When I discovered and began to live my Human Design, everything changed. 

Have you ever dismissed something only to find out later how truly significant it is?

That’s what happened to me

with Human Design.


My former coach told me that some people have found benefit from Human Design and I might want to check it out.

So I paid $15 online for my chart plus a ten-page print out about my type, strategy and authority. I read through it, didn’t understand it, but knew for sure, that it couldn’t be accurate.

According to Human Design, I am a Pure Generator. This means that I am designed to respond, not to initiate.

“How could that possibly be?” I reasoned to myself. “I’m an Aries sun. I’ve been initiating my entire life, and it’s been the key to my considerable successes.”

What I read did not match my self concept at the time, and so I dismissed it out of hand, and went on with my life.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a person who knew what they were talking about to help me understand what this meant and how to do it. I just had a picture I didn’t understand (my body graph chart), and boiler-plate explanations about that picture means.

So I walked away and didn’t look back.

(Unfortunately I hear something similar from people all the time. “Oh yeah, Human Design, someone gave me my chart once. I didn’t know what it meant. I think I’m a Generator but I’m not sure.  .  . “)

Now I regret not diggning deeper at the time, and wonder what my life would have been like had I taken this opportunity seriously.

I wouldn’t have burned myself out the way I did the last time, and so much could have been different.

Still, my life unfolded in the way that it did, and it was several years later, when I’d withdrawn in order to heal and recuperate, that Human Design came around again.

I’d been praying for insight and guidance when it showed up. I said to myself: 

“Maggie, are you going to reject what spirit has brought you in answer to your prayers just because you have a previous opinion about it?”

So I took a chance and dove in. I thought if how I’ve been living life has lead me to burn out over and over again, maybe there is something to responding instead of initiating. Maybe there is something to using my sacral to make decisions instead of my head.

Just maybe .  .  .

This was when I decided to really learn and live in alignment with my Human Design.


And that’s when everything started to change.

At first I didn’t really know what
“wait to respond” meant.

Even though I talked with the person I had a reading with about it, I still didn’t get it. How does anything happen if you don’t begin it? Isn’t initiating part of how you take command in your life?

Same with my sacral authority. Of course I knew the expression “trust your gut” and I totally believed in and used my intuition. But I didn’t use it in my business for what I considered left-brain activities. 

Instead habitually used my strategic mind to plan and make decisions. That’s the way I had been trained, and for the most part it had worked in my life. Or so I’d thought.

So I just stopped. I stopped initiating. I stopped planning. To do this, I had to trust. I had to trust that the flow of life would bring things to me to respond to. 

And it did. 

Once I changed my perspective, I noticed that I have many things to respond to all the time. Emails, posts on Facebook, things friends said to me, books, films, and yes, specific requests and invitations, too.

As I practiced responding, using my sacral authority for decision making, and tuning in to right timing, so much changed.

My stress level went way down, my mind slowed down and became more focused, and I felt as if a boulder had been lifted off my shoulders.

What a relief!

That’s when I decided to train as a Human Design specialist. I wanted to understand this system much more deeply and to be able to offer its insights out to others.

In the process I’ve come to understand myself in ways I never imagined possible before. I’ve come to understand why I have certain strengths — my super powers — and also specific challenges. Human Design has shown me how to shift those liabilities into assets, making them into new kinds of super powers.

I know how to manage and channel my energy, using it as fuel for initiation and transformation. I know how and when to be soft and patient, and when to be strong and provocative. It’s all about timing.

I’ve come to appreciate my individuality and intensity, both of which have challenged me in the past.

Now I understand that I am here to be different and to bring change — it’s part of my design.

Most importantly, now I know my destiny and how to live it, fully and without apology.  

I don’t want you to make the mistake I made . . .

. . . to dismiss the potency of this incredible opportunity because it’s unfamiliar to you, because you don’t understand it, or you haven’t seen the value of what it can do for you, only to regret it later.

Or even worse, to never receive the benefits available to you when you discover then learn to live in alignment with you design.

If you’re burned out, want to avoid burn out, know you’re working too hard for what you’re getting back, your relationship(s) is challenged, or your business just isn’t going the way you know that it could, why not take a chance and see if Human Design can make the difference you’ve been looking for?


PhD, Literatures in English with an emphasis in African American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies, University of California, San Diego, 1992

The Slumbering Volcano: American Slave Ship Revolts and the Production of Rebellious Masculinity, Duke UP, 1997 plus multiple seminal academic articles (1990-1997)

Human Design Specialist Level 4, certified by Karen Curry Parker, 2019

Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer, 2004-present

Awakening Your Light Body Qualified Teacher, 2005-present


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