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Activate Your Superpowers

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“I absolutely loved Maggie’s course and teaching method. I signed up for this class in search for guidance to help me navigate major transformations in both my personal and professional life. The course exceeded my expectations. I learned to manage my energy more effectively, make decisions more strategically and trust my own intuition. Most importantly perhaps, I have come to appreciate and harness the unique powers gifted to me by virtue of my human design. Thank you, Maggie, for this liberating, joyful and humbling journey!”  ~ Maysa, Social Justice Advocate

Whether you want to:


  • better understand your innate self
  • discover your life purpose
  • create more meaningful work
  • experience more harmonious relationships
  • become more prosperous
  • get clear about what you really want
  • or all of the above and more . . .

Activate Your Superpowers: Understanding Your Human Design will show you the way through the lens of Human Design, the template of our evolving humanity —
including YOU!

What will your life be like when you are 

Living Your Full Potential?!

Do you know that you’re utterly unique,
yet you’re not sure how?!

Human Design gives you a map and directions to your attributes and superpowers so that you can be more confident, self-assured, articulate, and magnetic.

This elegant system reveals your gifts and talents, your potential challenges and pitfalls, how you’re designed to engage with life and with other people, how to make the best decisions for you, and what type of working situations suit you (and which do not).

And that leads to creating more of what you want in your life with a lot less effort.

For example, some people are designed to be builders, others to initiate projects, others to organize and orchestrate, others to research, while others are storytellers, leaders, priestesses, channels, counselors or therapists, dancers, yogis or athletes. Some are fast, some have seemingly infinite energy, others need to take their time so their wisdom can brew, while still others need rest and to guard their energy.

Yet all too often we’re conditioned into cookie cutter approaches to happiness, success, and satisfaction that turn out not to work for most of us.

You can never get to the right solution if you’re trying to solve the wrong problem.

Do you catch yourself thinking…

If I just work hard enough, push my way through my challenges, I can accomplish what I set out to do — and then I will be happy and satisfied.

Me, too!

I hired coaches, took programs, and followed systems that were supposed to work.

I studied business.
I studied relationships.
I studied health.

I became successful according to society’s standards.

But I still kept burning myself out…  and I didn’t really know why.

Turns out the solution wasn’t about working harder or smarter — the answers lay in my Human Design and learning to live in alignment with it!


by the time you walk away from
Activate Your Superpowers you will understand

Ways you’ve been placing boulders in your way without even realizing it, and how to turn potential liabilities into valuable assets.

Your unique gifts and talents — especially the ones not understood or valued in common culture — and how to honor, appreciate and embody them. 

The specific ways you’re designed to communicate that become superpowers when you know how and in what circumstances to use them.


How to feel confident in your work in the world, in your relationships, and in navigating today’s challenges. 

How to make the right decisions for you based on accurate, reliable guidance from your inner authority according to Human Design.

How to own your power and stop suppressing yourself — and when you do, have all the energy you need for what matters most.

I had been contemplating the feeling of always swimming against the tide for years when I stumbled across Maggie’s YouTube channel and course. From the outset, the course highlighted how far out of alignment I have been living and how much unravelling of existing conditioning would be part of the experience. As I started to apply the teaching to my life, a sense of internal clarity emerged and with Maggie’s coaching, the skill to decipher the internal guidance. This course has encouraged me to be more accepting of myself and excavated aligned decision-making powers. Human Design has also enabled me to better understand the behaviours and attitudes of those around me. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to engage with life with a more comfortable ease.  ~ Harry D, Program Participants

Imagine what it would be like if you had all the energy and inspiration you needed, knew when and when not to take action, and easily attracted what you most desire?


That’s what’s possible — and so much more — when you align with your design.


I’ve been very curious about Human Design. I did Living your Design with a very good Italian teacher and then I discovered Maggie. I loved so much how she explains Human Design in practice. I also love her generosity in sharing. Before this course I knew I had some potential but still was not be able to trust myself completely. My mind was always very confused. Maggie helped me to clear a lot. My entire life has changed! I’ve come to trust myself more and more. I come to connect more and more with my Sacral and I let go of control more and more and experienced more opening. I feel more connected with my superpowers. I recommend this course highly! Make it a present to yourself. You will be always grateful for this decision.

