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Human Design Transit Report Apr 25 2022Human Design Transit Report for the new transit beginning on April 22, 2022. Welcome or welcome back to my channel for this week’s human design transit report. Today is Monday, April 25th and in last week’s transit report I talked extensively about the transit that we are currently in and we will be in through Wednesday. So you can go and watch that video right here to get more information about the transit that we’re currently in. Just briefly right now the sun is in the gate 27, which is in the defense circuit, which is a sub circuit of the tribal circuit and the earth is in the gate 28, which is part of the knowing circuit. This coming week we’re also gonna be in the tribal circuit but in a different part of it and we’re still gonna be in the knowing circuit. So we’ll dive into that in just a minute.

But before we dive into what’s coming next, I wanna talk a little bit about the human design gates and what you can be using these transit reports for because yes, you can be watching them to be getting a sense of what you might think of as the celestial weather, right? Or what’s going on in the human design mandala and where the sun and the earth are.

And that helps us to understand what are tho those big energies that are influencing us right now during the transit. But the other thing that these transit reports are great for is, is that you can learn all about the human design gates because over the course of a year, so I’m in the middle of my second year doing this, I talk about all of the gates twice because they show up in the sun and they show up in the earth.

And so I get to talk about them a lot. So over the course of a year there’s a in depth information about all of the gates. And I started really thinking about this because studying the gates is a big project. I know when I did my specialist training, level three, which covered the, the channels and the gates, took us like a year to learn, right? And I did it all with human design and then I did it all with quantum human design. So it was a lot of studying. And for you, as you’re wanting to understand more about your chart, one of the things as after you get your type strategy and authority, right, you’re gonna wanna start to get to know about the gates.

Cuz the gates are fascinating. It’s one of the reasons I like doing the transit reports is I like talking about the gates, but it is a lot of information. And so I was thinking, okay, guess what? I’m creating a database of information through these transit reports that I would like that to be available to you because you, let’s say you wanna know where your conscious son is and your conscious earth and your unconscious son and your unconscious earth, which is your incarnation cross. Because when I talk about the incarnation cross, and this is the way I was taught is, is that we look at each of the those different gates, those four gates, and then we look at what’s the dinette that’s going on between them and what’s going on between the conscious and the unconscious and between the sun and the earth, right? There’s a lot of different ways of thinking about how those different gates are relating to each other. And the earth is what’s grounding you and the sun is how you get to shine your light out into the world. So that’s one piece. But then there’s also the unconscious and the conscious and things that you are more aware of and things that you’re more learning about and leaning into, these are important for you to understand, right? And there are books that you can get about them, and I have recommended those in the past. But I was really realizing that I have a lot of information in these transit reports that I’ve been doing now for a year and a quarter. And I will continue to do at least through the end of this human design year.

So I found a piece of software that allows me to create a database of all of the transfer reports that I’ve done. And I am putting that inside of my Activate your superpowers, introducing human design program, which I am currently enrolling. Now that program is, has 10 classes and it goes through all of the different aspects of the human design system, except it didn’t include the channels in the gates before because it was just too much information.

But it includes type strategy, authority, profile, the centers, the motors, understanding the throat, the incarnation cross that, something about the circuits and, but it did not include the gates. And I know that people have asked me about that. And when I do readings or when I do coaching in the activate your superpowers class, people always wanna one know about the gates.

So I got really excited to find this piece of software that is enabling me to be able to create a database of all of my transit reports that you can then search. So let’s say that your conscious son is the gate of 15, right? Which is the love of humanity or compassion, and you wanna find out all about that. It’s on the G center and you can go and search for that in this database and you can find all of the different places where I talk about the gate 15.

So then you can just gather that for yourself. And when you do that, it’s more information than you would probably get in a book or certainly in, you know, some of those grids you’ve seen where you just have the name, even if it has human design and quantum human design, it may not have a lot of other information about it. And also the way that I talk about the gates is a little bit different.

And I also like to talk about, you know, the fully expressed empowered aspect of the gate, but then also the shadow aspect and also the disempowered aspect because you wanna know how you are expressing that energy. And if you’re more connected to the disempowered aspect, how you can switch that around, or if you’re unconsciously acting out the shadow aspect, how you can switch that so that you turn into a more empowered state.

