighted today actually create a complete channel. They connect the will center to the emotional solar plexus is the only channel between those two centers. They are both motors. So again, we’ve got very powerful gates that are being highlighted the during this transit, just as we did it in the last transit. And they are the, they make something called the channel of the bargain in traditional human design.

So this is in the commerce circuit or the business circuit of tribal circuitry. And it’s the place where our agreements are, contracts are here, all different kinds of legal contracts, marriage contract is here, but also our agreements. And right now they are conscious, right? Because when we look at transits, we’re only looking at the black numbers. And so that’s kind of in the, the conscious realm. Sometimes if you have this in your chart and they’re in their red numbers, then sometimes you can have a lot of un unconscious agreements that you’re not really aware of. But whatever the case is, this is a really good time for us to be getting clear about our agreements and our contracts and to become more conscious and more aware of them if we have been having unconscious ones.

And also to upgrade and update them if we need to. Because sometimes, for example, you enter into a relationship, whether that’s a romantic relationship or a business partnership or even a friendship, and it’s kind of based on a certain affiliation that you have with each other. But over time that can change. And so this is a good time to kind of go back and say, okay, well what is our agreement, right? And how are we operating together in our relationship? And is it working for both of us? Is there something that we need to, you know, we need to discard and get rid of because it, we don’t need it anymore or it doesn’t work? Is there something new we need to bring in that’s gonna help us to upgrade the energy and the quality of our agreement and our relationship is, so there’s something that just needs to be tweaked or rearranged or something like that. Because we can have a tendency to kind of, you know, bump along with things until they break down, you know, until we have a big problem. And it’s great to be able to just take a pause and go, okay, is this really working for me or not?

And is it working for you or not? And what do we might need to do in order to make sure that it really is working for, for everyone involved? And just as a reminder, Saturn is still retrograde in that gate 49, which is all about relationships. It’s also in the commerce circuit. And it is about relationships based in principles. And is the, are the relationships working right? Are we aligned around our principles? And if not, how can we upgrade them? How can we revolutionize them, right? So that’s definitely supporting us in terms of what we’re doing with the sun and earth energy during this transit as well. And just remember that Saturn as the great teacher is the one who is just kind of always saying, you know, take a look at this. Take a look at this, you know, day by day, make sure that it’s really working. You know, or build your capacity in this area. So we’re doing that right now around our contracts and our agreements. So the earth is in the gate 37, which is on the emotional solar plexus. So it’s an emotional energy.

And in traditional human design, it’s known as friendship. And in quantum human design, it’s known as harmony. So part of this energy is about how do we create harmony in our relationships and in our agreements. This is related to pillar number seven of feminine sovereignty, which is about mutually beneficial collaborations, right? Cuz collaborations are based on agreements ideally. And so we want them to be mutually beneficial, whatever it is that we’re engaging in. And of course we would love there for there to be harmony, right? And it is based on this kind of emotional sense of being connected to other people. And so we wanna be able to uplift any place where there has been any strife or conflict or tension, friction rubbing against each other. We had the gate of friction going last week, the six. And so we wanna be able to ease out any friction or tension. Conflict doesn’t mean we can’t have creative tension, which is where there’s difference. And we need to be able to pay attention to the things that are different and then honor how somebody is different than we are and have somebody else honor us from how different we may be. And so there can be a creative tension there that helps us to discover ways to be together and to be mutually supportive without saying we have to be the same because sameness is boring.

And it’s like there’s no ecosystem that’s healthy in the natural world that is the same, like monoculture agriculture is not healthy or good for us. You probably know that by now. So we want difference, but we don’t necessarily want friction and conflict. Okay? So we’re looking here for how do we have agreements for our collaborations, for the, the things that we do together in ways that are harmonious.

That’s interesting cuz the 40, which is what the sun is lighting up in, traditional human design is known as loneliness. And in quantum human design is known as restoration. So it’s interesting how the gates and the channels kind of work together, or maybe almost seem like they don’t. So the 40 is on the will center, so it has willpower and it is an energy, it is a, a motor, right? And but that, that loneliness, right? I mean I, I have some good friends who have this defined in their charts, and I think what I see more with them, I love this actually revision of restoration, is it’s not so much that they’re lonely as they need alone time. And in the tribal circuit, it’s all about relationship and how we’re working together and how do we make things work together. And it might be that sometimes you actually do need some alone time. So because you need to go and restore. And if you think about being kind of constantly in a situation where you’re working with agreements, right? That can be pretty tiring, right? If you’re constantly in navigating collaborations and agreements.

And so it’s great to have time to restore so that you can create harmony when you are actually engaged. And that a lot of times when we do have conflict or friction or strife, right? It’s because we haven’t, we’re coming from a place where we’re not well resourced, right? And so we’re trying to kind of make things happen or get things to work out in a certain way.

But we’re coming from an unresourced place. We have not taken our alone time, we haven’t restored, and then we are finding ourselves, you know, kind of with each other, right? And that doesn’t really generally work out very well. So while we’re going through this transit this week, it’s gonna take us all the way through Sunday. You take a look at what your agreements are and if there are any where you feel like this somehow isn’t working.

And it may be that you are making assumptions or the other person is making assumptions. I see this happen with romantic partners, especially people if they’re dating and they’re just starting to get to know each other. But sometimes it’s true with people who’ve been together for many years and they have different expectations and different assumptions, and they are not actually in agreement, but they haven’t taken the time to unpack their unconscious agreements and their unconscious expectations and assumptions to be like, oh, that’s where you were coming from. I, that would never have occurred to me. Let me take that in. You know, let me, let me see how that sits with me. And vice versa, right? And so being able to actually express and articulate what the, that your needs are and your desires are, your expectations, your your assumptions, because that’s how you can come to a mutually beneficial collaboration or agreement that everyone is gonna feel good about and not feel like there’s some way that you’re being taken advantage of or you’re not being appreciated, or you feel like you have to get the most out of something because you don’t know how long it’s gonna last for. Like, all this stuff that we can be running inside of ourselves, which actually are very, is very, very detrimental to our relationships. And it may well be that the first thing you need to do is to restore yourself. Take some alone time so that you can get more clear about all of these things for yourself. Sometimes when you’re just really interacting with people, it, it can become unclear because somebody else’s energy, their expectations, their desires are all get mixed up as well. So you might wanna start, but with that place of restoration for yourself and also leaning into what would be harmonious, what I love about harmony is, is that it recognizes difference. Because harmony doesn’t mean sameness. It means that we have different things, but they’re harmonious with each other. You know, like my flowers are harmonious with each other. They’re not the same, but they are harmonious. Or when you’re creating harmony in a song, right? You’re singing different notes, but the notes go together. So that’s part of what you wanna be looking at is how can we actually be in relationship, whether that is with one person or with multiple people, and how can we have that be harmonious? And the base for that, in my view, is always honoring somebody else’s point of view, their way of seeing the world, you know, what they care about, learning how to be empathetic. And it doesn’t mean that you always have to agree with somebody else, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to be the way that they are, like not at all. But it does mean that you can actually take in what is valuable to someone else and allow it to influence the way that you see things, particularly if you’re gonna be in relationship with each other. Because the truth is, is that people need and care about things that are very different even when they’re long time, you know, romantic partners.

And being able to honor that and appreciate it without really judging it is very, very helpful to moving towards harmony and appreciation and usually beneficial collaborations. Okay, that’s my transfer report for this week. And I just wanna encourage you to make your agreements a priority during this time. Make them conscious, write them down even with other people, and don’t allow kind of the subconscious expectations and assumptions to undermine your ability to live in harmony with others.


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