Federica Sagretti

Mindfulness Counselor, Spiritual Coach, www.federicasagretti.itwww

I am so grateful to Maggie for her support and guidance throughout the Activating Your Super Powers Course. With the benefit of her exceptional coaching skills and extensive Human Design knowledge, I completed the course with the knowledge and confidence necessary to do readings. I enjoyed and appreciated Maggie’s kind, thoughtful, and honest approach. The Q&A/Coaching Sessions helped me to integrate the de-conditioning process, to identify my unique super powers, and embrace the profound personal transformation that unfolded throughout the course.

Michele Ketzmerick

Author, Human Design Specialist, Retired Executive Director

Who’s this Program for?


You want to know your superpowers and to manifest your potential.


You're ready to DIG IN and really receive the benefits you sense are possible.


You are open to new perspectives... even when they challenge your beliefs . . . because you know that's key to your evolution.

Yes! It’s for you whether you’re


You're brand new to Human Design and want to get the whole story from start to finish.


You're familiar with Human Design and want to go deeper, put all the pieces together, and learn to truly live your Human Design.


You've seen the power of the Human Design system and want to be able to share it effectively and responsibly with your clients.

Understanding Human Design

Activate Your Superpowers

In-Depth Training with Maggie Ostara, PhD

Designed to support you in identifying and accessing your unique super powers, so you can engage with life, your work in the world, your relationships and your health sustainably, joyfully and with less effort.

Here’s What You’ll Learn…


Introducing the Human Design Chart

Let’s begin at the beginning with exploring the aspects of the Human Design chart and what it’s based on. The system draws on, combines, and transforms four ancient wisdom traditions: the planets from astrology, chakras from the Yogic traditions, the Tree of Life from the Kabbala, and the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese IChing.

The system includes 9 energy centers, 36 channels that connect the centers, and 64 gates that live in the centers and are the end points of the channels. Every aspect of the chart has specific possibilities for expression, both ones that open possibilities and empower you and ones that can shut down and leave you feeling far less than you actually are. Through the program you’ll learn how to actualize the highest possible expressions for you.

Become familiar with several different versions of the Human Design chart. Every kind has the same information presented differently.
Learn the names of the energy centers, what’s a hanging gate, and why there are two sets of numbers and symbols in red and black.
Become adept at navigating the complexities of the chart for your own benefit and also so you can help others understand as well. Share your enthusiasm with a friend!

Human Design (Arche)types

Your Human Design type is like your role in society and in life. Each type has a specific strategy for engaging with life that guides you in working hand-in-hand with Spirit. Most people have been trained by family and culture to live in conflict with their design, resulting in lack of success, burnout, frustration, disappointment, and even bitterness.

Every type has its own kind of superpower that you unleash when you begin living in alignment with it. Find out your specific way of interacting and working with Spirit that will make everything easier. Let go the burden of feeling you need to always be in charge and make everything happen!

Discover and align with how you’re designed to operate in the world with ease and grace, including your emotional theme, which will tip you off as to whether you’re in alignment – or not.
Identify and release out-dated conditioning that’s been leading you away from what’s actually true for you.
Learn about all the types so that you become better equipped to interact with others in ways that benefit everyone. Building understanding and empathy for yourself and those around you. 

Your Inner Authority

Everyone innately has an internal guidance system that provides you with the best way of making decisions for you — and I bet it’s not what you think! Activate your innate intuition to guide your life from the inside.

Discovering your Inner Authority and how to work with it will put in touch wiht your Inner Being and your highest guidance. Let go of FOMO and second guessing and feel into what’s true for you — accurately and reliably. What a relief!

Step out of overwhelm and confusion as you learn to access your inner authority.
Stop making decisions in your head and learn to access your body’s wisdom.
Open up your intelligences in addition to your logical mind so that you can become more whole and empowered.