So those are some of the things that I provide that you’re not gonna find anywhere else, cuz I don’t think anybody else talks about the gates that way. So I would really encourage you if you are interested in learning more about human design and you don’t wanna go and be a specialist, but you do wanna have a comprehensive view of what human design is all about, that you go and check out my Activate your Superpowers, introducing human design program, which is a group coaching program. Also because I provide six months of group coaching to help you to actually make human design real in your life so that you can really learn, learn human design, and also live your human design so that you go beyond just kind of being interested in it or even being inspired to a degree, but actually living your life with your design, helping to lead you through. Because that’s when the magic happens is when you are really using this system, taking it beyond concepts, you are digesting it and integrating it and ultimately embodying it so that it just becomes a way that you are living your life. And I can tell you, for me and for many people I know who I have coached and done readings for, it’s, it’s a miraculous process. So if that’s something that interests you and you feel like I would be a good teacher for you, if you resonate with the way that I present human design, then I would suggest that you go and check it out. I do have a special pricing on this, which is just go good through next week. And I would love to have you come and I would love to meet you because I do these videos, you know, and I do get great comments and people email me and I do get readings and clients and stuff, but I would just love to have more of you be more in my sphere where I get to actually work with you. And doing this program is definitely more financially affordable than what I do for private clients for sure. And it’s only just a tiny bit more than it is for a reading.

And you get an entire program and you get crew coaching for six months. So check out a, the registration page, it has a lot more information about it. I also talked about it more in the video that I released last Thursday. So you can go and get a lot more details about the program in that video. And then of course, you can always email me if you have questions because I of course want you to come and do this if it feels right to you and if it’s the right fit for you.

And, and so I’ll ask, answer any questions that you have. So let’s talk about the transit that’s gonna be coming up on Thursday. That’s this Thursday, April 28th. And the sun is gonna move into the gate 24 and the earth is gonna move into the gate 44. Now the gate 24 is right up here on the top of the ANA and it’s pointing up towards the head center.

And the 44 is on the spleen and it’s part of the tribal circuit, it’s part of the business or commerce or community part of the tribal circuit. And the 24 is part of the knowing circuit. Okay, let’s dive into the 24 first. The gate 24 in traditional human design is called rationalization. And in quantum human design is called blessings. I think it’s a very interesting juxtaposition between those two names.

And so it’s part of this really beautiful channel here where the 61 is connected directly to super consciousness and the 24 is gonna be receiving the insights that come in through that 61. Even though in the picture the head is down through the forehead, I really think of it being up here because those gates are connected to super consciousness and we’re bringing in insights, downloads, inspirations, breakthrough ideas, because that’s what the knowing circuit is all about. It’s individual circuitry, and it is here to be different. It’s here to bring change, it doesn’t fit in and it really wants to go its own way. And you’ve heard me talk about the knowing circuit a lot, if you have been listening to these transit reports for a while because it’s the biggest sub circuit.

I mean, there’s a lot of gates in the knowing circuit, so it shows up a lot in these transit reports. But it’s the evolutionary impulse of humanity is in the individual circuitry, and especially in the knowing circuit, which is where I like to think of this, if, if you work with guides, if you work with angels, if you just connect to the universe or to spirit or to source whatever way of thinking about the guidance and the support that we get from non-physical, it’s coming in through that 61. It is coming in through the other gates in the head as well. But this one in particular is the place where we’re getting those really kind of revolutionary breakthrough outta the box perceptions and downloads. And so you are probably gonna be getting some of those this week because you, they’ll be coming in through that 61, but then the 24 at the top of the ana kind of gather, you know, it’s kind of like the container, right? And it’s receiving that. And so I think that it was called rationalization because the, we would have these, you know, really kind of out of the box ideas that would come in. And the idea there was, well what are we gonna do with that? Like, does that really make sense?

Because the HNA is a little bit, it’s kind of a left brain energy, even though it’s not technically left brain, it has both left and right brain and the knowing circuit in it. But it’s a little bit more of that kind of analytical because the ANA is the center for what I think of as the thinking brain, right? It’s kinda like the computer brain is in the ana in human design.

It’s very different in the chakra system, okay? So don’t get confused about that. But it is the place where we gather data, we analyze data, we kind of think things through. And so rationalization is kind of a, hmm, what do we think about this breakthrough idea that just came in through the 61, but it has been renamed in Quantum Human design is blessings, which I love because it’s like, oh, here’s some blessings that are coming through, let us receive this information. And these, sometimes it’s images, sometimes it’s fully formed ideas that come in and we receive them as blessings. We’re not gonna question them and wonder, you know, is that really useful? We’re gonna receive them and be able to hold them and allow it, yes, to become part of our data, right? But not with the attitude that it has to prove itself to us, but more with a, an open-mindedness. I love what Caroline, Casey says, you may have heard me quote this before because she says, you know, believe nothing entertain possibilities. Because when we can entertain possibilities, that’s when really new things can arise for us and can show up in our lives.

And that in and of itself can help us to break patterns, to help us to kind of break up old beliefs that no longer work for us. And we’re really needing here in this very, very, you know, potent time on planet earth. We’re needing to be receiving new ideas, new possibilities, becoming aware of potentials that we haven’t necessarily been aware of before.

