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the next step in your evolutionary journey

Discovering your Human Design opens an exciting and inspiring new world to explore.


Everyone begins with a foundational Human Design reading if they haven’t already had one with me. This provides us with common ground from which to proceed.

During their initial reading, clients typically say they feel more seen, heard, understood, and affirmed than ever before. Through me, the system uncannily mirrors back to you many aspects of who you are that you already know, but that you may have rejected or submerged because they didn’t fit in or were not approved of in your family or community growing up.

Plus you’ll discover some of your super powers, get a taste of how you’re designed to dance with life, and learn how to make decisions that are right for you based on your inner authority. We also focus on a few specific issue areas about which you want to gain insight and understanding.

You’ll walk away with valuable information that has the potential to dramatically upgrade your self-concept and positively influence every area of your life.

But you’ll reap your full reward only if you take what you learn, digest and integrate it, then apply it to your life.

Otherwise it will devolve into mere data to be forgotten as the demands of your life take over again.

This is where Living Your Design Coaching comes in.

Upgrading your life is not always (ever?) an easy process.


Information can open your awareness if you’re receptive it to. Awareness will transform you over time if you allow yourself to be changed, if you take in new perspectives, and if you take new actions in your life based in your new understanding of who you are.

This can feel unsettling as well as inspiring and exciting.

Some of what’s revealed by your Human Design may be disruptive to your self-concept. It certainly was for me. When I discovered that I’m a pure Generator and I’m designed to respond not initiate, “whaaaaat!” I thought. “That can’t be true.” But it is true and my life has been forever changed when learned to live aspect of my design.

Read more about Maggie story.

You may resist aspects of what you learn, be confused by it, or simply not get how to live your life from a new place. That’s often the case with a deep transformational work, and it’s a sign that you’re moving into new terrain.

You don’t have to understand your Human Design to coach with me. That’s what our work together is all about.

You simply need to have an open mind, a willing heart and a true desire to live your full potential. You do need to be clear that I’m your person. Let’s have a conversation and find out.

If I am, I would be honored to be your guide on this journey. Please see below for details on my 6-month Living Your Design Coaching Program, and know I am open to customizing a program just for you, too.

Scholarships are available for women of color with financial need. Just ask!

“I particularly admire Maggie’s clear and passionate commitment to empowering her clients and students to be part of the great healing and turning necessary in these times.”

After my first reading with Maggie I discovered that places in my life and myself I had previously judged and experienced as challenges, were simply part of my “make up”. I realized I could experience them with not only more ease and acceptance, but I could transform them into strengths and assets.

Such relief this brought!

I have now coached with Maggie for almost six months and participated in her Messaging Made Easy with Human Design course. I often write down word for word what she’s saying, as so much rich wisdom and guidance flow through her.

Since I started working with Maggie, I have had more creative and professional opportunities come to me effortlessly, with greater joy, acceptance, ease and deep satisfaction!

Zoe Sameth, MS
Trainer, Speaker, Educator

~ Zoe Sameth, M.S.

Elizabeth Germain
Private Chef & Educator

“I’m able to make the right decisions for me at the right time. And that’s HUGE.”

When I first started working with Maggie, I wanted to learn how to manifest my life work in a way that’s purposeful, supportive financially, and naturally flows with my lifestyle. I also wanted to grow wiser in my decision-making.

As I discovered more about my Human Design, I felt affirmed in my super powers and realized that they align with the direction I want to take. What I didn’t realize is I’ve been overlooking a few fundamentals of self-care and needed to make my health and well-being a priority first.

Now I see myself differently. It’s like a window was cleaned! I’ve become more confident and know the importance of right timing. I’ve confidently negotiated contracts with clients that are more favorable. My fears around money are eroding as I build a solid financial foundation.

What area of life do you most want to develop into your fullest potential?

Personal Sovereignty


Build your capacity in the intelligences of your choice based in your Human Design.


Work your Soul Curriculum and develop Mastery in your chosen areas.


Learn to access multiple dimensions so that you can be more at choice about your experience of reality.