Line of Your Profile

If your Human Design type is your role in life, then your profile is like your character. Your profile helps you understand your tendencies, why you may like some things – like being on your own a lot or always wanting to know everything about a topic you get interested in – and not others.

Discovering your Profile (character) and that of others helps to understand and appreciate our radical diversity and fosters acceptance and connection.

Embrace and appreciate yourself more deeply by discovering your special traits. Give yourself more permission to live into the character your profile reveals to you.
Affirm traits you may have suppressed or rejected because they didn’t fit with what you were conditioned to believe are valuable and worthy.
Discover how to love and accept other people and their differences and learn how to work together supporting each other’s intrinsic nature.

Definition and Openness Revisited

Everyone has the complete Human Design chart in their own energy field. What differs is what’s colored in (defined) and what’s white (open) and this is what makes each chart unique. This module includes two lessons that explore the theme of definition and openness in two yet related ways. 

The first lesson explores the qualities of qualities of definition and openness and how you can maximize the benefits while minimizing the liabilities. The second lesson covers the influence of definition in terms of the relationship among your energy centers (single, split, triple or quadruple split definition).

Discover which energies you have ongoing, ready, reliable access to and explore how you’re expressing them.
Identify the energetic transmissions you’re sending out whether you’re aware of them or not.
Upgrade your experience by moving from the shadow or dis-empowered to the empowered expression of your definition.
Learn how your openness provides you with a path to great wisdom.

The Nine Human Design Centers

The Human Design chart includes nine energy centers that are related to yet different from the seven primary chakras of the ancient Yogic traditions. According to the story of Human Design the heart chakra and the solar plexus each split into two centers, bringing the new total to nine.

This module explores the qualities of five of the centers (Head, Ajna, Throat, Spleen and Emotional Solar Plexus) when defined or open. The following module covers the four “motor” or engines in the chart, the centers that provide energy and power to the rest of the system.

Discover why you do what you do based on which centers are defined or open and in combination with your life experience.
Identify your “core energy” in your defined centers and discern if you’re using them as the potential superpowers that they are or if you’re disconnected from or squandering that power.
Learn why you may feel impacted by other people’s energy and what you can do to minimize it.

The Four Motors

This second module about the nine energy centers explores the different types of power available in the four power centers: Sacral, Emotional Solar Plexus, Root, and Will. Each of these centers supplies energy and power to the entire system in different ways and with different implications.

Learning about these motors can set you free from self judgement and judgement of others about how much and what kind of energy each of you “should” have. Become more accepting and appreciative of our differences as you become more knowledgeable.

Discover where your power lies, what kind of power you have, if you’re currently accessing or suppressing it, and what you do to unleash it into the superpower it
actually is.
Unravel cultural conditioning that may be holding you back from being as powerful as your truly are. Very often women and BIPOC are programmed to act small in order to escape notice and (supposedly) stay safe.
Learn how much energetic power you’re designed to have, how consistent or inconsistent it may be, and how much rest you need.

Your Incarnation Cross

In which gate the Sun and Earth were at the time of your birth and 88 days prior make up your Incarnation Cross. These four gates tell you in what kind of energy you need to ground yourself (Earth) so that you can bring the very best of you out into the world (Sun). You can find these gates in the top two positions of the column of numbers in your chart.

According to the founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, you will grow into your Incarnation Cross more and more through the course of your life. It holds many keys to your life’s major themes and the path of your highest evolution. Discovering its dynamics will accelerate your spiritual growth as you become more aware. of how to work with them to your advantage.

Discover themes of your life purpose as revealed by the gates of your Incarnation Cross.
Discern the dynamics among these four energies, dynamics which often bring creative tension into your life experience which is key to manifesting your highest potential.
Unpack vital elements of your soul curriculum by exploring these themes and dynamics. What are these energies inviting you into and how are they already active in your life?

The Three Main Human Design Circuits

The Human Design system contains three main circuits – Individual, Tribal and Collective – each of which has two or more sub-circuits. This “wiring” helps us understand the larger themes and the creative tension playing out in the chart, individually and collectively.

