Activate Your Higher Purpose Experience with Human Design and Lightbody Meditation

What if you lived feeling deeply and profoundly on purpose?
Not just once in awhile, but everyday? And you can!

Discover the keys to living a meaningful life that fulfills and satisfies you even as you make a positive contribution to the world.

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This LIVE Virtual Immersion is for anyone ready to step onto a higher path of purpose and fulfillment


Have you been feeling dissatisfied, uncertain, or overwhelmed?


Have the complexities and challenges of our world been disrupting your sense of well-being and alignment?


Has this left you longing for meaningful engagement and a sense of purpose?

Maybe you’re simply feeling stale, as if the path you’ve been on no longer nourishes or inspires you. Even after achieving external success, you might find yourself yearning for a deeper sense of fulfillment. And you may be asking, “Is this all there is? Isn’t there more, something that touches and feeds my soul?”

Or maybe you’ve a new sense of urgency given the increasing and accelerating challenges in our world today. You might be worried that your efforts won’t make a difference to what matters most to you. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure about where to focus. 

This is totally understandable given that so much of what we grew up with and were taught seem to be disintegrating. You may be feeling like the ground is falling away underneath you and you can’t seem to find what to hold onto. 

I want you to know that if any of this resonates, you’re not alone. Many of us are questioning how we can contribute meaningfully when so much is changing and uncertain.

What if you could…


Release your doubt, worry and fears about the future.


Create a stable base inside that gives you inner security regardless of outer circumstance.


Connect deep within when you need inspiration and guidance.


Find your way back to your center when you temporarily lose your way.


Wake up every morning excited to meet your day and confident in your ability to navigate life’s challenges.

In times like these, it’s easy to succumb to fear and doubt, especially when bombarded by negative narratives from mainstream media. Yet within you lies resilience, intuition, creativity, and inspiration – qualities that can guide you through even the most challenging times.

Purpose is not a treasure to discover or a state to be accomplished. It’s more of a feeling, a feeling of being on purpose, when you feel fueled from the core of your being. It may shift as you grow and explore life rather than being the same over time. The hallmark of purpose is enthusiasm.

Maggie’s Experience

I know I’ve felt on purpose in many different experiences at many different times. At times I’ve felt very on purpose, such as when I first went to graduate school and dove head first into deep study. This enthusiasm carried me for years as I completed my PhD and then became the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Columbia University. But after 13 years I no longer felt that way. The juice went out of the work for me as I began to feel dragged down by the confines of the academy. 

Then it was time for me to move on. For a time I didn’t know what was next for me and I was uncertain about my way. It was a difficult time when I didn’t know what I could count on or where to turn. But eventually I found a new path, one more suited to who I was at that point in my life, one I would have never found had I stayed in my job at Columbia. 

Since then I’ve recreated myself and my life three more times. I make my way through such big changes by following the feeling of being on purpose. Fortunately at this point of my life I’m understanding how the many endeavors and experiences I’ve engaged in are now adding up in my life’s work of Feminine Sovereignty. I’m excited to help guide you to what’s possible when you get connected to your core and create your life from the jewel in the center of your heart.

When you attend this event you will experience…


Insights into your Human Design that have the ability to Awaken your Superpowers


Energy Practices to remove blocks to your inner knowing and uplift your Spirit


A Potent Lightbody Meditation to connect you with your Inner Being and Path of Higher Purpose


Reduced stress, increased aliveness, and deep relaxation as you turn away from outer world challenges and access the calm, still place within

Join us for an immersive experience where you’ll connect with your Inner Being and discover what makes you feel on purpose now.

We’ll bring in insights from Human Design, go deep with guided meditations, and uplift our energy and sense of possibility with potent yet accessible energy practices. You’ll connect with other participants who, like you, are exploring what truly matters and how to bring their lives into alignment with their authentic values and aspirations. 

You’ll leave uplifted, inspired, and with practical tools and exercises you can as often as you wish to align your actions with your higher calling and purpose. 

Take the first step towards a brighter future – one where you wake up each morning fueled by a deep sense of purpose and excited to meet the challenges and opportunities life presents to you. You’ll feel more confident, more resourced, and more able to creatively and intuitively navigate whatever arises.  

Join us on this transformative journey to activate your higher purpose, unlock your true potential, and make the contribution you came here to make. 

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