Maggie Ostara, PhD invites you to

Activate Your Potential through Creativity and Intuition

A Experiental Journey in TRULY LIVING your Human Design

Early registration opens in June.

Love what makes you different.

Accurately access your inner guidance. 

Be seen and appreciated for who you know yourself to be.

This is your opportunity to unleash yourself from left-brained dominance and cultivate your innate intuitive and creative abilities so you can live from your full self, all intelligences active and engaged. Only then can you fully embody your Human Design.

Embody Your Human Design begins August 3rd and we’ll journey together for five months. This is my newest, deepest work to date in exploring how to truly live your Human Design. Embody is designed to help you heal from the way culture fragments us by saying only one aspect of you is valuable. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

You’re invited to join us so you can identify and activate all of your intelligences and knit yourself back together into a whole person so that you can engage with life with greater ease, joy, influence, prosperity, and grace.

All gatherings take place online on Zoom and we meet inside our private space in the Becoming Sovereign Quantum Retreat Center and Global Community. 

This is for you IF you want to use Human Design and Quantum Human Design as a tool and ally to release yourself from limiting cultural prescriptions, and embody all of who you are, including and especially your intuitive and creative abilities. 

NEW COHORT BEGINS IN SEPTEMBER Early Registration Opens in June

Register below to be the first to know when our introductory intensive begins!

If you want your life to be different, then you need to live differently.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you tired of trying to make yourself fit into other people’s version of success or happiness?

Do you suspect you’re here for something bigger, even if you’re not sure what it is?

Are you at a turning point in your life and know that in order to have a different life you need to do things differently?

Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted from too much thinking and trying to figure things out and really want a simpler, more reliable way to live?

Have you been drawn into the wacky and wonderful world of Human Design, yet have the feeling you’re skimming along the surface?

Many people become interested in Human Design yet never experience its true magic because they don’t know how to apply its learnings to their lives. This is your opportunity to apply, integrate, and embody the key aspects of your design that will liberate you from confining conditioning and support you to fully express yourself and become who you have the potential to be. 


Discover and practice how to activate and express your intuition, creativity, and the blessing of embodiment.

Did you know?

You’re Intuitive

Intuitive guidance and inner knowing are your birthright. You just may not know how to reliably access it, how to differentiate it from the musings of your mind, or how to trust it.

But you can learn – and we’ll do that together!

You’re Creative

Creativity is an approach to life, not just something you do. You’re naturally creative! You just may have gotten conditioned away from this primary intelligence in favor of analytical thinking.

Yet your creativity cannot be lost – and we’ll practice together!

You’re Embodied

You’ve been blessed with the miracle of a human body! You’re designed to feel, move, smell, taste, experience the richness of the Living World. You just might have spent too much time sitting.

Even so, your body is always here for you – and we’ll explore embodied life together!

You have so much more POTENTIAL than you realize — and more and more of it becomes available when you embrace your intuition, creativity, and body wisdom.

Having this experience with Maggie and Human Design: It’s been a big eye-opener to start from understanding how you’re wired. Instead of judging yourself, realizing “oh that makes sense, that’s a part of me”, understanding how we tick! Plus here are some strategies that I can use to make a decision. You don’t have to hide under this disguise and pretend to be something you’re not. I now have such a strong desire to include this in my coaching programs with my clients.

If you are considering Human Design, it’s a great gift to get to know yourself. So often we are looking at the outside external circumstances of how we see the world and how we feel about ourselves. If you’re someone who’s been trying to do and strive – I know that path because I’m someone who was in the professional world for almost 25 years, using that thinking brain, trying to figuring everything out in order to overcome my traumas in life – I want you to know it doesn’t have to be that hard. You’re perfectly beautiful just as you were created. If you’re thinking about it, just go do it. Be open to a new possibility of how you’ve seen your life. That’s the miracle of transformation, right?

And Maggie, your delivery is beautiful, your concept is beautiful. I love how you guide people through with loving guidance, and with also with ability and so much information and wisdom.

Wendy Lee

Transformational Life Coach, author and speaker -- and singer!, LeadHERship Revolution Founder


Beautiful Maggie, you are shining light in my life. You showed me a way of tuning into spirit that I was desperate to learn and as a result I believe you had a hand in saving my life. I have become more tuned into my relationship with God each day. My intuition has become super sharp And I believe now, in the toughest, craziest of circumstances that I am experiencing, that there is such a big light shining into all of this.