These circuits represent the three primary ways of knowing: Knowing (Intuition), Logic, and Sensing that sometimes feel in conflict with each other. Learning these dynamics enables you to not take energetic tension personally and opens doors to greater understanding and connection.

Learn why you may feel that you’re different and you don’t fit in plus what the hidden benefits are to this aspect of your design.
Discover additional layers of major themes in your life that you may or may not currently be aware of or fully understand but that can become superpowers when you embrace and embody them.

Empower yourself with an even deeper level of understanding of how energetic themes influence and play out in your experience and that of those around you.

Gain new insights on tension and conflicts you may have both inside yourself and with those around you, including family, friends, co-workers, community members and even national and world leaders.

Art of Reading the Chart

I’m sure you’ve the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” Nowhere is this more true when it comes to interpreting a Human Design chart. Thus far you’ve been learning the parts of the chart, and now it’s time to put it all together.

Discover what dynamics and creative tension to look for in the chart that reveal the places where the person has the opportunity to stretch themselves and create something new. This is where we find spiritual growth and someone’s soul curriculum.
Step out of overwhelm that can arise when you’ve filled your head with all kinds of details and don’t really know how to make sense of them.
Know what is truly relevant in a chart so that you can focus on what’s important and away from less significant details.
Learn to identify key themes that recur in a chart that point to one’s primary challenges and potential superpowers.
Understand the role life experience plays in providing a truly holistic reading.

Discover the Power of the Planets

People have been fascinated by the planets since time immemorial. We have a microcosm of the solar system inside ourselves that Human Design reveals to us in very specific ways. You’ll learn how each planet influences you by where it’s located inside the mandala of your chart.

The planet play a key role in each Human Design chart! Where the planets are at any moment in time (like your birth time) creates the black numbers of your chart. Where they were 88 days prior to that create the red numbers. The position and interaction of all of these celestial forces determine many of your superpowers!


Discover the unique characters of each of the planets as we understand them in Human Design. (They’re different yet related to astrology.)


Map out how the specific planetary placements in your chart reveal major themes, challenges, and blessings of your life journey.


Explore the awakened, shadow and disempowered aspects of these celestial forces in your own chart (and life!) as well as the larger Human Design system.

You get all of this to support your learning. . .

Video Trainings

Learn when it’s convenient for you via videos. Review what you’re learning with slides of every session.

Audio Trainings

Prefer to listen? Grab the MP4s and listen on your smart phone or audio device.

Custom Workbook

Make what you’re learning real in your life! This workbook will help you apply what you’re discovering practically and immediately.

PDF Transcripts

Transcripts of every lesson so you can follow along or review and make notes as your leisure.

Your Unique Human Design Chart

Receive multiple views of your Human Design chart revealing your circuitry and placement in the Human Design Mandala.

Private Course Portal

Access all of your videos, audios, PDFs and other program materials in one easy place.

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I loved Activate Your Super Powers and got a lot out of it. I’ve been able to put the information into use, immediately and effectively. It’s helped me to get in touch with my own powerful, inner “divining rod.” It’s helped me to understand relationship dynamics with my partner, my friends, and with my clients.

I’ve been fascinated by the information that I get from a Human Design chart that corroborates what is shown in someone’s Vedic astrology chart (I’m a Vedic Astrologer). I especially appreciate that Human Design provides clear insight into each person’s best method for decision-making and personalized energy management – important info – and something that’s not as easily seen in a traditional astrology chart.

Maggie’s grounded, insightful, communicates clearly, has well-structured online courses, and provides loads of useful, practical examples and applications of the material. I highly recommend this course and readings with Maggie!

Anastacia Rose Kaser

Dancing with Heaven & Earth: Sacred Dance, Astrology, Health

When I registered for Activate Your Super Powers, I was looking for a systematic understanding of Human Design (HD). I appreciated the concepts yet was initially turned off by some of the absolutes I heard. Then I “found” Maggie Ostara. She, like me, understands that transformation is a potential that is innate in all of us, and we are not cast in stone.