And so that we can make our way through some of the challenges that we have and that are gonna come to us. I believe at least some, not a lot of them are gonna come through that knowing circuit. So pay attention during this week. If you start to have more downloads than usual, you know, write them down in your journal, treat them with honor, act as if they matter. Don’t go, Hmm, oh, that’s a weird idea that I just got. And it might be a weird idea, but don’t discard it just because it seems weird or it seems a little, you know, wow, where’d that come from? Right? Treat it with honor, treat it with respect. Write it down in your journal, talk to your friends about it. Talk to yourself about it. Go into a state of wondering because the 61 is the gate of wonder, right? Go into a state of wondering about it. I wonder what that’s about. I wonder how that’s gonna show up in my life. I wonder if it’s something that it would be helpful for me to share with others.

This is a deeply intuitive energy, and I really believe that part of what we need to be doing in this deeply transformative evolutionary time that we’re in right now is we need to make intuition much more of a centerpiece of how we’re living our lives. And of course, ordinary reality and the over culture does not value intuition. And because we can’t track it the same way, we can’t prove it, we can’t count it, we can’t measure it, we can’t reproduce it, right? It doesn’t fit into all of those kind of scientific western scientific paradigms. And it is how we, it’s our interface with spirit, right? It’s how spirit talks to us and get, provides us what guidance and support. So I wanna really encourage you to open up your heart and your mind and every cell in your body to be able to receive what’s gonna be coming in through that 24.

And also ask your friends if they’ve been getting other breakthrough ideas, because this, you can encourage them to know that this is actually important. And not just to put it away. I wanna give you a really funny example, but I think about this with some regularity. There is a friend of mine who, he became friends with me through doing breath work with me for a, a few years actually. And there was one time when he told me that he had received a complete, it was like a blueprint for a new energy machine. And he is, I mean, he was a contractor and he’s, he’s a guy who builds and stuff. So it was kind of a perfect thing for him to get. And he had written it down and then he had forgotten about it.

He just kind of let it go. And when he told me about it, I’m like, what did you do with that? He goes, you know, I don’t think I have it anymore. I, you know, I, I don’t really remember what I did with it. This was a few years ago. And I remember saying to him, you know, that could have been a revolutionary energy machine that we need to have on the planet right now about how we’re going to transition out of our fossil fuel based energy systems that are, you know, producing CO2 and destroying our ecosystems as well as creating climate change and all of that, right? I said, you know, and he was like, yeah, you know, I never really thought about it at the time, I didn’t really know what to make of it, so I just kind of put it aside. So don’t do that. Even if you don’t know what to do with the, the information that comes to you, chances are somebody else does. And if you treat it with honor and if you treat it with respect, and if you do that, wondering which works for all types, okay? Yes, it’s really designed for generators and manifesting generators, if you’ve watched my video about that. But it’s really great for, for all types actually, is to just be in a state of wonder like, what is this about? I don’t know. And you don’t have to answer it.

Sometimes we discard things because we don’t, don’t know the how. Right? Well, how, what is this? How, what do I do with it? How is it gonna work? I hear that from people all the time. And that’s that left brain logical part coming in. Well how why does it, you know, you don’t have to know that, right? You can start to wonder about it and wonder what its significance is. Now something else that’s really beautiful is we have the 43 23 also defined as going from the asna to the throat, which is also in the knowing circuit. This is where the nodes are, and they’re here for a number of months, which is what they do. But it means that there’s an, there’s a place even for it to come down into expression as it comes through that 24 into the 43 23, so you can express more about it. So this is a beautiful alignment that is coming up starting on Thursday. So take advantage of it. One of the key pieces for doing this is to understand the gate 44. So the earth is moving into the gate 44 and it’s called energy and traditional human design, and it’s called Truth and quantum Human Design. These names kind of don’t really resonate for me very much. I do understand this energy though. And so I wanna talk about it a little bit more. So the 44 is on the spleen center, and I’ve been, it seems like I’ve been talking about the spleen center a lot lately. So the Spleen center is the center for instinct and intuition and the immune system and timing, because it’s the center for instinct. It is a fear-based or potentially fear-based energy that spleen and all of the gates of the spleen are known as SP gates. So the gate 44 has the fear of the past. Interesting. Many of us have fears based in our past history, and that can be our own individual past history. It can be the past history of our parents, right? Our sort of more immediate family. It can be more of our ancestry, okay? It can be a fear of a past of, you know, what we know about humanities. So there’s a lot of possible places we can pulling, be pulling the fear of the past from, right? I think that this gate has been renamed truth in quantum human design because it’s about getting to the truth and not being stuck in the fear of the past.