Thank you for connecting the bigger picture of the Universe to Human Design. This context is so important. When I learned I’m a Manifesting Generator and left life flow, things came to me more easily, without forcing things to happen. Patience was a great lesson for me.


Hi Maggie!  I really appreciate your YouTube videos and I have ventured into the Online Becoming Sovereign Temple. Sovereignty is resonating so deeply for me. The phrase that stood out to me on this episode, is “Mind Candy”. WOW! Yumm Yumm! And….so on the nose about how “we” consume information; like running through the maze of life gathering up divine morsels. It tastes good, but what are we DOING with it?

In this video, you state that Human Design is an ENERY SYSTEM. I so appreciate you pointed that out. Your message has shifted a perception of how I view information vs relationship to the information. Beautiful! I believe we are here on Earth to EXPERIENCE. I have found you (or you found me) and I am very excited to see what is unfolding for Becoming Soveriegn! Thank you Maggie for your authenticity and speaking your TRUTH.


Thank you for such a wealth of wisdom, undertsanding, and sharing of the illuminating light to better understand the world within and around. I love the way you give insight into Human Design. The keynotes are easy to remember and so practical. I appreciate this and I will make sure that I reflect on these keynotes ????

What could you do if you had all the energy you need when you need it for what you want to do?

What would it be like to so deeply know how to engage with life – your work, your relationships, your body, and the Earth – that you no longer doubt or second guess yourself?

Are you ready to take the next step into the life you’ve been longing for?

This experiential journey will move you beyond information into a potent lived experience of who you are, and who and what you have the potential to become. 

Many people become attracted to Human Design and dive down the proverbial rabbit hole, watching videos, reading books, and doing their best to learn all they can of this beautiful and complex system. Yet they often stay at the level of CONCEPT and information and never truly integrate what they learn, which is what is needed to create the transformation they long for. 

This program invites, guides, and occasionally provokes you to move into your body, access your inner guidance, and creatively play. Doing so enables you to balance out the logical mind, which has a habit of dismissing your intuition, along with your other faculties — which are many! 

Together we are evolving out of the old paradigm of power-over that’s destroying our world and into co-creating new projects aligned with the more equitable, regenerative, beautiful, creative, and heart-centered world we know is possible. 

Will you join us?

A Message from Maggie

Why this is so important and what it means for you.

I’ve had an incredible curiosity in Human Design. I did Living your Design with a very good Italian teacher and then I discovered Maggie, and I loved so much how she explains Human Design in practice. I also love her generosity in sharing.

Before the Activate Your Superpowers course, I knew I had some potential but still was not be able to trust myself completely. My mind was always very confused. Maggie helped me to clear a lot. My entire life changed, I started to trust myself more and more. I started to connect more and more with my sacral and I let go of control more and more and experienced opening. I feel more connected with my superpowers. I recommend this course highly! Make it a present to yourself. You will be always grateful for this decision!

Federica Sagretti

The big change in me from our reading is that instead of driving toward a particular vision that I have, diving into intuition and embodiment is actually going to be a way to cultivate anything I want. Now I have different words, like powerful, imaginative, creative. Through these different sets of words, I experienced the world differently, but also different things started showing up.

For example, I had something come up at work that annoyed me. Then I thought, what if I just did it the way I wanted to do it and stop doing it the way I think I should do it, then where do we end up? This tangled problem had been vexing me for a long time. Then suddenly it was like, oh, this makes sense. And the thing that was causing me distress was suddenly not causing me distress anymore! And in fact this week was one of the most productive weeks I’ve had in the last five years, right? And I was just shocked.

So I feel really excited about all of these different things. I’ve always discounted the idea that you can make small changes and that larger things would yield from that. But I realized you don’t have to change everything all at once. Ideally it would be great to quit my job, but I can also just like completely have a different life right now, in this moment. I don’t have to wait for it to be better.

Human Design Reading Client

Why Creativity and Intuition?

Western culture prioritizes logic, reason, analysis, and strategy above all else. It asserts that this is the only valid way of knowing. But Human Design reveals there are THREE primary ways of knowing — not just one.