In the Activate Your Super Powers course I discovered the basics through my own chart, learning about HD and more about myself. Certain aspects of myself were validated – both the positive higher vibrational energies and the not-so-resourceful lower vibrational energies. I resonated with Maggie’s presentation of the various facets of HD with the higher expression verses the lower expression of a characteristic.

As a Projector, I now understand why I’m a great organizer leader and facilitator who can (and has) come off as “pushy” if I don’t wait to be invited and asked for advice. In this aspect, I can activate my superpowers by being patient and radiant in who I am.

With this wise system, I can ascertain my strengths and challenges in a non-judgmental, energetic format. I appreciate the simple elegance of Maggie’s teachings, which opened the doors to this new perspective. HD is this gift of awareness. Being aware empowers me to consciously evolve.

Carolyn White

Chakra Coach

Human Design confirmed all that I knew I was, before I got caught up in what society thought I should be. Although my exploration with Human Design has just begun, I truly understand why I move through the world the way I do, and why following the “herd” was such a struggle and so self sabotaging.

After taking Activate Your Super Powers, I already experience more confidence, improved self esteem and clarity of what my true life purpose is. Now it’s all about Self Love, having more patience with my journey, owning all that I am and truly having more joy in my life.

My only regret…is that I waited so long to take the deep dive in and explore Human Design, even though I had the book sitting on my shelf over 25 years ago.

The system was more than my mind could decipher.

Karen Curry’s book and Maggie’s teaching style give the knowledge a sense of “realness”, so relatable and usable.

I am grateful.

Susan Lengle


I was taking another Human Design course when I started Activate Your Super Powers. Yours is more focused on my strengths than the general course, and I liked that very much. I found it easier to get into. The time you took for us and the personal attention was amazing! I didn’t find that anywhere else. You have spontaneity. You looked at my chart and it was like you discovered me and I discovered myself at the same time. I was so impressed. For the first time I realize who I really am. It was very deep.

I used to work for other people and really run their businesses. But I didn’t get credit for it or get paid the way that I should have for what I was doing. I thought’s just the way things are. Then something in me changed when I learned my Human Design. I got it that I needed to have my own business. I was doing it before, but it was in the shadow of my making money in other people’s businesses. Now I started a newsletter and have small groups, and I’ve got more clients now too.

I can’t even say how much better it is now that I know who I am and what my true powers are.

Aline Harmsen

Energy Healer

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You are skeptical to the point of resistance.

Being uncertain when engaging with a new system is understandable, especially one as different and counter-cultural as Human Design. If you are skeptical to the point of being resistant to learning and change, then it’s probably not the right time for you to take this program.

You have a habit of buying programs and not doing the work.

We’ve all done it! We’ve all bought things that we didn’t use. If you have a habit of doing that with online programs, please save your investment for when you are sure you’re ready.


This investment will be significant hardship for you.

I know that some people advise you to investment to the point where it hurts, based on the idea that this will motivate you to do the work. I don’t think you will learn well if you’re really stressed out about the investment. So please be wise about what’s best for you. 


You don't like online learning, but think you should.

Some people just do not like online learning, yet they investment in programs because they love the topic, then they try to make themselves do it even though they hate it. This is not very kind to yourself. Please don’t do that.

You really don't have the time.

Our lives are incredibly busy and often stressful. I know that taking a program like this can be a significant investment of time as well as money. Please only join us if you can carve out time to participate. I don’t want you to feel frustrated with yourself, or guilty later, because you really don’t have the time right now.

Who is Maggie Ostara, PhD?

Maggie Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized that she’s not meant to work for anyone else. (She now knows this is part of her Human Design!)

Since then she’s created four successful businesses, grossing a couple million dollars, in the healing arts as a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer, a high-end soul-inspired business coach, an online marketing and education expert, and now also as a Certified Human Design Specialist.

Maggie’s a multiply-published author, arousing public speaker, beloved teacher, and highly intuitive and skilled mentor-coach. When they work with her, Maggie’s clients deepen their sense of destiny and true value, and live into their own definitions of success.

She has served tens of thousands of students, and hundred of clients all over the world through her online programs. She lives in a small town in Northern California with her black feline familiar and her NB teenager.

Questions? Please contact the team here. 


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