That totally makes sense to me. So you have the opportunity to ground yourself in the process of getting to the truth of your relationship to the past and not getting mired in fear of the past because these fears are never helpful, okay? They’re instinctual, they often are embedded in something, right? It’s not that they don’t have any truth at all to them, but usually it’s not present time. And so we wanna be looking at, well, what is actually present time? What is true now? And absolutely there are different populations that have had a lot of challenge, coercion, you know, subordination, violence, you know, in their past. Absolutely. And so I don’t wanna dismiss that, and I wanna invite you to consider what is present time, because we need to be in present time so we can heal the, the wounds of the past in order for us to come fully in the present in order to command the future. That’s actually the, the kind of motto for feminine sovereignty is to heal the past, come fully into the present so we can command the future and the we’re commanding the future partly by what we’re receiving through the gate 24 and the 43 23, right? But if we’re stuck in the fears of the past, then we’re gonna be discarding these ideas that come in. We’re not really open to them because we’re not in present time. We’re more referring to things that happened in the past. And when we have unhealed trauma, that’s understandable. Okay? It’s understandable because, you know, there’s kind of this stuck energy that’s going on in our bodies.

And so it’s important for you if you do feel stuck in the past to be really connecting with that. And there are a variety of different ways to do that. I mean, the, the kini yoga practices that you can find on my channel here, we’ll help you to do that. I also have a clarity breathwork series. I’ll put the link for that down in the description as well that you can use to help release, you know, wounds of the past. You can also get with a practitioner who can help you do that if it’s, you know, really locked inside. It’s something I work on with clients with some regularity because it is important for us to do that because we can’t really be in present time if we’re constantly referring to the past. I mean, I know for me, when I was doing a lot of breath work first when I was just doing it for my own personal growth and then to become a breath worker, and then even, you know, when I was practicing a lot as a breath worker, you know, there were a lot of fears of persecution of women in Europe that were in the cells of my body that I really needed to heal and release, you know, a lot of, all kinds of violence and burnings and mutilation and, you know, things that were done to children. So we do have things that are stored in our bodies that we need to heal. And fortunately, we’re living in a time where there’s a lot more focus and support for healing trauma than there was even 10 years ago.

So do get the support that you need for that if you find really kind of locked into the past. And when you do that, you will be able to be more in present time and you’ll be more receptive to what’s coming in. So as we’re going forward into this new transit, be aware if fears of the past are really kind of coming up into your mind, if they are taking over in some way and be able to say to yourself, you know what, that’s just the gate 44 in the fear of the past, and I don’t have to give my energy to it. Okay? There is a value in being able to know that this is an energy that’s being activated in you, and you don’t have to let it take over.

You don’t have to feed it with your own attention, right? Like I said, if you’ve got, you know, a longstanding pattern with some wounding around the past, yes, you do wanna get healing around that, but at the same time, you do have command in your daily life to not allow the, the fear of the past to take over and control you.

And when you do that, what happens is, is that you get to feel another part of this energy, which is the really the energy for creating the environment for new possibilities to emerge. So the 44 in traditional human design is half of this channel of the sale, okay? And, and it’s considered the energy for creating the possibility for the sale.

Okay? I, I like to think of it as not just sales, it’s more about kind of enrollment. It’s about, it’s a very influential energy that is inviting people into a new possibility, a, a new potential. And so you can utilize that energy when you’re not being locked in the fear of the past. You can be using it more about what’s the potential for the future, what is that potential? And when you do that, then the more kind of intuitive potential of this energy becomes available to you because the spleen, when it’s not locked in an instinctual fear is an intuitive center. And so you can unlock the intuition that’s in the 44 that will help you to be able to create the environment for something new to emerge that you can help others be inspired by and that you can help enroll other people into.

And you can see how this is a very dynamic and potent combination between what’s going on with the 24, bringing in these really new ideas. And then the 44 is creating a foundational possibility that we can actually be shining the light of that. So I see this transit as being very, very powerful and full of potential for us. So if you’re interested in studying more with me, if you wanted to do some more work with me, please come enjoy me for my activate your Superpowers. Introducing human design group coaching program that starts in May. And we have a jumpstart session coming up in a couple of weeks. And then we have coaching every month. And it’s, as I said, it’s a comprehensive in depth program that will really help you to learn the art of the chart, like know the different elements of it. And it’s comprehensive enough that I’ve had people take this program and then start to do readings certainly for their friends and for their family, and even doing readings in for clients that they have. It’s great as an adjunct, like if you already work with clients, if you’re a therapist or a counselor, or even a healer, so that you can understand what’s going on with their human design. All right, I hope to see you in the Activate Your Superpowers program and that’s my transit report for this week. Many blessings. Much love.


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