Creativity and Intuition are the other two.

Most of us have been trained into left-brained dominance, which means we’re only using 1/3 of our true capacity. Who knew?!

Well, you probably did, just like I did, because you’re realizing that part of you begins to die when you only live through logic and not through all of your other intelligences.

Embody Your Human Design Experience will provide you with many opportunities to explore, experiment with, expand, enjoy, and embody your design.

Information alone does not transform. Only life experience does that.

No other program focuses on activating and exploring your Human Design through creativity and intuition. Most trainings focus on information alone and a few provide support with implementation. Yet mostly they’re heady and leave out so much of what’s vital and truly transformative.

AWAKEN ALL OF YOU and live from the true richness that is possible!

Let’s claim our birthright and be all that we came here to be!

Let’s claim our birthright and be all that we came here to be!

Unleash yourself from the tyranny of the analytical mind!

Open your self-expression and creativity so that you can know yourself and live on your terms – no one else’s!!


. . .moving through your day feeling on purpose because you’re connected to your inner guidance at every moment.


. . . no longer stressing about what direction to take, what opportunity to act upon, or what to stay away from because you’re in tune with your specific Human Design way of making the best decisions for you – every time!


. . . knowing yourself so well that you deeply appreciate your quirkiness, what makes you different and therefore significant, and no longer give energy to other people’s opinions about you. Ha!


This is for you if:

You’re in a transition phase – or want to transition – and want to create your life differently, more authentically and in alignment with what’s true for you.

You’re enamored with Human Design and want to make it a guiding force in your life even if you don’t know how to do that (yet!) or even what that means. 

You feel inspired and supported by joining a community of Sovereign Evolutionaries who are also unleashing themselves and exploring accessing and expressing their full potential.

You’re pretty sure you’re intuitive and creative, yet you don’t use or rely on these intelligences the way you suspect you could.

You want to activate all of your potential so you can live fully empowered and on purpose, with all of your faculties available to you.

You’re open to trying new practices, exercises, and experiments even if they’re unfamiliar to you and you’re not clear in the beginning what you’ll get from engaging with them.

You’re ready to break patterns and programming that have been limiting and inhibiting you even though that may mean making some big changes.

You’re willing to put in the time, focus, and energy it takes to transform what’s familiar to you so you can step out into the mystery of the unknown, the foundation of a new life.

“This moving away from comfort and security, this stepping out into what is unknown, uncharted, and shaky—that’s called ‘liberation.’” 


Meet Maggie, Your Guide

I’ve been an Ivy League professor, teaching the “best minds” in the United States, and what I discovered is that when you keep your learning and experience at the level of concept, of ideas, you stop short of what’s truly possible. This is the problem with most education today, whether that’s in a college or university, or continuing education, an online program or a conference or retreat. We keep our experience at the level of the analytical mind, of concept or idea. 

I learned this early on, so since I left the academy, I’ve been exploring different ways of learning, growing, and evolving. It’s become very obvious to me that unless we apply, integrate, and embody what we learn, it doesn’t really change us, transform us, grow us. 

And in today’s world, all of this has become more complicated because we’ve become so accustomed to infotainment.

We expect to be entertained and we consume information without taking it in, it’s more of a distraction, or what I call mind candy, from what feels challenging in life than it really is a way of healing, growing, and evolving ourselves. So often people learn about Human Design, dive into the rabbit hole for awhile, even binging on my videos – and then they walk away, never having received the true transformational power the system has to offer. 

I always feel sad when I think of this: all the people who missed out on what’s possible for them because maybe they know how to do it differently or they didn’t have the support and guidance they needed to make it real in their lives. 

I’m an avid learner, as well as a life-long teacher, and I’ve consistently applied and integrated what I’ve learned and thereby transformed my life over and over and over again. This seems to be just a trait I have because I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. I know now that not everyone has it or wants it. Some people accept their circumstances and are fine with how things are, even if they don’t like their lives. 

They would rather have things stay more or less the same than risk what might happen if their circumstances were to change. Growth feels scary to them so they’d rather do what they can to stabilize themselves in place. If you’re one of these people, chances are I’d annoy you! It’s okay, I’ve gotten this all my life. 