Create your personal declaration and Code of Living as you become a powerful agent in creating our New World.



Maximize the positive potential of your relationships.


Understand how your energy interacts with others and what’s healthy for you.


Step out of repeating patterns and become skillful at navigating relationship challenges.


Learn to effectively work with conflict and to repair when needed, serving both or all of you.



Upgrade your self concept so you can own your true value and charge what you’re worth.


Ensure your work inspires you to make your greatest contribution and experience your deepest soul satisfaction.


Work sustainably, with pleasure, avoiding exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm.


Bring your creativity and intuition into your work in the world to fuel your delight and make all that you do easier and more effective with less effort. 

Body Wisdom


Come down from the “thinking tower” to access and relish the wisdom, joy and pleasure available in your body.


Learn to “shift your state” so that you have greater command over how you feel and are able to stablize even in an emotional storm.


Give yourself the gift of relaxation and rejuventation, honoring your body’s needs.


Become radiant and magnetic to what you truly desire, not what you were conditioned to want. 

Money and Prosperity


Release out-dated conditioning and heal your money story. 


Develop trust and inner security to open the portals to greater prosperity with more ease.


Learn business models and practices that take your business or practice to new levels of income and impact.


Access your true wealth and turn your liabilities into assets, inside yourself and in your bank account.

Living Your Design

Program Benefits

Command your energy and direct it where and when you will, rather than it directing you.

Avoid burn out, frustration and disppointment by working with your design instead of against it.

Dance with life in ways that make everything easier, more graceful, more prosperous, and more fun.

Make decisions that are right for you based on a clear connection with your inner authority.

Access, trust and act on your intuition on a regular basis.

Escape the tyranny of your mind and embrace your body wisdom.

Scholarships are available for women of color with financial need. Just ask!

Living Your Design

Program Features

Foundational Reading of your Human Design chart (90 minutes) + Integration Session (30 minutes)

1 : 1 Coaching with Maggie (not another coach) focused on activating your super powers, deconditioning, and realizing your empowered future

Additional Customized Readings of your Human Design Chart focused on your areas of interest

Access to Maggie’s Human Design courses — Activate Your Super Powers: Introducing Human Design online program and Messaging Made Easy with Human Design online program

Additional training materials as desired and needed

Clarity Breathwork sessions may be included to support your spiritual healing

ALL PROGRAMS are customized for each client. Typical time frame is 4-6 months. Typical investment is $4k-$7k depending on the design.

What dream have you deferred?



What would it mean to you to create it?

~ Kathryn Chess
Nutritionist, Healthy Living Coach

“Maggie’s coaching exceeded my expectations.”

Maggie was the breath of fresh air that I was looking for. She combined the business nuts and bolts with a powerful spiritual component that I had never seen in any other.

Maggie’s coaching exceeded my expectations. I now know my true value and I feel better than ever about my practice. Not only have I doubled my income, now my clients pay in full, which keeps my income steady and promotes client success.”

“I’ve quadrupled my income.”

Maggie had the kind of savvy and catalyzing energy that helped to boost my confidence and provided the spunk and momentum I really needed to get things back off the ground.

Maggie’s knowledge of the common conflict many of us have around being valued and well paid for our work made her a great match for me. I have grown my practice from part-time to full, and have quadrupled my income.

I am able to take vacations again and travel to study with excellent teachers. I’ve become far more confident in myself and in promoting my work, and take joy in getting to have a potently positive impact on my clients, and thus, my community.

~ Jill Goldreyer, CMT, CPTP
Pain Reflief and

Living Your Design Will


Liberate you from conditioning that’s been holding you back from knowing, much living as, your authentic self


Reveal your life purpose, your operating system according to Human Design, and it’s probably not what you think!


Aid you in discerning right timing so that you take the best actions at the optimal time, and not act when it’s not the right time, making everything you put your energy into more effective and more impactful


Show you how to align with the flow of life so that the energy that creates worlds helps in creating your endeavors and you use a lot less of your own life force energy


Create a new stable foundation for you in developing you Sovereignty, fully in command of your life in concert with the larger flow of life

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