If you’re someone seeking growth, reaching your potential, evolving into the highest expression of who you could be, then we’ll get along just fine. 😉 Because that is what I’ve dedicated my life to, at first by instinct, and later by purpose. I’ve morphed through many phases, I’ve helped myriad clients do the same, and I can help you do that, too – if that’s what you’re about. 

I know how easy it is to get in the habit of infotainment. I mean that’s how so many of us got through the pandemic, right? Binging Netflix, I’d see people on social media offering their favorite series, commenting on episodes, and supporting each other even as we sat for hours watching television. And hey, I have a YouTube channel, so I get how much we enjoy – myself included – the worlds that open us before us when we drop into that platform.

And yet, I know in my bones that we’re made for more than this. You’re made for more than this.

It’s one thing to have infotainment – or just straight entertainment – be a way to relax either in a challenging situation, like the pandemic – or at the end of a long day or week when you just want to kick back and pop open your favorite adult beverage. It’s another thing for this to become a way of life, a culturally-sanctioned way of numbing out to what’s challenging in your life or in our world. This can help you cope, but it will also make you resistant to leave the comfort of your screen and say hello to your life. 

I want so much for you to have a full life, one fully expressed, with all the ups and downs, the triumphs and the disappointments, the confusions and breakthroughs that a life fully lived dishes up. We’re here in these miraculous bodies, on this beautiful planet, to experience the vastness, the full spectrum of human experience. Spirit has gifted us this experience, to have a human life, to be a member of the living world, to love and be loved, and to have our hearts broken and renewed again and again. 

Life is not a spectator sport. 

You are a vital part of creation, a song only you can sing, a flavor like no other. If you were not to be here, there would be a hole in the Universe the shape of your energy signature. 

Yet I know that you may not believe that, or know how to embrace that truth, or understand what the heck does that mean for me and my life! I get that – totally. 

I want you to know that you can gain the depth of self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-understanding, and, yes, self-love that you sense is possible yet may still feel distant from. As you dive into truly living your design, as its beauty and profundity unfolds before you day after day, week after week, year after year, you and your life will be forever changed. You’ll experience a sense of oneness with yourself, your inner being, and the great Flow of Life as a moment by moment feeling. Your self doubt, confusion, second guessing, what ifing, and overwhelm will fade into memory as something that used to be true for you. In its place, you’ll experience feeling on purpose, enthusiastic, engaged and well used, even if life is challenging or even heart-breaking. 

You’ll have your center in the storm and always know your way back to ground. 

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
~ Gospel of Thomas

Bring forth that which is within you that maybe has never been seen, heard, or understood. 

Yet when you bring it forth, you step into being someone you’ve dreamed of, or have felt around the edges of your consciousness, or have longed for without even knowing it. It really is possible for you to let go of patterns and ways of being that have held you back or been in your way your entire life! You simply may need new perspectives, guidance, and camaraderie for you to first believe this is possible, and then do what you need to do to make it real in your life. 

Are you ready to finally shed the old, ill-fitting identity and become what you came here to become? Are you ready to dedicate yourself for 5 months to unraveling your conditioning so that you can shine forth as the radiant being that you are? 

In Embody Your Human Design, you’ll engage with me and other participants as we explore key aspects of your design in ways that bring it alive! You’ll get to know your design through creative play, character development, writing new stories, image making, movement, meta-cognitive drawing, and coloring and painting (no experience required!). You’ll receive the support you need to help keep you accountable to your intentions, leaning into community support as you need to help you stay focused and on track. 

You’ll witness and be witnessed by others as together we explore the mystery and magic of living our designs, not dogmatically following the directions of others (including me), but making the experience our own. Learning the aspects of your design is just the beginning! Bringing them in to guide your life will create greater ease, clarity, confidence, and purpose. This is so much easier to do in community as we reflect each other, providing reciprocal support, the hallmark of healthy communities. 

As a Manifestor, my creative processes work differently than other people’s. For a long time, this was a huge source of frustration for me. Maggie’s insights and practical suggestions have helped me embrace my unique strategies and operate in the most natural way for ME in my life and business.

Bryna Hyanes

CEO, WorldChangers Media

Maggie takes you on a journey, into your Human Design, and provides clear and thoughtful insights into how you were created.  The end result is you get super useful tips for moving forward so you can live your life at the highest level.

Leslie McGirk

CEO, WorldChangers Media


Although my exploration with Human Design has just begun, I truly understand why I move through the world the way I do, and why following the “herd” was such a struggle and so self sabotaging. 


I used to dismiss the “downloads” I received because I didn’t know what they were and I didn’t trust them. Now recognize them as divine inspiration and use them to guide my life.


Maggie helped me get of the “imposter syndrome” that had been haunting me by showing me my Human Design superpowers. I feel more relaxed and more confident now!


I appreciate the simple elegance of Maggie’s teachings, which opened the doors to this new perspective. Human Design is this gift of awareness. Being aware empowers me to consciously evolve. 


In the past I was afraid of manipulating people because I know I can be very persuasive. Now I understand that I just need to stay true to my integrity and that this ability to influence is part of my design and my birthright!


Discovering my Human Design has helped me step away from what my family told me I should do and who I should be, and instead get to know myself really well and honor what I truly want.

Program Fundamentals


Embody Your Human Design begins August 3rd and we will journey together for five months through early December. Embody is designed to help you heal from the way culture fragments us by calling to ALL of YOU, not just the part deemed valuable and acceptable by the overculture. 

When you register, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation email with all of the pertinent details so that you can get yourself set up for the best possible experience. 

In particular, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive space inside the larger Becoming Sovereign Quantum Retreat Center. This is where you’ll find all of the dates of our monthly intensives and office hours, plus places to share, chat, cheer, and encourage each other. Course materials will also be available in this space. 

You’ll receive my 75 page ebook, Transform Your Life with Human Design, to get you prepared for our first intensive, which will be based on this book. Additional materials will be added as we move through our journey together.


All live gatherings take place online on Zoom and we meet inside our private space in the Becoming Sovereign Quantum Retreat Center and Global Community. This is also where you’ll find replays of the live sessions, additional course materials, and our global community conversation.


We’ll journey together August-December 2023, with monthly intensives, twice monthly office hours, plus additional weekly and monthly materials delivered via video so you can work with them when it’s convenient for you.


You! If you’re interested in using Human Design and Quantum Human Design as a tool and ally to release themselves from limiting cultural prescriptions and embody all of who they are, including their intuitive and creative abilities. 


$1297 if you pay in full or 5 payments of $297 if that’s easier for you. Partial scholarships are available for BIWOC in financial need. Please email us with your situation and we’ll chat. Register here now.

What Will We Do?

Monthly Deep Dive Workshops (3 hours)

These workshops are the heart of the program giving us an opportunity to dive in deep to the theme for that month. This experience will give you the foundation you need to carry that theme forward into your life. 

Our first workshop is Transform Your Life with Human Design – Laying the Groundwork, based on my ebook series. Together we’ll dig into the fundamentals of Quantum | Human Design to lay the foundation for our journey together. We’ll explore the fundamentals of Human Design in creative and unusual ways that support you to embody your design, not just learn information about it.

Workshop dates: August 12, September 9, October 7,
November 4, December 9

Twice Monthly Office Hours

To support you in absorbing, exploring, and integrating what you’re discovering and practicing, we’ll have office hours twice a month during which you can drop in, share, ask your questions, and connect with the team and other participants. 

This is a vital aspect of your experience as these check-in sessions will keep the momentum going over the course of them. While the monthly intensive workshops will give you a deep dive into an experience, the key to truly growing and transforming yourself is carrying through and continuing to explore the themes in your daily life

Monthly Energy Boost and Hygiene Sessions

Each month we’ll have a new, live Kundalini Yoga session for you to practice throughout the month. These sessions will enable you to clear your auric field of outside energies (such as other people and their definition, cellular and WiFi, angst in the collective unconscious). You’ll also build your life force energy enabling you to stimulate and fuel your Human Design center, especially the four motors, regardless of your specific Human Design. 

Clearing, building, and uplifting your energy makes space and clears the path for you to access and experience your intuitive and creative intelligences. These practices help you build your capacity to experience and embody your physical body in juicy, liberating, and enlightening ways.

Co-Create Our Community Inner-net

While it’s possible to go it alone, it’s so much more fun — and effective — to connect and collaborate with others on the path. We’ll have an exclusive space in our Becoming Sovereign Quantum Retreat Center where we’ll build our community inner-net. An inner-net is where we cultivate a mutually-beneficial, safe, and inspiring environment for sharing, witnessing, and supporting each other. 

On Mondays you’ll receive a short inspiring message for reflection and taking actions for the week. A key to embodying your design is practice, practice, practice! Just like learning any new skill – like playing an instrument, speaking a new language, or learning how to cook – practice is where you meet yourself where you’re at now and progressively build your skill set. 

Learning to truly live your design is no different! To support your practice, you’ll receive suggestions for places in your life where you can apply the theme of the month, cultivating your ability to transform your daily experience by seeing and feeling it through a Human Design lens. (Of course you’re always free to focus on what’s most relevant to you as well.)

End of Week Sharing and Witnessing

On Fridays you’ll be invited to share what’s true for you – and you’ll have through the weekend to chime in. You get to share your challenges, AHAs, celebrations, confusions, and questions – whatever is alive for you. 

Sharing your experience with our Embody Your Human Design community gives you the opportunity to be witnessed so what you’re discovering and learning feels more real to you. This also helps hold you accountable to your intentions so you stay on track even when, especially when, life gets busy or difficult. 

Then you’re encouraged to witness the sharing of others through cheerings or commenting on their posts. In this way, you contribute to everyone else’s experience as well as your own. This is what creates the magic of the inner-net. Your participation is precious and vital to the whole.

Buddy Up – Optional

Would you like to have a buddy or two to connect with on your own to chat about, well, whatever you want! Having your own, self-organized support system can provide you with the opportunity to share, go deeper, and give and receive reflection and support from one another. 

What You Get

Searchable Database on the Gates

You’ll be able to search my Human Design Transit Reports for the last 2.5 years during which I share deep dives into ALL of the Gates in the Human Design system. You’ll receive in-depth explanations and explorations of the 64 gates numerous times as I talk about each gate twice a year. These interpretations are much more indepth than you’ll find in any book or anywhere outside a professional level training program. You’llo be able to dig into the specific s of your Human Design chart with me right by your side!

private Quantum Group Platform

You’ll have access to our own private space inside the larger Becoming Sovereign Quantum Retreat Center. This is where we’ll meet for our live sessions, where you’ll find recordings and other course materials. But most of all, this is our space — like a Facebook group but only better because no one will be mining your data or tracking your behavior! 

Evolving Me Journal

You’ll receive pages every month customized for the current theme where you get to work, create, and play and make a record of your journey so you remember and appreciate where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. 

Bonus: The Deep Dive Journal, the companion to my Transform Your Life with Human Design, comes as a bonus. You’ll be able to get started and dive deep right away with this guide to making real in your life what you discover about your Human Design.

Materials List

We also encourage you to have your own journal that’s exclusively for this program. I highly recommend a big blank sketchbook (11” x 14” or so) so you can draw and noodle and doodle and collage in it as well as write. (We’ll share a longer materials list when you register.)

Two 1:1 Human Design Readings with Me
(30-minutes each)

You’ll receive the customized insights and guidance you need.

Tune in at the beginning to get clear about your intentions and where to focus, as well as get your initial questions answered about your chart. Discover the main themes of your chart and how the parts work together, often in creative tension.

Then tune in again toward the end of the course to share your experience, dive into to a particular them in your life or your chart, and explore your next steps now as an embodied, creative, intuitive being, owning your value and loving who you’re growing yourself to be.

Transform Your Life with Human Design audio ebook series.

Discover the FUNdamentals of Human Design

  • The Five Human Design Types and their Strategies
  • The Seven Kinds of Inner Authority
  • The Nine Energy Centers
  • The Incarnation Cross
  • Definition and Openess
  • Hanging Gates and Electromagnetics


New Cohort begins in September 2024!

Personal and Collective


Human Design has dramatically transformed my life – for the better. I’m now fully in touch with my intuition, I live my strategy and use my authority every day, and I always have energy for what I want and need to do. This is such a huge upgrade from the make it happen, working when exhausted, gotta keep going way of living I once had that led to several cycles of burnout. 

But it wasn’t such an easy journey. I was still so entrenched in my conditioned ways of being that when I first encountered Human Design I dismissed it! In my arrogance and ignorance, I thought: this is clearly not accurate! What do you mean I’m not designed to initiate? I’ve been initiating my entire life. I’m an Aries Sun after all. And I walked away.

Until a few years later when I burned out again. And this time in a really big way. That’s when it occurred to me that maybe there is something to this Human Design stuff and I took another look. I started reading books and watching videos – down the rabbit hole as they say! I opened the inquiry: what does it mean to wait to respond (instead of initiate)? I couldn’t find any resources that clearly shared with me what this really means and how to do it. So I just explored on my own. For several months. And it wasn’t easy. 

Eventually I began to get the hang of responding and working with my Sacral Authority. But I still had so much to learn. It wasn’t until I committed to professional specialist training to become certified that I began to get more of the answers I needed. And it wasn’t until I was in Level Four (!) that I was able to interact with my teacher and connect more with a community to help me along

I learned that Human Design is an art even more than a science!

A lot goes into understanding how the elements of your design work together, what really to focus on in reading a chart, and how to actually apply the information to your life so that you can grow yourself into who you have the potential to become. I learned some of this in my training programs, but honestly I learned most of it through doing hundreds of readings and practicing living my design every day. 

I know that many people become enamored with Human Design – and then they walk away. It’s fun mind candy for a period of time, but then it fades into the background as something they dabbled in once but never really adopted. That’s fine if it’s the right decision for you! 

Yet I feel sad when I consider how people might either be like I was – dismissive because they don’t understand and are resistant – or they don’t get in far enough for the magic to start to unfold. I know they’re missing out on something that could become their greatest guiding support system, their own Human Design and how they choose to embody and express it

Because here’s the key: You are not your Human Design. You are the flowering of your life experience, the choices you’ve made, the values and priorities you have, where and under what circumstances you grew up and how you now relate to those experiences, and so much more. Yet your Human Design can affirm for you aspects of your being that no one has ever reflected back to you before or acknowledged as valuable enough to be a superpower. It can help liberate you from conditioning and provide you with guidance on your soul curriculum. It can reveal possibilities that maybe you’ve felt in the back of your mind but haven’t been able to put into language. Yes, your design can provide you with so so much.

But the truth is none of this matters much if you don’t bring this understanding into your everyday experience as an ally who has your back and wants what’s best for you. That’s what’s possible when you decide to make this inquiry real in your life. 

I created Embody Your Human Design because I don’t want you to feel so challenged with living your design like I did. I really had to make my own way with it. I discovered that keeping Human Design at the level of concept – as interesting ideas – is not transformative. This is how most experts on Human Design teach – at the level of concept. What I know is you need to include the wisdom of your body, to activate your creativity, and to tune into your other intelligences – and you have many – in addition to that of your analytical mind, in order to unlock the mystery and magic that awaits you. 

This deep dive will invite you to expand the states of consciousness to which you have access so that you can awaken and enliven more and more of the potential inside of you. Many of us stay more or less in our everyday state of consciousness, the you that lives in ordinary reality, doing your work, talking with your friends and family, buying groceries, cooking meals, and doing laundry. Of course we need to be able to move smoothly through our days. Yet you have many other states of consciousness you can tap into when you decide you want to have a richer, fuller, more holistic experience of yourself and of life. When you step into creative states – and we’ll be doing this in Embody Your Design – you access faculties different from what you rely on in ordinary reality. Same is true when you engage with energy practices and you expand your awareness to include your energy body as well as your physical and mental bodies.

I bring to my offering of Human Design more than two decades of deep work in the personal growth and spiritual healing realms. Human Design is necessary, yet insufficient on its own to give you what you need to decondition and manifest all that’s possible for you. In Embody Your Design, we’ll explore different states of consciousness, different creative access points, and different forms of expression that will enable you to level in multiple dimensions instead of just one. 

Sound good? Then please join me and our Embody Your Human Design community!


I invite you to join me and the Embody Your Human Design Quantum Community as together we take a creative, evolutionary, playful and liberating deep dive into living our Human Designs.

Let’s honor the richness of all that we are, freeing ourselves from confining conditioning, accessing all of our intelligences, and expressing our own truths from deep within our designs and our life experiences. Move beyond consuming Human Design as “mind candy” and into experiencing and embodying the potential Human Design reveals to you of what’s truly possible for you. We thrive as we explore, create, and evolve together beyond what culture has taught us is possible, fueled and guided from within.

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